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Monday, November 07, 2005


From Humanoid Sightings - Albert Rosales

Location. Eben-Emael, Belgium
Date: May 13 1980 Time: 1000A

In the area near the German border close to the Albert Canal the owner of a mushroom plantation was inspecting the caves where he grew the mushrooms when he spotted nearby a metallic circular object about 5.20 meters in diameter hovering about 50 cm from the ground.
From a dome on top of the object an “escalator” descended to the ground then a human like figure came out and descended to the ground and stood next to the object. Two more similar figures came out and walked towards the witness. He described them as totally human in appearance, very pale, eyes slightly larger than normal and about 1.60 meters in height. They wore light colored combination outfits.

The beings began speaking among themselves, saying: “What are we doing here?” the witness overheard them, (apparently the beings spoke in French) and started to explain that he was cultivating mushrooms, asking them if they wanted some. They replied, “Yes.” Then the witness led them into the caves, and took a wooden tray containing several mushrooms, which he offered them. But the leader said he only wanted one piece.

As soon as that single mushroom was placed in his hand, they all turned away and reboarded their machine, which took off and disappeared in the direction of Holland.

The local gendarmerie was alerted, and interrogated the witness. The same day, in the afternoon, the witness received 2 visitors in blue military uniform (Belgian Air Force?) who were speaking French with a Liege accent. After listening to his story, they then warned him “that he would be better off if he not seen anything.”

HC addendum
Source: J L Vertongen, & Frank Boitte, in Overmeire Catalog
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 8

Comments: Why would the supposed aliens be asking, “What were they doing there”? Did they somehow drop in accidentally?
Or could they have been asking what he was doing there in the caves?

Location. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Date: 1945 Time: afternoon

Lucy Gallucci had gone to do some reading next to a local artificial lake by the hydroelectric dam. At that time it was a very picturesque and isolated area. As she read she suddenly felt a presence there and found a man standing in front of her. Looking down at her with a smile and a tranquilizing air. He was of rare and outstanding beauty and seemed to radiate a brightness, and aura of peace. He looked like an ordinary human but later upon analyzing the situation well; Gallucci noticed that there had been many ways that he was different. His clothes were very simple, close fitting and attached to his shoes. His forehead was very wide but not because of baldness. His hair was sparse, white rather than blond and smooth. He looked young and had slightly pointed ears, lobe less. His eyes were impressive of an indefinite color, somewhere between yellow and chestnut brown and seemed to reflect the green of the vegetation surrounding them. He looked like if he had no need to shave nor did he have eyebrows; and she believes he had no lashes either. He was of thin and delicate built. His voice, though not deep, did not sound feminine.

She asked him where he was from and whether he lived nearby. He replied that all of us belonged to the place where we were and that the concept of nearness or farness did not depend on distance but on the speed with which we were able to move.

He also spoke on how human beings originated on Earth. He spoke about the grandeur of the “Universe” of the possibility of the existence of life similar to our own on many other planets. Among other things he mentioned was that civilizations had come and gone on earth. Wars and cataclysms had changed the face of the earth and that of humanity. And that humanity had regressed. As it became darker, Lucy Gallucci left and did not bother to obtain the stranger’s name. She did not see him again. (What a dummy!)

HC addendum

Source: Irene Granchi, UFOs and Abductions in Brazil
High Strangeness Index: 8Reliability of Index: 8

Comments: Early Contactee-type report. The being resembles in many ways those that Adamski and some of the other American Contactees reportedly encountered.


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