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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Location. Near Stasov, Kapustin Yar, Russia
Date: February 18 1990 Time: 0745A

Teenager Dmitriy Milkin was ice fishing in the banks of the Ahtuba River when he was suddenly confronted by a globe-shaped object resembling two hemispheres placed together. The craft landed on three pods, a hatch opened in the lower section and a ladder was automatically released to the ground. Two tall aliens (more than 2 m in height) came out. He described them as having oblong faces, large eyes, and small mouth, dressed in metallic looking outfits. They wore small caps on their heads with two short antennas.

Via telepathy the aliens said, “You will fly with us”, clearly heard inside the witness' head. Apparently some kind of preliminary mental influence was “beamed” inside the teenager even before he noticed the UFO. The witness felt, as he was being treated indifferently by the aliens and felt somewhat inferior.

He was taken onboard and found himself in a round room about 8 m in diameter. There he saw control panels, buttons, screens and other equipment around. The room had 6 seats. He was told to sit in a single armchair made out of semi-transparent yellowish material. One of the pilots pressed a button, and a flight program was apparently inserted into the ship’s “computer”, he then heard a telepathic command: “Close your eyes and don’t be afraid, we will say when to open them again.” Then Milkin felt heaviness on his body, he partially opened his eyes and was stunned to see the hour pointer in his watched rotating faster than the minute pointer. The whole flight lasted only 40-45 seconds.

After the craft landed he went outside and was confronted by an alien landscape. There were two suns: the bigger star was of the orange color; the second sun was dark orange in color. The flora was dense and the trees were of unusually bright green color. The ground was sandy color, but not sand. The air was extremely fresh, uncommonly light and tasty. The gravitational pull was less than the earth. He saw several other crafts there, some looking like spheres others disc-shaped. He was accompanied to a 2-story building; light bluish in color, with some yellowish elements, of almost cubic shape, with a domed shaped roof and big glassy windows. He was then sat in a room where a meal was presented to him. Incredibly, the spoon had Russian markings on it. (!). The food resembled Jell-O and was tasty and sweet. Later he saw robotic creatures apparently used for domestic purposes. The aliens spoke among themselves in a tonal language.

He was told that: “He was not fit for their purpose because of your mental capabilities”. And he was returned back to earth.

One last stunning detail: The alien spacecraft was some sort of interstellar machine, since when they arrived to earth it apparently was in the distant future. The aliens asked him if he wanted to stay in this time, but he refused.

After the encounter Milkin mental capabilities apparently improved.

HC addendumSource: Gennadiy S. Belimov, Anton Anfalov

Location. Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: Spring 1990 Time: early morning

The female witness, Natalya Shishkina was awakened by a strong sound, resembling that of a helicopter or tractor hovering over the small wooded house where she was sleeping, where she lived temporarily in her grandmother’s property. The sound was more like that of farm equipment but more muffled.

She looked out the window and saw a silver object, descending from the sky resembling a “big belly” barrel. The object gave off bright rainbow-colored lights. The barrel-shaped object landed softly on the ground.

Then a clicking sound was heard, and the witness suddenly went into a semi-sleep, semi-awake state. Nearby a small woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The woman was shorter than of average height, and was dressed in a silvery tight-fitting suit. She had very long hair, light brown in color. The strange woman seemed to change her appearance on several occasions. She had unusually large eyes, very kind and clever looking. They emanated much energy and kindness. Filled with emotion Natalya began to cry while she stared at the alien woman.

The alien woman then began to communicate with Natalya telepathically. Natalya asked where she was from; the answer was, “from the first planet beyond the Sun is where we live”. The woman further stated that only the blond entities lived there, that they were very kind and intelligent. They always had warm conditions on their planet, unlike the earth. They enjoyed their planet immensely and took care of it. All the dark shades or colors were absent on that planet (dark hair, etc).

After that the woman commented that it was very cold here but that it would get warmer in two days. Natalya asked the woman how they managed to fly by the sun without getting burned by its immense temperatures.

At this point she heard the clicking sound once more and heard the question, “Would you like to fly with us? But the alien woman then added quite ominously, “But for that to happen, you must die physically, according to your terrestrial notions. We have no one like you where we live, with dark hair, but you will feel good on our planet.” She added, “You will again become a human being on our planet”. Natalya agreed with her (!) and the alien woman began to caress her hair on the back, saying, “What beautiful hair” Natalya had tears in her eyes, but felt very good and calm, as if she was in the hands of a loving mother.

Natalya further understood that the aliens were very intelligent, full of wisdom and lacked greed or aggressiveness. But we have something, which they did not possess (it is not clear what). Soon Natalya thought about her mother and after that the clicking sound was heard in her head again, the alien woman then bade her goodbye and wished her well and hurried back to the landed UFO approaching the object in an unusually quick pace.

After she entered the object it began to rotate around its axis and vanished in plain sight. At this point Natalya seemed to snap out of a trance, her eyes were still wet, tears still streaming from her eyes. At first she thought it had been all a dream but soon realized that the event had been real.

The branches of a nearby plum tree appeared broken on top, near where the barrel had landed. Her brother sleeping in the next room had also heard the engine sound, but was unable to awake from a deep sleep.

Two days after the contact, the cold temperatures seemed to lift from the village and became very warm. Natalya’s hair acquired a beautiful appearance for a whole year without using any shampoos or conditioners. All of her acquaintances were amazed at her hair.

But her teeth began to fall out, and her immune system became weaker, as if she had been suffering from radiation poisoning. She also began to experience prophetic dreams.

HC addendum
Source: Anton Anfalov, quoting “Interesnaya Gazeta” Kiev #121998
Thanks to Albert Rosales, Humanoid Sighting Reports


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