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Sunday, November 06, 2005


I was camping out in the back country. 5-5-2005 Cinco de Mayo. I was hiking. The weather was nice so I wasn't wearing any clothes. I did have on a small day pack on my back. As I was crossing a creek, I slipped on some slippery rocks. I fell backwards.

The back pack took most of the fall but I wrenched my right arm very bad on the rocks as I fell . When I got back to camp, I could not use the right arm. I had to do everything with my left hand. Sometime try and tie one arm then go all day using only one hand. Simple things like: putting the paste on the tooth brush. Putting soap on a wash cloth. Tying a shoe lace. Zipping up your fly. Making a bed. Opening a can of food with a can opener. Using a pair of right handed scissors with your left hand. Driving a car. Putting the key in the ignition with the left hand and so on.

I didn't know what to do. I decided that in the morning I would try and drive with one hand into town and have some one go back out to camp and help me pack up. That evening before I went to bed, I made a campfire. I could break up small branches of wood using my left hand and foot.
My friend, Dr.Zigal made a pass over head in his space ship to let me know he was there. I was glad to see him, I started using my mind to talk to him. I told Dr. Zigal what happened and I asked him if he could help heal my arm. He said he would. That night I got undressed with great difficulty. I was sleeping in a tent. I got in the tent and zipped it up with my left hand and got in the sleeping bag. You would have really laughed at the way I had to get in. It took about 15 minutes of squirming and manipulating the covers just to get in the sleeping bag. I went to sleep.
About 2:00 o'clock am I woke up. I was completely drenched in sweat. My clothes and sleeping bag were soaked in sweat. I had to go to the bathroom something awful. I unzipped the flap of the tent and rolled outside. I stood up. It was then I realized I had unzipped the tent with my right hand. My arm was O.K. I was so happy and I thanked Dr. Zigal profusely. I was able to finish my camping trip. The muscles in the right arm were sore for a few days but I could use my arm. More later.

This is an experience I had last year. 5-5-2004 Every year I go to the Veteran's hospital for my annual medical check up. The doctor that I go to is a lady doctor. My cholesterol was very high. she told me that if I didn't get my cholesterol down she would have to put me on medication. She scheduled me to come back and have my cholesterol checked.

I told my friend Dr. Zigal about my problem. Dr. Zigal is a physician who comes from an area in the Galaxy of the Pleiades. While he is here in the vicinity of earth he usually is on the Great Ship Orlon. When I told him about the high cholesterol and what the doctor told me, I asked him if he would help me. He said he would. This was like on a Friday.

I was scheduled for the cholesterol test on Wednesday. Saturday Dr, Zigal started working on me. I do not know how to describe the work he was doing. The best way would be as if I was detoxifying.

I felt strange all day. Sunday I was very weak, so I just laid around and took it easy. Monday my strength was slowly coming back. Then on Tuesday I was almost back to normal. Wednesday I went to the VA, they drew blood and did the lab work. Then the doctor called me in.

She had her clip board with the reports on it. She was looking at my original chart. Then she lifted up the page and looked at the results from that day. She caught her breath and exclaimed in surprise, " Oh my God, how did you get your cholesterol to come down like this?" It had dropped 100 points. She said she had never seen such a dramatic drop. She asked how I did it. I told her I just went out hiking and got more exercise. Needless to say I thanked Dr. Zigal from the most adoring feeling I could muster.


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