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Friday, November 11, 2005


More commonly known as The Goatsucker
by Leneesa

The Chupacabra, as it is called in Puerto Rico, is a new arrival on the "what is it" scene. Jorge Martin is a journalist from San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has become famous over the years for research on very unusual phenomena taking place in Puerto Rico. This phenomena includes genetic experiments purportedly being conducted at an underwater base in Puerto Rico by the US Government.

Jorge Martin spoke at several UFO conferences in Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada. What he has to tell is so unusual that most persons want to hear more and want to make trips to Puerto Rico in hopes of experiencing one of the unusual cases he relates for themselves.

The Chupacabra made its appearance in the last 10 years, although there have been reports of it being seen 30 years ago. Chupie, as Art Bell so affectionately named it, is responsible for killing many animals; beginning with goats, cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats and even a horse. It has left thousands of animals across Puerto Rico dead. There have been reports of it attacking two women in Mexico, a man in San Jose, California and it has been seen in Tucson, Arizona, San Antonio and Donna, Texas, Portland, Oregon and even on Mt. Rainier.

What makes the sightings of the Chupacabras different from alien sightings is that many persons have seen them -- oh yes, there are more than one. In fact on November 7 and 8 of 1995 government officials in Puerto Rico captured two small ones. One was killed in the capture but the other was alive. No one knows where they were taken. Researchers believe they were babies because they were approximately 2 feet tall. The creature is described as looking like a cross between a "grey" alien humanoid (because of he shape of its head and eyes) and what most witnesses describe as "the body of a bipedal, erect dinosaur, but with no tail." Its head is oval in shape, with an elongated jaw. It has two big elongated red eyes, small holes for a nostril and a small slit-like mouth with fangs protruding upwards and downwards from it. Some witnesses mention it has small pointy ears, but most have stated it has none. It has strong, coarse hair all over its body. The hair is black, but this creature has the ability to change colors at will, like a chameleon. If it is in the dark it changes to a dark color; black or dark brown. If in a sunlit area with vegetation; it changes to green, green-gray, light brown or beige.

The creature has two small arms with three fingered clawed hands and two strong hind legs with three claws, which enable it to run at a fast speed and to leap over trees and over more than 20 feet in a single bound. According to witnesses, the creature's legs look reptilian or goat like. It has quill-like appendages running down from its back with what seem to be fleshy membranes that change colors from blue to green, to red, to purple, etc. Some witnesses have described seeing the creature flap these quill-membrane-like appendages at an incredible speed, and this allows it to fly. Even though it has what seems to be a pair of membrane-like wings, these are used by the anomalous biological entity to glide and guide itself while flying.

In Tucson, Jose O. Espinosa was awakened at 2:00 am by someone knocking on his door. He ignored the knock. At 2:30 the knock persisted so he decided to get out of bed and see who it was. He looked through the peep hole in the door and saw two red eyes. He thought it was a person with lights reflecting off his eyes so he opened the door! In "hops" Chupie. He hopped all around the living room while Jose stands there in shock, then hops into the kitchen and gets a drink of water. Jose follows him into the kitchen and all of a sudden remembers his children sleeping in the bedroom and suddenly passes out just as he sees Chupie slam to the door to his son's bedroom. When he comes to he again thinks of his children and runs to the bedroom thinking he must get them out of the house but not out through the front door as "it" might still be in the house. He decides to take the children out through the bedroom window. His little boy is crying and telling him that he had a nightmare about a monster with big red eyes sitting on his chest and scared him. His father opened the window to take him out and sees the Chupacabra hopping down the street. The next day they found Chupie's "fingerprints" on the window and his footprints outside the window on the ground.

Jose Espinosa, said the creature smelled like a wet dog and had left footprints and handprints all over his house.

After this happened the little boy told his classmates and of course they told their parents and suddenly the family was besieged by the media. Now they won't talk at all which is unfortunate for the rest of us.

Jorge Martin said he believes it is intelligent. One sighting was humorous. A little boy in Puerto Rico had climbed up a tree and was sitting there (as little boys will do). Chupie "flew" up and sat beside him. The little boy refused to look at him so Chupie started poking at him with his finger trying to get him to look his way but the little boy resisted. Finally after lots of attention-getting-poking the little boy finally looked and promptly fell out of the tree.

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