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Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Flashes of light & Encounter with strange energy in Wylatowo [01/07/06]

Wylatowo is a small town located in Mogilno county [Kujawsko-Pomorskie Wojewodztwo, North-Western Poland] and it's known for everyone interested with crop circles. Strange signs on grain fields appear here every year since 2000.Allegedly phenomenon taking place in Wylatowo was accompanied with other supposedly UFO - related events in the entire area of course of various levels of reliability.

In early July 2006 crop circle researchers and investigators came to Wylatowo again waiting for crop circles and other signs of unknown, purportedly intelligent force presence. It is an initial report from the place waiting for appearance of first crop circles. Will they appear this year? As far as now there were no crop circles in 2006 reported in Poland and the only one turned to be a false one. What the matter will be with Wylatowo?

The first one report came into view on July 1st and it's a relation of a man camping near researchers' base in Wylatowo who allegedly saw some strange lights and encountered other phenomena. His relation is cited below.

Wylatowo - July 1st 2006

The witness' relation: I'm from Wroclaw area. I came to Wylatowo on June 30th 2006. We set up a camp along with Jola located about 300 m. from the base, in a deserted area in order to observe the surrounding fields and sky. On July 1st at about 1 am we saw some strange light phenomena manifesting themselves at low altitude over the field, behind Tadeusz Filipczak's house. There were many lighting balls visible on the field that were dimming and then lighting on again creating a some kind of firework show low over the field. I took the camera and began taping the last phase of that strange manifestation. Then the phenomenon ended. Happy with a fact that I managed to take a record I ran to the base to analyze the evidence. I returned to our tent before 3 am where Jola and my child waited for me and we went to sleep completely peacefully.

Soon I could feel some strange emotion that I wasn't able to precise - I felt a strange anxiety. Jola began talking to me but I didn't react. The entire surrounding became very strange. I looked at partly opened entrance to the tent. I noticed that there was quite strangely bright outside. I decided to went out to check what was going on. I peered outside. Our entire tent and half of our car were enveloped with some strange mist. I became afraid that something was going wrong… I had a feeling that some powerful energy from above was pressing me down. I became afraid.I decided to flee away. I hadn't got enough energy to get up by myself. I crawled to a dusty road screaming to Jola: 'Take the child and go away'. Then I got up. I looked back. The mist surrounding our tent was still in its place. I decided to run away toward the base as fast I could. I alarmed the researchers. Immediately an emergency squad rushed to our tent for my girlfriend. They took the tent and our car and returned to the base. I was completely stunned with that experience. I realized that I have no shoes on my feet [I lost them in time of the escape]. I won't ever forget this experience. After it I completely changed my view on paranormal events. Next time I'll be more careful and I won't run after lights calling to them: 'Come! I'm not afraid of you', since I had done it during my first observation.

SOURCE: http://www.ufotv.pl/ and NPN - http://www.npn.ehost.pl/by: Piotr Cielebias: NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal © 05/07/06, [http://nol-polishufojournal.blogspot.com], e-mail: jtu@vp.pl


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