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Sunday, November 27, 2005


By Leneesa

Some time ago I attended a UFO Contactee's conference in Wyoming. Many other participants had the "visitor" experience and were there also because of this fact.

The first evening and next morning, we were sitting around in discussion groups. At this particular time we were working with a young man from the South that had been mistreated by medical professionals -- as well as his own family -- due to being picked up by a UFO. I was telling the assembled group about this young man and my feelings on how he had been treated. I made the statement that others had been through similar traumatic mishandling by peers and relatives. In the small group I was sitting with, three persons raised their hands to say they too had also been treated that way! If that is so, then how many more are there we are not aware of and who have no one to speak up for them?

Because this case was coming to light with investigators, we will tell you a little about it.
The young man in question -- we shall call him Mike - was in his bedroom one evening lying on his bed. He heard a rumbling sound that made the walls vibrate. He looked outside and there was a light emitting from a large object hovering over his bedroom. After observing the object for a few minutes he found himself standing out on the lawn with only his undershorts on. He could not imagine how he came to be there. His feet were all covered with grass and he had what felt like a sunburn. He decided that he should get himself into the house as quickly as possible. As he was sneaking in past his parents who were sitting in the kitchen, he heard them talking. All of a sudden a huge flash occurred, allegedly by the UFO. His father asked his mother to see if the lamp had just blown out but his mother said it was not connected. He then thought it must be heat lightning.

After his father had left for work, Mike went into the bathroom to look at his eyes which were burning. He looked in the mirror and saw that his body was completely red as if he had been out laying in the sun. His mother asked him what he was doing up. He told her they had woke him up. She said, "Well you should have been up a minute ago because there as a huge flash of light." He said "Mother, I was up and I believe that flash was from a space ship." He asked her to come quick and see it before it went away.

Well, that was just too much for his mother. She told his father about it when he came home that evening. Since the father was in the Navy he decided to take Mike to the nearest military psychiatrist who happened to be in the army. Mike's father would not even consider that something out of the ordinary may have happened to his son.

When they were in the psychiatrist's office he asked the mother and father if they too had seen something. The mother was squirming, but she admitted she had seen the light from the spacecraft as it left. Mike said his parents were acting like they were afraid the psychiatrist would think they were as crazy as he was!

The psychiatrist sat at his desk tapping his pencil. He said, "Well there are very unusual things that happen but I think you need help." Mike asked him just what kind of help he was proposing that he needed. He said, "I am sending you to the local asylum for a month." Mike couldn't believe his ears. As soon as he was admitted they treated him for schizophrenic behavior simply because he said he thought he might have been picked up by a UFO.

As I said earlier that was years ago. Ever since that time Mike has been on the neurolleptic drug prolixin -- all against his wishes. Prolixin has developed into an affliction called tardive disconestia. Tardive disconestia is a condition that affects the muscles in the body. The individual cannot control his muscles and they do all sorts of weird things. In Mike's case he "chews" continually. He is now going blind from the drug and he cannot coordinate his fingers to play the guitar. He is a musical genius with a wonderful talent to play and write music. His condition has deteriorated to the point that he sleeps 70% of the time.

Mike remembers what happened to him on the ship. Examinations took place and implants were put into his nose and ear. He remembers how this happened. He has verification from a plastic surgeon that indeed he has been operated on in his nose.

When I heard about this case we were very upset and tried to reason out what we could do to help Mike. I wrote letters to the ACLU, Senators and Representatives, columnists and Whitley Strieber. Whitley Streiber sent $500 to help Mike's case because it touched his heart.

The ACLU reponded by referring us to an agency in Mike's home state. This agency helps those persons that are handicapped and cannot help themselves. Steps were being taken by this agency to have Mike taken off the drug.

Because the particular state he lives in is very fundamental in its thinking, they are not bringing up the subject of UFOs. Instead, they are using the testimony of a doctor Mike was recenlly sent to that said he could not understand what he was doing there - that he was not schizophrenic, and he did not need prolixin. However, anything in the legal profession takes time and Mike did not have any time left. He was going blind.

Once a person is incarcerated in a mental institution no one from the outside can gain entry to files nor help those persons illegally incarcerated. It is a government unto itself. At one point Mike hired a lawyer to help him. The lawyer tried to see Mike's files, but was denied access to them.

Hopefully, in the near future this "dark ages" practice will be abolished forever. By the weight of so many abduction/contact cases taking place perhaps scientists and doctors will realize that the participants are not crazy, they have had an unusual circumstance happen to them -- one that cannot be explained in prosaic terms.
This case was featured in UFO Universe, published by Tim Beckley


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