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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Many of you that are of the younger generation probably have never heard of some of the best contact cases. This is one of them.

Editors Comment: For those of you who have not been into research very long you may not know the story of Carl Higdon. It is one of the most interesting abduction stories that ever happened. When I lived in Wyoming it was very close to where this happened. We went to where he lived but he was not home. His wife said he was out of town. I heard he was tired of being hounded by curiosity seekers and couldn't take it any more so he left. I was told they moved to Texas.
The True Story of Carl Higdon's Incredible Contact.
By Timothy Green Beckley

Overlooked in this surge of UFO activity and reported contactees, one lone individual may hold the missing clues we need to unravel the complex UFO enigma.

Carl Higdon, 41, of Rawlins, Wyoming, remains bewildered by what happened to him on a cool autumn afternoon in 1975. Little did he suspect, before starting out on what was supposed to be an ordinary hunting trip, that by the end of the day he would serve as an unofficial emissary to a group of "foreigners," who were anything but ordinary in appearance or behavior.

To this day, many of the events of October 25, 1974, remain nothing more than a hazy dream to Higdon. His memory was "blanked out" and it was only under hypnosis that he began to remember the circumstances of his strange experience. Careful analysis of this particular episode could well provide us with the answers to questions we have long been asking.

o Why UFOs visit earth.
o How they manage to travel at such incredible speeds, and
o How the realm from which they originate relates to our own state of existence.

Higdon's experience is equal in importance to the famed case of Betty and Barney Hill (the New Hampshire couple who claimed - under hypnosis - that they had been kidnapped and given a physical examination by a group of UFO occupants). For Carl Higdon not only professes to have conversed with these entities, but he also claims he was taken for a ride in their spacecraft to an uncharted planet millions of miles away.

As incredible as it may sound, a surprising number of scientific investigators are convinced his voyage offers substantial proof for the extraterrestrial theory which has been so popular for years among UFOlogists. They point to the following evidence.

o Placed in a deep hypnotic trance on two separate occasions, Carl Higdon's story held up;
o The impossible movement,, over a considerable distance, of a truck belonging to the witness;
o The subequent testimony of additional witnesses who claim they saw strange objects inn the sky on the day in question; and
o Scarred lung tissue which showed up on x-rays prior to the occurrence subsequently vanished without a trace.
Employed for the last 20 years by the AM Wells Service Co. (Riverton, Wyoming) as an oil-field driller, Carl Higdon is accustomed to working in the outdoors. Never before has he had anything happen to him which could be construed as an unworldly experience.

"I'd like to think it was just a nightmare, except I know it was real," Higdon said. "I've tried to shake my mind clear of all thoughts pertaining to what took place, but frankly that's totally out of the question at this point."

His story begins innocently enough.

Like many Americans, Carl recently began to feel a pinch on his wallet. He watched the price of feeding his wife and four children increase each week, and decided to try his hand at hunting to fill the meat freezer. Being an experienced sportsman, he quickly began bagging wild game. It was during the peak of elk hunting season that his extraordinary experience took place.

"I was all set to leave for work (Higdon is a foreman) when one of my key men phoned to tell me that he was sick. Realizing that nothing could be accomplished with him at home, I decided to take the day off." Driving toward McCarthy Canyon in Carbon County, in one of his company's pickup trucks, Higdon came across two motorists having trouble with their van. "I pulled in front of 'em and helped 'em. During our chat, they told me the hunting was much better farther back in a remote secion of the Medicine Bow National Forest." Higdon changed his plans immediately and headed in the new direction, to a locale some 40 miles south of Rawlins.

"Around four o'clock, I parked my two-wheel-drive on a knoll and pulled out my thermos to pour a cup of coffee.

An old friend,, Gary Eaton, walked over to where I had stopped and together we surveyed the area. After a few minutes, Gary told me he was going on higher up into the forest. Jokingly he suggested he might scare down some elk for me." Higdon then decided to investigate an area beyond a nearby hill.

"I walked maybe five minutes until I came to a rise in the ground. Down below in a clearing were five elk, huddled closely together. From my vantage point, several hundred yards away, I could see that one of them was a really outstanding animal. I lined him up in my telescopic sight and fired my gun, a Magnum rifle." The Magnum is no lightweight weapon and pulling the trigger usually results in a sharp jolt to the hunter. "It can give your shoulder a mean whack if you're not careful," Higdon said.

What happened next transported him into an unknown dimension, and Carl still finds it difficult to understand.

"I couldn't believe my senses! Instead of a powerful blast, the 7mm bullet left the gun's barrel noiselessly and in slow motion. It floated like a butterfly, finally falling to the ground about 50 feet from where I stood. I was awe-struck -- I froze. All around me there was a painful silence. Not a chirping bird or the rustling of leaves on nearby trees could be heard. The only sensation I could detect was a tingling feeling which crawled up my spine. This was similar to the feeling you often get before a fierce thunderstorm, when the air is full of static electricity."

Suddenly, the deadly quiet was broken by the snapping of a twig. "Turning to my left, I saw a 'man' standing there. At first I thought he was just another hunter so I lowered my gun. Then he moved out of the shadows, into the light, and immediately I realized something was terribly wrong."

There, confronting Higdon was a humanoid creature.

"My heart skipped a beat and my knees were shaking so badly I could hardly stand. I thought, 'Hell, I should have stayed in McCarthy Canyon like I'd originally planned!'"

Higdon maintains the being was rather peculiar, but not altogether nonhuman. "He was definitely manlike in height. I'd estimate he stood well over six feet, and weighed around 180 pounds. This was definitely no ghost! Good Lord, he was flesh and blood. Amen."

Higdon also said that the being was dressed in a tight fitting, one-piece black outfit, "similar to a wet-suit scuba divers wear." Around his waist, the creature wore a thick metal belt. In the middle of this was a six-pointed star, and directly underneath the star on the belt was an unidentifiable emblem. Crisscrossing its chest were a couple of belts that looked to be a harness.

"It was definitely a male!" and its most unusual feature was the odd appearance of his head and face. "Personally, it took getting used to, in order for me to look at him without getting a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach." According to Higdon, the UFOnaut's face ran directly into his neck. "No chin was visible. His face just seemed to blend right into his troat. He had no jaw bone.

Recalling as much detail as possible, Higdon said that the being's skin was yellow, "very similar to an Oriental's."

"The visitor had no detectable ears. His eyes were small, and lacked eye brows." When the being opened his slit of a mouth, Highdon saw two sets of extremely large teeth -- three on top and three below. The most outstanding feature however was definitely the creature's head. "The dome of his skull was covered with the coarsest hair imaginable. It looked as if he had straw growing out of his head!" Golden in color, each strand poked up a couple of inches from his scalp. Sticking out of his forehead were two antenna-like rods.

"Without any prior communication this creature said 'How you doin'? I was trying to stay calm, so I responded with a weak, 'Pretty good!'" At this point the alien then asked Higdon if he was hungry. Not waiting for a reply, the creature floated a small packet at him. "He waved a pointed object where his right hand should have been, and it levitated over to me.

"I opened the packet and found four pills inside. He told me, In English, to take one of them. That it would last four days. Now normally I don't like taking pills, not even an aspirin, but something happened. It's as if I had no control over my actions. So I just swallowed one of 'em, and put the other three into my jacket pocket."

Directly behind the alien, Higdon noticed the sun's rays reflecting on something in the glade. "There, not far from us, was a transparent, cube-shaped object resting on the ground. To me it looked like a huge Christmas package. You know - flat on all sides, like a box. I couldn't see any landing gear or entrance."

As to its size, Higdon was emphatic. "It was much smaller than any of our commercial or military planes. In fact, you're going to think I'm crazy, but this thing couldn't have been more than five feet high, seven feet long, and four and a half feet wide. Tiny is the only word I can think of to accurately describe it's size!"

Realizing that Higdon had seen his ship, the being asked, "do you want to come along?" Higdon, realizing he had no choice,, only shrugged his shoulders.

"Before I was able to move a muscle, I found myself inside this contraption. It was instantaneous. How I was able to fit inside, remains a riddle. They must have shrunk me, that's the only explanation that seems plausible. My memory fails me, here. I recall my head starting to reel -- my hands sweating. Somehow the pill this fellow gave me must have deadened at least some of my senses, otherwise I'm positive I would have been crying and perhaps even fainted. I may be strong, but I'm only human!"

Through a transparent partition, Higdon saw the elk he'd been hunting earlier. All five wre on board in a separate compartment. "I'm kind of fuzzy as to how they managed to contain such wild beasts. They were motionless. Paralyzed!"

Carl Higdon explained that he also was not able to move. "As we took off, I found myself strapped down to this seat with my hands held fast to the armrests of the chair. My legs were similarly bound."

Realizing that it was useless to struggle, Higdon resigned himself to his fate. Another being then appeared. "I have no idea where he came from -- he was just there!" They coverd his head with a football-like helmet. Wires stuck out in every direction. "I felt like the monster in an old Frankensteirn movie." Unfortunately for Carl highdon, this was no classic horror film, but reality.

Off in the distance, through the crystal-clear walls of the ship, Higdon said he saw a large sphere -- "shaped simlar to a basketball" -- looming below. "We landed on what must have been their planet. They told me it was 163,000 'light miles' from earth." At no time did he say "light years," which is the terminology usually used for measuring the vast distances between two points in space. "Obviously to them the passage of time is different than it is to us. Again, I couldn't recall a great deal,, until placed under hypnosis. Consciously, I don't even remember leaving the ship, though it came out later that I did."

From his seat aboard the "flying box car" Higdon was able to look at their world. Rising many stories above the ground was a towering platform which reminded him of the "Space Needle" built especially for the Seattle World's Fair.

"All around this tower were revolving patterns of multi-colored lights, not unlike powerful spotlights. They were so intense that it was actually painful to keep my eyes open. These lights were so brilliant that I held my hands to my face as a protective shield. I vaguely remember shouting, 'Shut them off... they're burning me!' I just couldn't tolerate them." With this, one of the aliens commented, "Your sun burns us, too!"

After a short while they told Higdon they would take him back where they had originally found him, because he did not suit their purpose.

The next sequence of events Higdon can recall has him wandering down a dirt road, staggering from side to side, utterly confused. "I didn't know what had happened -- who I was -- or where I was, for that matter. The only thing I could think of was to get out of there as fast as possible and find someone who could help me."

In his hands was the rifle he had been carrying earlier. "There I stood, shivering, eyes filled with tears and not knowing my own identity. I saw a truck parked off the road between some trees, and decided to crawl into it for shelter and to keep warm. I didn't realize the truck belonged to me."

Sprawled out in the van, Hgdon heard a voice over a radio. "There was a two-way set under the dashboard, so I picked up the mike and held it close to my mouth. I managed to blurt out that I was sick and lost and desperately in need of assistance. When the voice on the other end asked me where I was, I told 'em I had seen a sign down the road which read, 'North Boundary National Forest'. This didn't seem to be much help, however, as there was absolutely no indication as to what forest the sign was referring to."

By keeping in constant radio contact, the search party eventually located him. Even as they approached the area, they were bewildered over where they found Carl's pickup truck. It was stuck bumper-deep in mud, in the midst of a sink hole. A careful look at the situation told the rescuers it would have been impossible for Higdon to drive into such a hazardous locale.

"Using towing equipment, I was hauled out. They immediately took me to the nearest hospital, where I was placed under day-and-night observation. Not until the following evening did I begin to regain my memory and start to recall a few details of my ordeal.

"Though I remain apprehensive over the events of last October, I firmly believe the American public is brave enough to accept the truth about such matters. Of course, I wish the whole episode hadn't occurred, but since it did, I don't see any reason to keep it secret. Some folks may think I've gone off my rocker, but anyone who knows me can tell you I'm not making up any of this.

Unlike the majority of reports involving direct, physical contact with UFO crew members, this case seems -- after careful investigation -- to be based upon much more than circumstantial evidence and hearsay. Known as a responsible community-minded individual with a genuine interest in the welfare of his family, Higdon is liked by both his neighbors and co-workers. Among those who believe the account are Margery Higdon, his wife, Don and Marliyn James, two other residents of Rawlins who observed a peculiar glow near where Carl was "lost" in the woods, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, a University of Wyoming psychologist and trained UFO investigator, and Dr. Walter W. walker, an expert in the field of metallurgy.

To be continued


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