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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



In 1974/75, the last of 2 abductions occurred to a 20/21 year old woman, which was partially recalled consciously and partly by hypnosis. She was in a moving vehicle with 2 men, in a rural setting when a UFO approached them, the area lit up and she became paralysed. She was taken by light beam to the UFO, where she found herself in a round, grey and white space. Two types of beings were present, one short, one taller. The shorter beings of which there were 1 or 2, had a big round head with a pointed chin. Their eyes were big and black, and there was a slit mouth with holes for a nose. Their skin was grey and wrinkled. They wore grey/blue metallic-like jump suits with a hood around their shoulders.

Two other taller beings were present. They also had big, black eyes, and slit mouths on the same type head and with the same skin. The shorter female was the boss, with the 2 taller beings, workers.

The woman's companions were also onboard. The female being seemed hostile and curious, whereas one of the males was indifferent to sympathetic in attitude to her. They communicated with her telepathically, with an instructional message that they meant her no harm.

A gynaecological examination was conducted on a table, and eggs taken from her. She was told her eggs were going to help found a new lease of life for their race. They also said they were refugees from a dying planet, and that we were/are also doomed. She has no idea how she left the space but then all 3 humans were back in the vehicle.
NSW (New South Wales)

In 1967, a 20 year old woman recalled multiple abductions over the years. These recollections occurred partially consciously and partly under hypnosis. Fragmentary memories are of several shortish beings with big eyes, a line mouth, small nose, no ears and big heads. They were wearing an elastic style body suit, and moved like walking on air. The beings communicated telepathically with her to say they were refugees from a dying planet, and they had difficulty in their reproduction. They also informed her she would forget the abduction, but that they would return. She was examined by the beings and something inserted into her left ear by a long, thin needle. On board the UFO was a normal atmosphere. She met a being who made her believe it was tall and handsome, whereas it was really short, and there were also a group of old men who reminded her of a group of Greek philosophers. (UFOIC.)

Thanks to Keith Basterfield

1981: King Valley, Vic

Two women, in a car, viewed a strange "formation of clouds." The next thing they knew, it was 1025hrs and they were on a road they had not travelled before. One lady's watch gained six weeks and 3.75 hours. In addition, her back, which had been injured in a car accident, came good. For several years both witnesses had small welts on their stomachs and the top of their inner thighs.

(Personal communication to Keith Basterfield Nov 1992. Aussie abduction file case 13)

A woman, in her late forties, recounts that during sleep she found herself in a spaceship. The entities present, both male and female, were all human looking. There were also a few other human being abductees, present also. She would not let the entities examine her as she was pregnant. The beings were apparently disturbed at having made a mistake saying they did not touch pregnant women. One being showed her how the baby would look when born, which the woman says was accurate. This was followed by a tour around the ship. Her next memory is of being back on Earth in the countryside. Suddenly she found herself in her bed.
(UFORA90047. Bill Chalker.)

One of the experiencers here in Seattle was abducted when she was pregnant. The baby was removed from her body and shown to her. They said it would be delivered without pain, only a sensation. They put the baby back and not long afterwards it was born with only a sensation. That little girl was so talented and wise beyond her years. Did the aliens do something to it when they removed it from the mother to enhance its spiritual growth? It would seem so.

1989: Melbourne, Vic

In April 1991 a married, Melbourne woman related a series of events extending back some fourteen months from that time. These included her six year old son reporting that five to six little men entered his bedroom and shone a "torch" at him. He felt paralysed and whilst there the men telepathically told him they would not hurt him, but examined him and pushed something up his nose. He described them as having grey skin, big heads and big black eyes. The woman recalled an episode where something tried to physically pull her out of bed during the night. She also recalled an episode at age seven, which she thought was a dream, where three pixies entered her room and abducted her.

In 1991 she was regressed and this revealed:-

1. At age seven, six beings entered her bedroom and took her away to a room somewhere. After examining her they pushed something up her nose. She was told she had been chosen for some task, not revealed to her yet. She did not feel they were going to hurt her. She was floated back home and into her bed. She woke up and thought it had been a dream.

2. At age thirty six, in 1991, beings again came to her bedroom and tried to take her away but she refused to go. Shortly after this, and while she was in bed with her husband, three small beings returned. They scraped both her and her husband with a silver "knife" telling her this was the last time for a while.

At some stage the beings told her she is to spread knowledge when they are ready. They also told her the device up her nose was to keep track of her. Later, she had an urge to leave Melbourne and moved to a country location.

(UFORA91044-Keith Basterfield).


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