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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Location. London, England
Date: March 13 2004 Time: night

The witness (involved in previous encounters) woke up Saturday night to see a cloaked being standing in the center of his bedroom. It had the same shape as the short fly-head/mantis being (but he could not be certain). He heard a "popping" sound and the being quickly disappeared.

HC addendum
Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC Type: E

Location. London, England
Date: March 14 2004 Time: late night

On Sunday night the witness (involved in previous encounters) woke up to see two tall praying mantis type beings standing in the middle of his bedroom. They looked as if they were engaged in a conversation, making high-pitched (almost digital) clicking sounds at each other. The witness was too tired to be afraid so he just concentrated on making a mental description, cross checking it with the ones he'd seen before. Both were extremely thin and tall, well over seven feet high. One was slightly taller than the other. Their necks were long, flexible and tube-like and didn't look strong enough to support their triangular heads. The neck and the head moved in a way that reminded the witness of the old-stop motion monster films or like a lizard. Both were wearing long black robes that again looked like liquid oil. On the side of the face he could clearly see a small round hole just below their eyes. He felt completely drained and couldn't move. He then slipped back into unconsciousness.

HC addendum
Source: Martin Jasek, UFO BC Type: B

Location. San Juan de San Ramon, Ajuela Province, Costa Rica
Date: March 18 2004 Time: late night

Late at night Gonzalo Rodriguez heard strange noises and a ruckus coming from the henhouse on his property---a commotion that was far from being normal. He decided to send his son to check with a flashlight to make sure thieves weren't at work. The youth obeyed his father and flashlight in hand approached the large henhouse stealthily, becoming terrified upon seeing a strange black animal, standing some 40cm, tall and resembling a small dog with a long tail and standing on two legs. He recalls, among what little he was able to see through the flashlight's beam, that the animal had a very long tongue. Upon seeing the light, the creature fled into the vegetation, skillfully leaping over a wall. An inspection of the henhouse revealed that 20 hens had been slain. Police authorities of the nearby town of San Ramon were notified and officer Marcos Hernandez reported to the scene to corroborate not only Gonzalo Rodriguez's account, but also the testimony of frightened neighbors. The birds were whole and the only sign of damage to them were the two small orifices on their backs, through which it is presumed that the strange assailant drove its fangs to remove or suck the blood. Several days before several dead sheep had been found with the same characteristics; twin puncture marks on their necks or back and not a single drop of blood.

HC addendum

Source: Scott Corrales, INEXPLICATA, The Journal of Hispanic Ufology,Gloria Coluchi Type: E

Location. Hamilton, New Zealand
Date: March 23 2004 Time: 0200A

Jason McIntosh and two friends were stopped at the end of a road to watch a light in the sky when one of the girls pointed out some orange lights moving in a field. To their left in a fenced yard they saw an image of two people in white "dancing". About 20 minutes later the car was filled with green glowing lights moving around at high speed. They could feel massive charges of static electricity and one of the girls got out and wanted to see the aliens. She came back to the car saying that she had seen strange little men. At the same time the others felt sensations of a craft flying slowly overhead and felt downdrafts of air. Then they saw a bright white light above the house in the field and occasionally smaller lights shooting into it from the sky. They could also see a group of figures in white standing in front of a house. One of the girls and Jason walked up the path to investigate and they stood 15 ft from them and Jason waved at one and it waved back. Suddenly they had an overwhelming sense of danger and went back to the car. Soon they could see gray colored creatures, 4 ft tall leaning in the passenger window. They then drove to the end of a driveway then drove back to the front. They could see that from where the strangers in white were standing what appeared to be large black charges of electricity were being pushed up towards the white light in the sky. Then a big black fog came in and left. The creatures were gone but the little green lights stayed in the car for 2 or 3 hours afterwards.

HC addendum

Source: I Was abducted.com, UFO Reports Type: C?

Location. Maine, exact location not given
Date: April 8 2004 Time: 0600A

In a dream-like state the witness suddenly found himself in a black void, totally conscious. Then 6 round bright lights appeared and illuminated the darkness around him, he could see blinding white light, which did not blind his eyes. He then heard a voice that told him that, "Time has come my child, and I am going to take you home soon." That's all it said then the blackness and the bright light was gone and the witness could now see the creature that had apparently spoke. He could not clearly make out what it looked like but he could see it, he could remember that it was not short and it had bigger eyes, looking almost human. That's all he could remember after the creature looked at him, he felt being sucked backwards at amazing speed, he could see what appeared to be stars whizzing by and huge planets and then he saw what appeared to be the Earth, he went head first through the sky, falling, headed towards his state and then his town and then finally towards his house and then into his bedroom. Upon arriving at his bedroom he heard a "boom" inside his head and he woke up, all in an instant.

HC addendum

Source: NUFORC Type: F

Comments: Sounds like a very intriguing out of body experience.


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