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Friday, October 14, 2005


The following comments were sent in about the Family sees Flying Saucers on yesterday's blog.

Quote: "They look like you or me. They can speak English and they do it perfectly although in a sort of sing-song manner. They are tall and quite strong and they live for hundreds of years. They are much advanced in technology and keep such equipment in their aircraft as would amaze a world scientist by its material and perfection. I am not permitted to reveal what the instruments are."

"Where do they come from?" I asked.

"These particular ones come from "Venus," he said. "They have friends on earth like me, and they visit with us. Those of us who can believe have been selected by a process only they know. Sceptics are avoided. " I don't know how many times I heard this back in the 50s and 60s. It all matches up: their appearance like us; their sing-song speech; their long lives; and their strength. They also said they were from Venus. I am still baffled as I believed these people such as George Van Tassel and yet Venus is a hostile planet in that the conditions there would not support human life. So what is the answer? I have considered these possibilities:1) they lied about where they were from 2) they were from subterranean Venus 3) they are us from the future and terraformed Venus 4) they are from Venus, but not our Venus in our dimension who knows?

From Chapter 1 of my book, Alien Magic...

During one of the meetings in El Monte, I met Harry Mayer in 1959. He said that he had an encounter with a petite blond girl from Venus at Giant Rock. The girl's name was Mary. She wore a chocolate-colored ski-type uniform under a coat. Harry had sighted globes of light hovering over the Giant Rock runway and was chasing these on foot when Mary abruptly stopped him. Mary was only 5-foot 3-inches tall and Harry was 6-foot 4-inches tall, yet she arrested him in his tracks with the strength of many men according to Harry. Harry was a no-nonsense guy who had experienced something strange and was doing his best to persuade me to go to Giant Rock and assist him in contacting Mary once more. I never passed up a chance to visit Giant Rock so I went with him. Needless to say, we never made contact.

All these human visitors were described by various contactees, those who had written books, and many who had not. Their descriptions were remarkably similar.

Bill Hamilton
From another "experiencer"

I can't imagine how these folks can be so fooled? The"ET's " can disguise their physical Looks ...Put any "IDEA" in our heads they choose to. They have total "MIND"CONTROL over us..... I think maybe if you came upon a CANNIBAL in the Jungle.. he would make friends first.. then get you to walk to his Village.. make you feel WELCOME. Give you food .. fatten you up.... then maybe months later..or even years later when he needed you for "HIS" PURPOSE.. You would be shocked to see his "PRIORITIES" are not the same as ours . We are their LIVESTOCK.. for experiments..or whatever they choose ..or need us for .

Do you all think that way?

And now two more contact cases.

Location. Rostov-on-Don, North Caucasus, Russia
Date: March 1990
Time: late evening

A young local woman named Ludmila Hmarina was sitting in her armchair and listening to music when suddenly some unknown force pulled her from the armchair and flung her against the wall, pressing her against it, face first. Naturally she attempted to resist the invisible force and then she heard a voice, “Stop struggling. Don’t resist!” An invisible force pressed on her chin from below. In a painful move her head was pulled back and she was now facing the ceiling. She was then amazed to see that the ceiling and the room had apparently disappeared. Instead of the ceiling she could only see endless black sky filled with stars. She could also see the face of a male humanoid looking upwards, frightened Ludmila asked the image who he was. The humanoid answered, “I am your friend. I have kept watch over you during your life”. The voice sounded inside her head, “You watched over me?” Ludmila asked? He answered yes that he had been watching over her all her life. Ludmila was angry and asked the man if he had watched over her even as she was taking a shower (?). “Yes” answered the huge humanoid face, with hovered in the sky without moving.

The face looked very strange; it appeared to be sharply vertically elongated, having a very narrow triangular-shaped chin. The skin was brown, seemingly covered by a layer of tanned skin. The alien’s forehead and eyes totally amazed Ludmila. The forehead was 3 times larger than the face, significantly wider on its upper section. The eyes were almond-shaped, unnaturally large and slanted---like an insect. The eyes lacked pupils.

Then a piquant picture appeared in front of Ludmila’s, she saw herself washing under the shower, and the alien watching her. Angry from seeing this, Ludmila then asked the alien if he even watched as she sat on the lavatory pan. The alien answer in the affirmative and Ludmila asked if he felt no shame. The alien apparently did not know that “shame” was and added that when Ludmila was about to die he would help her. She said how, and the alien answered that he would take her with him. At this point the face was covered with fog and vanished. Then the image of “space” also vanished. The ceiling then returned to normal and Ludmila was deposited back on the armchair again.

HC addendum
Source: Aleksey K. Priyma, “UFO Witnesses to the Unknown”
Moscow 1997

Location. Krivolozhaka, Uritskiy area Orenburg regionRussia
Date: March 1990 Time: 0900A

While attending his cattle 62-year old Aleksandr Kuzmich was cutting down a small oak tree by the fence when he saw something enormous similar to a cloud descending overhead. Terrified he raised his hands and screamed for God to help him. He became tired and vomited. Out of the cloud a huge sphere emerged and descended landing close to the witness. Three tall man-like figures exited the sphere.

As the aliens approached and greeted him, Kuzmich’s fear was unaccountably gone. He asked for permission to board the object and counted about 13 windows, 90 x 30cm rounded along the angles, along the perimeter of the sphere. As he stepped inside he heard a faint crack and the opening closed. Inside the object his body felt incredibly lighter.

Frightened again he yelled that he did not want to “fly” with them, that he only wanted to have a talk. A woman about 40 to 45 years of age now approached the witness and made him sit down on a soft air inflated armchair. At this point a discourse about death and life after death began. The witness was told that when a human died he continued on into another life, until its long chain of “sins” was expiated this process normally took about 1000 years (!). The terrestrial life of man was considered an embryonic state. Kuzmich asked if after death he would meet his dead relatives, the answer was yes. He asked about his dead son who had died 12 years ago. Five minutes later a door opened and his son (or someone very similar) walked in. Overcome with emotion Kuzmich ran toward his “son” crying and embraced him. They exchanged brief greetings and comments and his son mentioned that he was fine, kissed Kuzmich and walked out the same door. Kuzmich managed to peek into the room his son has walked back to and was astonished to see a verdant meadow with grazing horses and numerous young men, his son’s age attending to them. The door suddenly shut.

Wiping away his tears Kuzmich then asked the woman about the operation of the ship. She explained that due to humanity’s primitive state he would not be able to understand if told. She further mentioned that the people of earth do not have contact with nature, but the people from the “sky” live according to nature’s laws. She then spoke about magnetic fields and the power accumulators, apparently a simple device used to power the ship.

She then warned Kuzmich about future catastrophes awaiting humanity in the future. The witness then asked about the cosmos and at this point he felt a terrific acceleration and he felt fatigued. Slowly he approached a window and saw his village as the craft apparently approached it at high speed. Before leaving the object he asked permission to tell people about his encounter, the aliens said yes and pointed out to him that he would not be believed anyway. Apparently the witness had two further contacts.(Not described).

HC addendum

Source: UFOLOG Russia, UFOZONE

Thank you Albert Rosales, Humanoid Sighting Reports


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