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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Cannon, AFB
Date: January 1976
HBCC UFO Research

Note: This report is one of a few sighting reports I have received from ex-military serviceman who worked out of the Cannon AFB. All the men filed reports on seeing numerous unknown objects over the AFB back in January 1976. I have a list of military people who operated out of the Cannon AFB and I am writing to each and everyone of them in hopes they might be able to shed some more light on this major event. If possible that is.

Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research has set up an telephone interview time with this gentleman who filed the report below. Actually I will be doing the interview today. Later this month when I appear for my regular guest spot on the Jeff Rense radio program, I will be bringing this gentleman with me so he can relate his story to us all, and it is going to be an amazing conversation. Lastly, and very important, I am looking for other military service men and women who were at the Cannon AFB who have any knowledge of the UFO events that took place at the base in 1976, would you be so kind as to contact me with any information on the sightings. Always, please keep in mind I will hold your personal information here, and I will not release it to anyone. Also if any other military folks who have had an encounter with something unexplainable over or around a military base, would you be so kind as to contact me with the information. Brian Vike can be contacted at: hbccufo@telus.net or visit my website which is given in the report.

Hello, my name is (removed). I just watched a SciFi program on the 1947 Roswell NM UFO crash and got to researching an incident I witnessed at Cannon AFB in January 1976. In my search I ran across your article http://rense.com/general58/spspc.htm. I was working the Security Police Desk that night at Cannon and was the one that called the report into Base Operations. A few days later I also spoke with an individual from Washington DC. I don't recall his name or department. The first report was from Sgt Whitt, who was stationed on the outer perimeter of the flight-line. After that, several reports came in from Base Patrols. I talked someone into handling the Desk for me so I could have a peek. I was allowed into the flight tower and looked at the objects (about a dozen or so) through a Starlight Scope. Flight Ops was concerned enough to scramble 2 F11's to give chase. Around midnight several of us went up onto the highway overpass and cut the overpass lights for a better view. We watched them until almost dawn. About that time there were also several burned areas in farmer's fields surrounding the Air Base. I saw two of the circles. The burned circles were approximately 30 feet across and had a dead cow in the center. All the flesh was burned from the cow, but no blood was on the ground or apparently in the cow. Some of the cows had neat, clean burned out cavities in the abdomen about a foot in diameter, and a foot or so deep. I would like to thank you gentleman for his report and looking forward to speaking with his shortly.

Nova Scotia, Canada One Of Numerous Experiences Date: 1994 through 1998 Message: I submitted a report of one encounter of many. Here was the report submitted.

Multiple sightings/encounters with same witness over a extended period of time. I do not wish to give any information as to identity of me or my witness. Also note we both have a scientific education and both have IQ's over 130. Also note that neither of us suffer from any mental illnesses nor do we do drugs what so ever. I am stating this so people may know we are not crack pots. I will break down some of the multiple encounters to explain some of the different types of encounters and some of the effects surrounding the encounters. The first one started approx the summer of 94. I remember this because we were driving listening to music and it was still light out and the sun was just starting to go down. Almost instantly it was pitch black.

Neither of us could recall how the heck the sky turned from starting sunset to pitch black all of a sudden. Now both us being scientifically trained started theories on not paying attention etc., but we both ruled these through scientifically facts are facts we summarized. No shared delusion etc, all ruled out. Simply one second it was day the next second it was night, sunsets don't do this instantly. We then parked the vehicle as we discussed the scientific reasoning further. We noticed a few kids running out of the woods along the tracks in front of us and to our right like they had a fire under their butts. We joked about it and decided we would go see what all the fuss was about, thus we walked down the tracks I would say approx: 1 km. Note we are usually pretty fearless and not afraid of too much. I will explain how that all changed. At approximately the 1 km mark, we started seeing flashes of green and red light from both sides of the woods, at what we guessed was 10 meters ahead. We both seen this and stated to each other what the heck? We thought that maybe it was kids messing around with flashlights, and maybe they had scared their friends who ran out from the woods previously. Thus we walked ahead to check it out, and when we had come to the spot we heard nor seen anyone. If their had been anyone we would have seen them or heard movement as it was all woods and brush along the tracks. We again, were puzzled and both looked at each other obviously thinking, what the heck ? I then, out of the corner of my right eye spotted something in the tree line about four feet to my right and about maybe two feet or so tall from my perspective. Note that it was dark, but the moon was out and we had some light, plus I have good night vision. So I assumed it was a animal of some sort (or maybe a kid with the green or red light screwing around ) so I walked to it's direction quickly. I was shocked that it could move so quickly and was seemingly bipedal, but was not human or a 14 year old kid. Of course now I was even more stunned, and of course surprised because what I thought was a animal or more so some teenager turned out to be something entirely unexpected but unknown. This is where my logic should have overcame both my friends and my fearlessness and caution mode should have kicked in, but curiosity had gotten the better of us. I remember saying to my friend, what the heck was that, it wasn't a kid or a animal. It moved fast and I mean fast. I watch alot of wild life shows and have never seen any animal move that fast. We then spotted one big orange circular light in the sky surrounded by 5 smaller solid white strobe type objects in the sky which circled the bigger main light in random orbits. Note that the bigger orange light was stationary and approximately 1/2 a km away max, and at approximately a 34 degree angle from us in the sky. None of them made any noise, thus we knew it could not be aircraft because at that distance if it was any type of aircraft at all we would hear it. It sat in the sky at that relative position ( after it slowly moved to that position earlier) for approximately 15 minutes. We decided that we should investigate, of course being scientific and curious is not always a good thing. We were going through the woods, got to the farmers field where in the approximate area the lights were. I said hi to the cows (lol), there was about nine of them. We then witnessed the lights at what seemed ten feet above tree top level move across the treetops very close, still making no noise. They were moving away from us and their movement was avoidable, not a straight line moving fast just above the treetops going right to left as though dodging something. Then they had descended into the woods at the opposite end of the field tree line. Both my friend and I were kind of amazed at what it could be and thought it was kind of interesting because we were witnessing something impossible to humans, and science as we knew it. We contemplated going to the spot where the lights had gone down, but we did not have too much time to contemplate this as we began to hear a high pitched, but seemingly faint tracking noise, like a beep repetitious from the direction of the forest the lights had gone down. Note we were in the country so we couldn't figure out a logical source of the sound. The beeps were every three seconds and continuous. If you imaging a animals radio collar that is being tracked, that is what it was like, but a higher pitch that was distinctive. This would not be the first time we were to hear that unforgettable sound. That's another story. As we were bewildered and talking very low about the sound, we noticed it began to come louder and louder and seemingly moving toward our very position. The cows all started freaking out and became extremely uneasy. The closer the sound came the more uneasy the cows became. Note that they were extremely quiet prior to this, even with us near by. We both decided that maybe this was a good time to go and get the heck out of there, as by now the sound was very close and moving closer, shifting position to our left flank in what seemed like a circling maneuver. This is when we decided a good option was leaving quickly, better safe than sorry. As we ran the sound followed and was right behind us, maybe 20 feet away. We noticed the sound still close behind us and ran as fast as we could with the sound still hot on our 6. We decided to jump a barbed wire fence, to hopefully slow whatever the heck it was down, and were about half way back to the car. This did not work as it was still in close pursuit, beep, beep, beep, obviously we were scared at this point and fear adrenaline or whatever it was kicked in and we ran all the way to the car and got the heck out of there, still with the sound in close pursuit all the way to the car. My friend left a streak of rubber that is probably still there to this day. To this day we have discussed our initial whatever it was, and till this day we have no scientific explanation. I will post other events later on. This was our initial encounter of what became many over the next 4 years.

I want to submit the other many encounters, some of which are far more involved than this, so I am emailing to find out how to email them to be added under 1 encounter report listing from 1994 through 1998. I had to submit twice because I forgot to add the area etc. of the incidents. Sorry about not paraphrasing etc, but I just wanted to have it all down. Thank you to the person for the report.


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