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Sunday, July 23, 2006


The messages that followed that of the Catastrophe, made us permanently aware that we must prepare to disseminate what was happening to us. All of this we received with great respect despite our not understanding anything of what they were telling us, not even when they referred to that of "a preparation."

The trips and the meetings now in middle March, were by invitation of the Guides, and for this there was a secluded place, already discovered beforehand in the meeting with I.P.R.I. when we followed the route of one of the ships that went to the North. This place we called "the mine," for its having served before as a quarry. It was sufficiently hospitable, being between low hills that gave it some isolation without being very far from the road. In this place we could hear a strange and persistent hum with a peculiar clarity. We consulted concerning this place and decided it would be propitious for our work, and we always came to these experiences with anticipation. Often we would see a ship pass by there at an altitude of some 500 feet, flashing bright beacons of light, bombarding the whole areas with them, and discharging a thick fog of bluish color with silver sparks. The communications recommended that we should carry out our work of "instruction" in those irradiated and positively charged places, which consisted of an acceleration of vibrations and activation of our potential for extra sensorial perception by means of certain exercises.

Upon finishing the exercises, the pressure in the nape of the neck and forehead, showed us the intensity of its realization. At the same time we had to remove our coats for the intense heat we felt and which lasted several days. Another detail of those trips was that we returned from them glowing with a phosphorescence that, as was said, soon disappeared and was gone by the following morning.

This place, located near kilometer 58 of the Pan American Highway south, and a few kilometers east, toward the mountains, would serve during the following four months as an adequate site for the practices of preparation, which required silence and solitude.

One by one the uncounted trips were causing us to discover the existence of a preconceived plan, in which nothing we had lived had been of casual being, but was programmed by the cosmic hierarchies.

So that our egos would not inflate us with pride, we reminded each other in a permanent way, that it was Them who had made the contact possible, and that before, during and after us, the contacts had existed with hundreds of thousands of persons, looking for a reaction similar to that produced in us.

It has been difficult during all those years to maintain an attitude of humility to give us guidance and acceptance of the rules and directions, not denying that more than once we had lost the trail, above all when we had succumbed to pride and vanity. The secret seemed to be in not losing sight of the goal to be achieved, as well as our condition as simple conscious instruments, putting aside our own interests and personal ambitions. We are like a tube, which by itself is useless, except as a connection of one part to another integrating all and allowing passage through it.

There is no merit in completing the assigned function without freely accepting our road and the requirements it entails. For the additional instruction which we have received up to this moment, in other existence's in other planes of evolution, we are reminded that we are here because we have.... not been greater in other lives, since as we know, we are the product of our past existence's. But certainly we have gained some merit to have been given the opportunity of being conscious and being able to use our liberty to fortify our will when confronted by the tests.

We were selected from among the commonest of the people, reminding us that from the simplest are those called to a service that disorients those considered most intelligent.

The dimension of human contacts like this is found to make man to rediscover his lost values, and above all his fellow beings, through which the spirit of the Creator is made more accessible.

Each one must labor, with much force and sacrifice, for a place in the MISSION OF SALVATION of the human races and the survival of man on the face of the Earth.

This Appendix was extracted from a 311 page book, LOS GUIAS EXTRATERRESTRIAL Y LA MISSION RAMA, by Sixto Jose Paz Wells. The book, according to the express orders of the Guides, is never to be sold, but is given freely to all who order it. We recommend a donation to cover printing and postage so that the books may continue to be given to all who seek this kind of information. This version is printed in Spanish in Peru. Send your donation and mailing address for the book to:

Association Civill "Mission Rama", Apto.
Postal 1561-LIMA 100, Lima, Peru.

The book is illustrated with some remarkable photographs taken during the experiences described.

This appendix was added to this work because it tends to confirm a lot of what Prof. Hernandez was being told, and the confirmation comes from an entirely different group of contacting a different group of Earth humans, in another country and place, who at the time the two accounts were being set down in writing could not have heard of each other nor the other contacts taking place at the same times. There are other similar contacts also taking place at this time elsewhere on our planet, equally unrelated, but also discussing the same or similar things. This ought to be something of interest to a whole lot more people, because after all, it is US who are most affected by the events.

Another point of particular interest here is that the RAMA groups, like the Andromedan groups, and the Pleiadian groups, and the UMMO groups are carrying out operations all over our world, and have other contactees, unknown to each other, who are all being influenced to work toward a master plan to save enough of the human species of this planet, not contaminated by the dangerous ills of our aberrant society, to preserve the species lines for another opportunity to complete the evolution of our races at a better time and place.

Must the bulk of us fail? Only if we allow ourselves to be swept up in the suicidal destiny we have planned for ourselves and our beautiful blue planet. If enough of the beings do not want what we have planned, we can reverse the process and get control of the monsters we have created, and then many more could survive into a glorious new age.

Wendelle Stevens


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