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Friday, October 21, 2005


A 25-year old witness named Mikhail Abramov went with two friends in a boat north of town on the “White Sea” to the forest looking for berries. They debarked, gathered berries and stayed to spend the night in an old empty wooded shack.

At 0300A Mikhail went outside for a physiological need and heard a growing humming sound, the sky darkened a thunderstorm approached. The witness stood waiting wondering why the sudden sharp changes of weather. Hail began falling and suddenly he saw a dot of light in the black sky over the forest, it was moving quickly towards the witness. Mikhail froze and pondered upon the origin of the object.

The object then descended very low and the witness was able to see a woman with long hair, sitting astride a small cylinder shaped object. The cylinder-shaped device emanated a blue glow from its rear section. The witness watched flabbergasted and could not move from his location, apparently paralyzed. The strange woman pointed a finger at the witness in an apparent threatening manner, he could not say exactly. At the same moment he felt an electric current that ran through his body. Then the woman suddenly accelerated away from the area again transforming itself into a distant dot in the sky, and quickly disappearing from sight.

The witness stood stunned for some time, staring at the sky for some time and then went back into the shack. In the morning his friends were also stunned as they noticed that Mikhail’s hairs had become totally gray overnight. (!) Not believing his friends, he approached the mirror and looked at his hair stunned. Later doctors were unable to explain why his hair had changed so radically overnight.

HC addendumSource:

“The Secret Doctrine” # 19 2001, City Simferopol country-region Ukraine

Comments: It appears that the sudden appearance of the female “sky-rider” seemed to have triggered some type of atmospheric change. There are other reports on record describing aliens riding similar craft.

Location. Puerto Barazar, Vizcaya, Spain
Date: Summer 1961 Time: 2300
29-year old trucker Arquimedes Sanchez and his partner were on their way to off-load some merchandise when the headlights of the truck illuminated a strange figure standing on the side of the road on the embankment. They stopped the truck and focused the headlights on the figure described as about 1.10 to 1.20m in height and resembling a “hairy octopus” rust-red in color. Its body was completely covered in a rust-colored hair.

The strange creature was standing just on the side of the road and when the headlights shine on him, he covered his eyes with one of his tentacles. According to the witness, the creature had at least 4 tentacle-like arms.

After observing the creature for several minutes, in which the creature did not move, Sanchez told his partner to grab a jackhammer and attack the creature, his partner promptly refused the request. Sanchez then backed up his truck and then drove straight towards the creature, the creature did not budge it just seemed to step back as the truck stopped, since it could not go on any further due to the very steep embankment. The witness repeated this maneuver several times with the same results. The only movement on the part of the creature was when it covered its round glowing eyes with one of its tentacles. Another truck drove by and did not stop its occupant apparently did not see the creature. Sanchez and his partner finally decided to leave and drove into town, without telling anyone about their strange encounter.

HC addendum
Source: Jesus Maria Fabon, II.EE, Zaragoza Spain

Location. Rheda Wiedenbrueck Germany
Date: July or August 1979 Time: 0430A

The witness was suddenly awakened by strange noises and saw standing by his bedroom door three human-like figures about 1.65meters in height, which had apparently just walked up the stairs. One of the figures stopped by the door and looked directly at the witness. He was suddenly unable to move, totally paralyzed. The two other figures stood at either side of the first figure. They then walked over the witness’s brother bedroom and to the bathroom, apparently inspecting the area; they met again at the witness door and then disappeared up the stairs towards the attic. They moved slowly and purposefully. All three figures wore tight-fitting black diving suits with hoods covering their heads. The figure that briefly stared at the witness apparently exercised some kind of “mental” control over him.

After the witness was able to move again he searched the entire house and found nothing, he was not able to detect any signs of break in. The other family members apparently slept throughout the episode.

HC addendum
Source: Greyhunter UFO site, Germany

Thank you Arnold Rosales! We appreciate you sharing the Humanoid Sightings you have accumulated.


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