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Friday, July 14, 2006


Once hypnotized, Carl Higdon, began to relive his bizarre hunting experience. Comments made during the hypnotic session indicate that his experience included the following astounding events, none of which Carl could consiously remember.

o Emerging from the transparent cube on an unknown planet, and being escorted into a large biulding;

o Being placed before a "shield" for the purpose of getting a physical examination;

o Seeing other Earth people on this alien world;

o Being told that he would be returned to where they found him because he wasn't "what they needed!"

o Learning why they have been visiting Earth for centuries.

Flashing back to the precise moment the bullet left his rifle, Higdon repeated how it had come out of the barrel of the gun in slow motion.

"It sort of hit something in mid-air," he said, "falling to the ground 50 feet from where I stood, weapon in hand. I went over to where it landed, picked it up and put it in my canteen pouch."

Under hypnosis, his story remained unaltered. Only details which he had "forgotten" were added.

Asked how he originally got inside the peculiar cube-shaped object, Carl stated matter-of-factly that the being, who approached him from out of the woods, simply pointed the rod-like appendage where his right hand should have been, and "presto, we were there!"

Once buckled in a seat aboard the spacecraft, Higdon was able to see the forest around him. "You could see the trees and Earth below." The alien waved his mechanical 'arm' at a control panel and they were launched into the blackness of space.

Recollecting more fully the interior of the cubicle in which he was held captive, Higdon described a row of "levers" surrounded by a series of letters. He also gave some fascinating details about the propulsion system used by the aliens. Here are parts of this conversation paraphrased from the original tape transcript:

Dr. Leo Sprinkle: OK now looking over to the levers, what was it that you were seeing? What did they look like?
CH: The first one: automatic transmission... more like a sports car. Second one, the same; the third one, mostly the same, but it had letters on each end.
Sprinkle: How many letters did it seem to have?
CH: Eight.
Sprinkle: What lettes were they?
CH: E.P.H.D. on the top. D.H.P.E. on the bottom
Sprinkle: Anything said about what that meant?
CH: No.
Sprinkle: What impression did you have? Did it suggest some kind of propulsion system....?
CH: No. They traveled by magnetic force.
Sprinkle: This is what they said to you?
CH: Yes. As fast as they want to travel.
Sprinkle: That second lever, you said, looked like an automatic transmission lever on a sports car. Could you see how far the lever would move? Would it move several inches?
CH: Three or four inches down, four inches up. But it never moved while we were on the trip. It stayed in the center.
Sprinkle: Did you see any of the levers move at all?
CH: The first one. It moved down. Don't remember it ever moving again.

Later on, Higdon told the psychologist that these "levers" were approximately six inches long. At the top of each was a black knob, "like a shifting knob on a pick-up." Next to one of them was a six-pointed star identical to the one the alien wore on his belt. In front of him was a "mirror" which reflected the images of the five elk. Not being able to turn around, however, Higdon never directly saw the elk he had intended to kill. They seemed to be in a cage, "like a corral" with "cross pieces" -- bars -- preventing their moving aound. It was as if he were gazing at some giant stuffed animals. The craft was empty except for a two-foot-high box in the center of the ship -- whose function was never explained.

For a fleeting moment after lift-off, Higdon saw, through the transparent walls, the Earth drifting behind. "The next thing I saw was a 'ball' -- like a basketball -- where the earth had been before."

During their trip through the cosmos, the chief crew member -- now joined by an "assistant" -- identified himself by name.

Sprinkle: Did they call each other by name?
CH: Ausso One. ... I talked to him.
Sprinkle: Ausso One? Did he appear to be the expedition's leader?
CH: Yeah.

Carl Higdon also observed that at no point during the journey was he able to touch -- or even get near -- his kidnappers. "They were careful about maintaining at least three or four foot distance," he said, obviously perplexed about this. Another puzzle is that he never once saw them from other than a frontal view. "I was looking straight into their faces, never got a side view. If you wanted to communicate with them, you were looking right at them. You never looked at the side or the back; there was just a direct front view -- that's all I ever got." Higdon seemed positive that the aliens were surrounded by a "force field" which protected them from earth's "foreign" elements.

CH: The "force fields" are around all of them.... and me! You can move, but can't reach out too far... unless the "force field" expands, he (Ausso One) said. That's the way they travel without helmets -- or any type of oxygen gear.
Sprinkle: So they can move on our planet without the use of a helmet, because they can regulate the size of the "force field"?
CH: They get oxygen inside the "force field."
Sprinkle: Did he say that they use oxygen at the same level -- at the same rate -- as on this planet?
CH: He didn't say anything about that.

Offering no explanation of their means of propulsion -- "after all, I'm not really qualified to understand scientific terminology" -- they did tell Higdon that their ship operated on the principal of "magnetic force." "These people can travel as fast as they want!" he said.

Perhaps their major scientific achievement -- which puts their technology far beyond ours -- is the means that they use to move from one location to another, instantaneously. Known as teleportation, this feat is accomplished by aiming their right "arm" in the direction they wish to travel. Ausso One used the term "gun" when referring to this apparatus. "He used his right arm.... to point where he wants to go -- and he goes. He moves freely... no, he said, we move freely, anywhere we want to go." Higdon believes he entered and left the ship by this process.

Asked for his opinion as to why he was given pills to swallow at the start of his ordeal, Carl believes they might have been a form of tranquilizer. "Maybe they hypnotized me, I don't know. I just relaxed."

Following a flight that seemed to him to be about 30 minutes, a sparkling sphere loomed on the horizon. "We landed where the lights were brightest," Carl said. "It must have been night, because the lights were in a confined area -- casting outward maybe 100 yards in a circle," referring to what sounds like a landing pad. The lighting, he says, was "artificial."

Dr. Sprinkle's tape recorder caught every hesitance, every change of tone. There were moments when Higdon's voice was tinged with panic, anxiety, and utter disbelief.

The tapes of the hypnotic sessions were transcribed. More than 60 pages long, the transcript fills in numerous missing details about what took place on this alien base of operation. Their motives become a lot clearer.

The spacecraft came down close to a structure that resembled an airfield control tower. Higdon found himself being led into an elevator by Ausso One. He recalled entering without walking from the ship -- as if he'd been "projected" there. From his perspective, the tower was shaped like a pine tree, "big at the bottom and small at the top." Colored lights ran up and down its sides, like a string of bulbs on a Christmas tree." Also the lights were flashing on and off, similar to those on a landing strip.

Escorted into "a cubicle - type office,' Higdon was placed before a screen -- or "shield" as he calls it -- which he says may have been used to examine him. Dr. Sprinkle, probing deeply into the subconscious recesses of his subject's mind, came up with the following:

Sprinkle: How big was the shield? Was it between him (Ausso One) and you?
CH: Yes. I couldn't see him when the shield was there. It was about... oh, I'm not sure... about four feet wide and about eight feet high. It blocked out all vision. You can't see anything except the shield.
Sprinkle: What did the shield look like?
CH: It looked like a wall coming toward me!
Sprinkle: Did it look like it was made out of metal? Could you tell any texture?
CH: Kind of glass-like. You couldn't see through it. Like slate, but it was real glossy.
Sprinkle: Could you tell how thick it was?
CH: No. I didn't get to see the side, it came from the front.
Sprinkle: Could you estimate how long the shield was in front of you?
CH: Oh, I guess about four or five minutes.

In order to stand in front of the shield, Higdon said he had to step up onto a little platform. After his "examination" it vanished by "moving flush with the wall."

When asked to visualize the room, Higdon insists it was large -- "maybe 24 by 30 feet" -- but with the exception of the screen, totally bare and all white.

Stepping down from the little platform, he was then ushered by Ausso One, through a long corridor. "We walked back down a hall. The door opened and we stopped on a platform and went down and returned to the space cubicle.

From his confined quarters, Carl stared at a sight that shocked and puzzled him. He saw several individuals, nothing like Ausso One, standing near the tower. "They were talking amongst themselves, five of 'em. I don't know what it was, because, you know, they kept looking back and forth at each other, just like a group conversation. These people were definitely Earthlings, Carl Higdon says.
Sprinkle: Were they adults? Were they young people?
CH: Three adults and two kids.
Sprinkle: What did they look like? Did they have dark hair? Light hair:
CH: One was gray-headed.
Sprinkle: How about the youngsters?
CH: One had blonde hair, one had brown.
Sprinkle: Did you get an idea of how, young or old the kids were? Were they, six years old or 12 years or...?
CH: Brown haired, about 10 or 11. Blonde, 13 or 15.
Sprinkle: Could you get an idea of whether they were male or female?
CH; Female. Then there was a young boy ... oh, 17 or 18, and a young girl, the same, about 17-18; brown and blonde haired.
Sprinkle: They were dressed in every day clothes?
CH: Yes.
Sprikle: Did these people seem to be surprised or puzzled or afraid?
CH: No.

This incredible scene would tend to support the contention of a number of contactees that claim aliens have been kidnapping people for years.

Before leaving, Ausso One said he would return Higdon to a spot near where he had been taken. The alien told him that there was no further reason to detain him, because he did not serve their purpose. Ausso One's exact words were; "We'll take you back, since you're not any good for what we need!" He did not elaborate.

Carl Higdon was briefed on the main reason they travel such a vast distance. "They're comin' after food. Exploring. Hunting. Fishing. He was talking about fishing and hunting -- and exploring our country. He just kept talking. Meat. Concentrated food's not enough." Looking for birds, animals." Dr. Sprinkle managed to extract this account:
Sprinkle: They want animals for food?
CH: Food. Places to breed them on their planet.
Sprinkle: Did he say anything else about their planet?
CH: Fish... they don't have any place to keep 'em, so they have to keep coming back after them -- out in the ocean.
Sprinkle: Did he say why they don't have any place to keep them... their lakes?
CH: Their sea won't take care of them. They die. Not enough oxygen or something -- they don't know for sure.
Sprinkle: But they can breed other animals?
CH: Yes. Our animals can live there, just like here, but the fish, they've got a certain oxygen -- or iodine -- or something, he says, that they're trying to find out what it is.
Sprinkle: Did he say anything else about the planet? Social? Political or economical?

Continued tomorrow
Editor's Note: In one write up of Higdon's case he saw herds of cattle grazing, which shocked him!


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