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Sunday, July 16, 2006


An Alien Abductee Shares Proof That We are Not Alone

Aware of Their Presence is Craig Jacocks’ startling true story of his lifelong abductions by aliens

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) July 9, 2006 -- Craig Jacocks’ Aware of Their Presence is set to be the first major book about alien abduction since Whitley Streiber’s best seller Communion. But, Jacocks has something even Streiber did not: proof. In the book, Jacocks recounts details from the many times he was abducted by aliens, beginning when he was a young child. He details how the encounters grew in intensity and how he began to realize he was dealing with humanoid beings with amazing abilities. Gradually, he began to hear their voices and see them. Recently at work, a scanner reacted to an unknown code inside his body. X-rays revealed two needle-like objects, which he now believes to be tracking devices. These experiences, Jacocks suggests, are not only real, but they should be explored as proof of alien existence, rather than mocked or hidden away in secrecy.

An in-demand speaker on alien abduction, Jacocks has also written articles about his experiences for both UFO Magazine and Mysteries Magazine. Aware of Their Presence has been considered as recommended reading by the highly influential Mutual UFO Network state director, Richard Lee.

We can’t deny the existence of alien abduction any longer, says Jacocks, and this startling, frank, and brutally honest book can prove it.For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact the author at cjacocks @ hotmail.com. Aware of Their Presence is available for sale online at Amazon.com, Borders.com, BookSurge.com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the AuthorCraig Jacocks has been abducted by aliens since he was a child. He’s been interviewed on Fox TV about his experiences. Married, he lives in Cleveland Ohio and works in a men’s suits retail outlet.

AND NOW.... An article written expressly for my blog from Craig:


My name is Craig, and I've had a lifetime of encounters with aliens. I've had multiple UFO sightings, and later, abductions. The abductions started, at least as far as I remember, in my mid-twenties. Naturally, I was met by skepticism...at times even I was skeptical. "Is this real? This can't be happening to me!" Well, as much as I fought myself over it, reality would hit me with something I couldn't deny. Neither can anyone else.

Last April (2005), An extraordinary event took place at my job. I would have settled for a substantial raise, but I got something else. Proof of my encounters. I sell men's suits for a living. In order to get credit for those sales, I of course work with laser scanners to ring them up, and registers to take the money. Who would have thought that this ordinary combination would prove that aliens abduct human beings. My co-worker and I were discussing the sales we had made so far. I leaned back near one of the laser scanners. With my back actually facing the scanner, and the scanner pointing downward, the scanner suddenly rang out as if it had just rung an item. The sound the register made was strange, although it still sounded as though an item had been rung for sale. The problem was I was the only "item" near the scanner. My co-worker looked at the register, and then he looked at me. "What the hell? Was that YOU?" I replied, "Yeah...but I don't know how!"Things only got more disturbing when we looked at the register screen...the one that usually just shows regular store items and their prices as we ring them. THIS time, the message was different..."ERROR: UPC/SKU barcode cannot be found."This message only comes up when when we ring up an item that doesn't belong in the store. In other words, someone else's merchandise. So, who owns the merchandise in this case? This occurred four more times, always with my back to the scanner and it always happened by accident. Two other co-workers saw this happen. Luckily, all three witnesses have worked in the store for years and are trusted employees, so I had good people to back me up.

Later that summer, my wife and I decided to take a trip to our favorite place... Sedona, Arizona. Before we could get there however, there was a little trouble with the airport metal detection system. I set it off. Twice."Uh Sir could you have a seat there please?" The security supervisor didn't want me to go any further until he brought out the hand-held detector. When he waved it around my body, it reacted to my lower spinal area. "It's something with your lower torso, but you can go." Knowing I had no weapon, there was no point in questioning anything else, although it was clear that something strange was happening.

I promised my wife that I would get x-rays done when we returned.That August, I had them done. Confirmed. The x-rays showed two metallic, needle-like objects lined up with the base of my spine. One object is shorter than the other. These were the objects that made the airport metal detectors react, but more importantly, they not only activated the cash register at work, they left a message on the screen. Ordinary metal would NOT do this. So either one of two things happened. Either these objects have some sort of barcode on them and they can be read through my skin, or, these objects are emitting something from my body. Whatever it is, it can make some electronic equipment react or malfunction.My doctors can't explain what they are or how they got into my body. Based on where they are located, it has been determined that they were not swallowed. And based on my memory, there was no accident in which metal entered my body.

The x-rays made news on my local FOX affiliate, and things got even more interesting when I went to a surgeon to see if these objects could be removed. After seeing the x-rays and physically examining the area, he concluded that the objects were too close to the bone (Coccyx or tailbone), and too deep near the spinal area to take them out."I'm not touching these." His exact quote.

To some extent however, I couldn't help thinking that he was also talking about the controversy. I had no choice but to tell him my theory of how these objects got in there (alien abduction), and due to the actual medical report which said the objects were "of uncertain etiology" (uncertain origin or reason), my theory was as logical as anything else...albeit an outlandish one. Still, I believe this surgeon didn't want anything to do with this matter, and he even acted as though I wasted his time. He did have two medical students with him, and they seemed more interested in this. The main surgeon was in charge though, so they would have no comment on this.This was disappointing at first. I have proof of my abductions, and I truly wanted these objects to be taken out so I could show the scientific world. But that was not to be. I would be risking major nerve damage in opening up that area surgically, and the surgeon said that even then he may not have been able to take them out.

This started off as a loss, but then turned into a victory of sorts. Apparently, whoever put the objects in my body didn't care whether I knew they were there...but they didn't want them removed. So there they stay. Proof of alien contact inside of my body. I personally believe that these objects are tracking devices used by my "visitors."My only question now is, will anyone else pay attention? It's more than time to turn the page on UFO/Alien research isn't it? Isn't it also possible that these aliens WANT to be known? The truth is out there. Good commentary, but it needs to be updated.

The truth is here NOW.

Thank you Craig for sharing your personal story with us.


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