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Friday, December 02, 2005


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By Dave KenneyField Investigator

Sioux City, IowaSept. 14, 1978.

The following incident is an example of a truly incredible event reported by a totally credible witness. The witness is a prominent, highly respected business man whose name is familiar to nearly everyone in the Los Angeles area. As the owner and president of a large firm, he is an extremely busy executive who has had neither the time nor the inclination to become familiarized with UFO phenomena. Nevertheless, his account does contain many striking similarities to previously reported encounters--similarities which would normally be familiar only to someone who has carefully researched the subject. The brilliant lights, the "electric motor" sound, the apparent abduction and the car chase are characteristic of many reports. The shape of the object and the appearance and behavior of its occupant, however, are not typical and present some intriguing implications which may shed new light on CEIII encounters. His account of the incident is as follows:

On the evening of September 14, 1978, the witness concluded his business activities in Washington, DC and departed for Sioux City, Iowa. His ultimate destination was Randolph, Nebraska, about 55 miles southwest of Sioux City, where he had scheduled a business meeting for the following morning. After arriving at the Sioux City airport, he obtained a rental car and left for Randolph at about 9:30 p.m., MDST.

Traveling west on Interstate 20, he stopped in Laurel, Nebraska for a cup of coffee. Laurel is about 40 miles west and slightly south of Sioux City. He then continued his journey, still on Interstate 20, and passed through the small community of Belden, about 6 miles west of Laurel. Several miles beyond Belden, he noticed an extremely bright light projected downward by a descending object. At first he thought it was a meteor, or possibly a helicopter equipped with floodlights. He quickly realized it was neither, however, as he watched an object -- the source of the illumination -- descend on a column of white light and land on the road ahead of him.
He stopped his car about 20 yards from the object which had landed partly on the road and partly on the shoulder. It closely resembled an army tank. It appeared to have treads but he did not see them move. It also appeared to have turrets (but no guns) and perhaps a standard camouflage paint scheme. Some light was still being emitted by the object but he heard no sound.

The witness opened the car door and started to get out. He was partially out of the car with one foot on the ground when a door in the side of the object opened and a man stepped out. The witness stated that the man appeared to be a normal human in every respect -- dark haired, of normal size and wearing white duck pants and a white shirt. The man then spoke to the witness, addressing him by his first name.

"Well, Bob--what do you think of this?"

The man then reentered the object, the door closed, and the object then lifted off in the same manner it had landed, ascending on a brilliant column of light. The witness did hear a sound when the object lifted off--a high pitched whine--but it in no way resembled the sound of an aircraft or helicopter engine. The light was so intense that he could not look directly at it and had to shield his eyes as he watched it ascend.

He does not remember getting back into the car, but the next thing he recalls is that he was back in the car and was driving down the road. An object--perhaps the same one--was following him closely, beaming a light through the rear window with such intensity that the interior of the car was as bright as daylight. He then realized he was no longer on Interstate 20 but was on an entirely different road. The witness stated that his family had owned property in this section of Nebraska (Cedar County) since 1880, and he was therefore thoroughly familiar with all its towns, highways and backroads. In a few moments he had determined his new location--he was near the town of Hartington, heading south on Route 15, and was 12 to 15 miles north of where he had been, apparently only an instant earlier.

Understandably, the witness had become frightened by this time and tried to outrun the object, driving as fast as possible. The object, however, stayed right behind him. He knew that the road would eventually intersect with Interstate 20 at Belden, so he continued racing south at speeds of 90 to 95 mph. When he neared the spot where he had made his initial sighting, the object suddenly stopped following him and zoomed off. He then continued on to Randolph, arriving there at about 11:00 p.m., and immediately placed a phone call to the Sioux City Police Department. They suggested he report the incident to a UFO organization in Seattle whose phone number they had on file. After checking into his motel room, he called this organization and reported his experience.

After his business meeting in the morning, the witness made numerous inquiries to determine if anyone else had seen the UFO. He was unable to find any witnesses for his sighting, but did find one person who had seen a UFO in that area a year earlier.

Throughout the entire sequence of events, the witness did not see any other cars. No EM effects were noted--the car's engine, lights and instruments all functioned normally at all times. He was not aware of any unaccountable loss of time, nor did he experience any ill effects such as unaccountable loss of time, nor did he experience any ill effects such as burns, skin rash or headaches. He did not think it was likely that the object had left any discernible marks on the paved road and therefore he did not attempt to locate and inspect the precise spot of the lading afterward.

As mentioned earlier, the witness had previously not had any particular interest in UFOs, and in view of his position and reputation in the business community, he obviously has much to lose and nothing to gain by revealing his experience. His desire for anonymity is therefore understandable. His sincerity and firm conviction in the reality of the incident are evidenced by the considerable time and effort he spent in getting his report to the proper people, and by the detailed notes of the events that he made while they were still fresh in his memory.


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