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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Tempe, Arizona More Folks Having Strange Loss Of Time

My wife and I were on a road trip in an RV camper belonging to a friend we were traveling with. We were in Tempe, Arizona and were simply going from one exit to the next, to the grocery store. I got on the highway at the first exit on-ramp, and as we were waiting to see the next exit sign, I simply noticed how tired I was, tired of driving, and said to her, "I thought this store was only one exit away? It seems like we've been driving forever!" Just then the sign for the exit came up. She looked at her watch and noted that we had been driving for 4 hours. The exits are only a couple of miles apart, being right in the city. That's all I can say except that when I told this story to my dad later on, he said that he has heard similar stories related to Highway 10, and he is the most no-nonsense type of guy there is.

Date: July 11, 2006
Time: Between 10:00 - 10:40 p.m.

Message: Last night I experienced something very, very strange, yet nothing as exciting as seeing a flying object or anything like that. But first let me say how I came to find your site...I am visiting the Fingers Lake Region of NY for work this week. Today, immediately after I got back to my hotel, I searched google to try to find possible answers as to what happened to me last night, and oddly enough, an article from your sight appeared first, and more oddly, the article's subject had a similar experience to mine in the same location, Ontario County of NY.

Here's the story. I am staying in Farmington, NY at a hotel on State Rte 96. I was bored last night, so I decided to head to a mall that I was told would be about 6 or so miles away heading North on 96. I got in my car at 8:30 and drove to the mall, despite a severe thunderstorm and torrential downpours. Sure enough, even with the horrible road conditions, I was at the mall in 10 minutes (give or take a minute), which was on Rte 96 (I made no turns at all). At 10:00pm the mall closed. The storm had let up, but a great lightning show was still visible. As soon as I got in my car I called my wife at home. I drove out of the parking lot and began my drive back to the hotel going back the way I had came (now heading South on Rte 96). My wife and I talked for about 2 minutes when my signal was lost (nothing new there). I immediately re-called her and began talking about something other than we had been talking about. Nothing unusual yet.However, about 5 minutes after I had left the mall parking lot (or so it seemed), I crossed a set of RR tracks. I commented to my wife that this was strange, as I didn't remember crossing any tracks on my way to the mall. However, I passed it off as a missed detail as I was trying to drive in terrible weather conditions. Soon, I crossed another set of RR tracks. I then realized I hadn't seen any of the landmarks I had remembered on my way going to the mall from the hotel (such as a large supermarket, the downtown of Victor, NY, and a major intersection with Rte 332 - which has multiple lanes and has traffic lights, among other landmarks I had noticed). By the time I reached a third set of tracks, I knew something was wrong, so I hung up with my wife so I could sort myself out. The time was now 10:40, thirty minutes longer than it should have taken me to get back, especially as now it was not raining and there was no traffic at all. I figured I must have somehow or other gone the wrong way out of the mall parking lot, especially as I was now entering Waterloo, NY (I had no idea where Waterloo was in relation to Framingham, but I did know it was not near where my hotel was).

So I turned around, figuring I had at least a 50 minute drive now to get back to my hotel, which upset me as I had to be at work early the next morning.Within a couple minutes it hit me that something amazing had just happened to me. I arrived at my hotel, but I was going North on 96. Let me clarify: I left point "A" and headed north on a single road to reach point "B". I then left point "B" to return to point "A" by traveling on the exact same route south. However, without ever passing point "A" or any of the recognizable landmarks from about one minute after leaving point "B", I arrived at point "C" (my turnaround point). I then drove north again, this time reaching point "A" within a few short minutes.So somehow I managed to, for a total lack of a better term, warp through time and space, going directly from point "B" to point "C" while impossibly avoiding point "A" which lies between the two.

Let me now state that I don't drink or do any drugs. I was fully awake, and in fact, I was extra alert as I was looking for the Subway restaurant that is near my hotel for some food, and I had also seen a deer on the side of the road and had my eyes peeled as to not hit one crossing the road. It is absolutely beyond all reason that I could have driven through the town of Victor, passed the illuminated and large intersection of 96 and 332, and missed the large and well lit sign for my hotel. But it happened. At first I thought I was just stupid for turning the wrong way out of the mall parking lot, but when I saw my hotel on my left instead of my right, I knew I wasn't stupid, but was scared. So much so that as soon as I checked the map that I had left in my hotel room (why would I need it to take one road to a mall and then straight back) and truly realized the incredibleness of what happened, I called my wife and woke her up to tell her what happened.

Today after work I re-drove the route and confirmed that it was plain impossible that I had just "zoned out" or something and drove through Victor and Farmingham without realizing it. I am very sane and logical, but this defies sanity or logic. And as far as looking for illogical possibilities such as a UFO abduction or something (yes, I believe they happen, but the chances of it are as good as getting eaten by a shark at the same time you win the lottery), there is no physical evidence at all, or any other evidence that anything at all had occurred out of the ordinary, except what I know to be fact, not so much missing time, but missing space.

So, with that, any ideas what's going on here? I am very, very confused, and more curious than frightened. But a second time of this may lead me quickly to fear.Thank you for your time. Please email me with any questions or needed further details.

Thank you to the person for the interesting report.
Thank you Brian Vike for this report. I know of several cases here in Seattle where the person was driving but in the past. One was in the 1920's. The other one in a field just south of the airport where there were no roads! The one in the 20's came out south of where he had been to start with and was driving north. I know of another girl that drove into an old town that had lettering on the buildings she didn't recognize. She kept driving and then was back in the present! A mystery! - Aileen


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