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Monday, November 28, 2005


Please go to the following URL and read the background information from Anonymous. It is very enlightening as to what has happened to cover up UFO information. http://www.serpo.org/index.html

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By Preston Dennett

Everyone else in the class chose boring subjects like animals or planes. Alfredo wanted to write about something interesting. That's when it hit him, the perfect idea, something everybody as interested in. Yes, he would write his term paper on the subject of UFOs.

Alfredo had no previous knowledge or interest in UFOs. In fact, he was rather skeptical of such things. The idea literally came to him out of the blue sky! He'd heard of UFOs, but that was about it. He approached the subject with no preconceptions. And so he commenced his investigation.

Although Alfrdo was only eleven, he conducted a UFO investigation of extraordinary depth and breadth, entirely on his own, with no help from any adults. In a very short space, he covers most of the aspects of UFOlogy, even addressing such controversial issues as UFO skepticism, the government cover-ups, the UFO hostility question, animal mutilations, abductions and more. What's even more astonishing is that his term paper presents several solid conclusions regarding UFO reality. And most importantly, it provides us with a remarkable insight into how the children of America view the UFO presence today.

What follows is the written report of Alfredo Griffin's investigation into the subject of UFOs.

by Alfredo Griffin


The GovernmentSightings
All in the Mind
UpdateThe Truth


The government knows there are such things as UFOs, but they don't want to let you know that because they think there might be riots, like the one in LA. That's why very few people know this. Usually when people phone in and say, "A strange spaceship has crashed in my backyard!" they hang up and later on when you're asleep, the FBI takes the ship and replaces it with a weather balloon or some other junk, and then they say, "There was never a spaceship here!" The government will sometimes arrest you if you call in and say you saw a spaceship. They do this because they don't want to alarm the public. So don't show this to the government.


These are some sightings I read in a book. I think you should read them because they are interesting. I hope you enjoy them.

The Socorro Sighting
Category: Contact (remote)
Place: Socorro, NM, USA
Date: 24 April 1984
Time: 14.50 hours, full daylight
Weather: Fine, clear, some light
Percipient: Lonnie Zamora, age 31, Police Officer

It says here Lonnie was chasing a speeding car when he saw a blue flame of light and then heard a crash. Then he forgot all about the car and drove onto the desert and lost some of his sight. Then he saw a round sort of spaceship, and he wasn't lying because more people saw the blue flame. I think you'll enjoy the next sighting.

This is about a man who threatened an alien. Check it out.

Standoff At the Kelly Farmhouse
Category: Encounter
Place: Sutton Farm, Kelly, near Hopkinsville, KN, USA
Date: 21-22 August 1955
Time: Approx. 19:00 to 3:30 hours
Percipient: 12 members of Sutton Family and friends

The Suttons were rather poor farmers. The day when they saw that alien, they were terrified. They shot guns at it, but it seemed to disappear. There wasn't anything else interesting in the book, so this is all.


Many people have heard of being picked up by space aliens, and it's happened before. Some people have been injected with things that aren't for humans.

Category: Encountering, boarding
Place: New Hampshire, USA
Date: 19 September 1981
Time: Approx. 23:00 hours
Percipient: Barney and Betty Hill

These two people were driving in their car when they saw a spaceship. The got out of their car, then the aliens picked them up and studied them for two hours.


Some UFOs leave art behind them. We don't know how, but they leave designs on crops. They are found not only in Wisconsin, but in other parts of the world. Some witnesses say they heard a whistling noise when they were talked to by the UFO investigators.


What shape is a saucer? Most people think saucers are round spinning disks, and some are. But I can tell you that saucers are very unique and can reach remarkable speeds and do a turn so fast, it's unbelievable. Some that crash have survivors. One guy saw a few survivors die and the FBI took the other one away, so don't show them this report.


Some people think UFOs are all in the mind. They think they are optical illusions, but that's what they think. UFOs are real, not matter what. They're as real as you. Most of the reasons people think UFOs are illusions is because one minute you see them, they go so fast, and then you blink your eyes and they're gone. So when you think you see a UFO, it's not an illusion, nahhhhhh!


The mutilation of cows, horses and other creatures is found at farms and ranches. Most farmers think wild animals do it, but sometimes it's... dum-da-dum-dum... UFOs. People think UFOs take parts of animals to study and find out more of our world.


Most people don't believe in UFOs or aliens. They think it's just impossible, and I don't blame them. When I first started studying UFOs, I thought they were fake. But then I wanted to find out everything about them, and that's the truth. Did you know that UFOs are friendly, because if they weren't, they would blow us up.


1) UFOs are not fake;
2) Don't have a heart attack if you see one;
3) Don't call the government and tell them you see one;
4) Saucers are not all round
5) One minute you see them, and the other you don't.

And so ends Alfredo Griffin's school term paper. Alfredo definitely shows signs of being a budding IFO investigator. It should come as no surprise that the above work received an "A." In fact, Alfredo's paper was so good, it garnered an award as one of the best term papers in the entire sixth grade class. Says Alfredo's teacher, "This was a heck of a report! It was unique and personal, and I can tell (he) enjoyed doing it."

As we have seen, UFOs are having a tremendous impact on our children. This term paper clearly shows us how at least one child views the UFO phenomenon. And as the reader may have noticed, that child is taking UFOs very seriously indeed!
This article was in UFO Library magazine.


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