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Friday, July 21, 2006


The following is from Dex.

These people were given an assignment. Contact communications for a mission.

A brief excerpt of their experience.


For my father, not only was our contact little probable, but it was taken as a fantasy, that to have reality would make him understand that nothing had been valid of the long years of energy devoted which at the first opportunity had been left aside. Doubt had been sown inside him, but he did not think of the fact that without his work preparing the road, the contact with us never could have come to reality. Without wanting it, he had been the useful instrument and had to continue being it, above all disinterest, which constitutes the key to spiritual progress.

As the disinterest of my father persisted, we waited for the arrival of the habitual hour to receive communications, more or less 9 PM, to consult the guides on what we could do to convince him. There answer was somewhat long for our intended question but at the same time it denoted sincerity and said:

"YOU must not seek to convince anybody, least of all your parents. The experiences and confirmations are given only to those that with an open mind and with the humility necessary, present themselves or arrive where you are, disposed to compromise within yourselves, because you already believe in this and are at an evolving age, an age of learning and such only await the call alone."

"Be conscious that you do not expect a faith weak in the labor of development, least still in us or in our existence, to not have such importance, since our presence is in an evident and demonstrable reality."

You must try to meet people that know how to find the basic aspect, the reason for our apparition over the planet and can understand it without preconcepts. You need people young in spirit who believe they can begin each day anew, from zero if necessary; people who are disposed to undo all that went before and to reinseminate their life, the priorities of existence and the true value of things; people who know how to distinguish the reflections from the realities and who living in the world do not pertain to it nor share in it's corruption. Don't look for the quantity of people, but the quality of the persons."

"As we toast your friendship, we know how to correspond, cheerfully sharing our responsibility for developing the Mission of orientation for your humanity as well as to assure you of our aid and support in front of the difficulties that can be presented. Finally, we know that the Mission will fall totally upon the human, because this is your plane of evolution and you must evolve with it and be responsible for it."

"Being true to you our brothers, to your time we allocate the means of transport, because you will be removed from the face of the Earth, but of course we will give you guidelines for preparation."

"With love, OXALC."

Despite the content of the message, we insisted to the guides on asking for some kind of confirmation for our father, to which, with much patience, they acceded to giving us a sighting. OXALC indicated the following Saturday, the 14 of February 1974, as the date for the trip to Chilca, where we must go with him, but without anybody else.

Upon informing our father of what they had said, he mentioned the great illusion that they represented to us, however after thinking about it he accepted the offer to go, but he told us that we ought to go on ahead because, with the details they had given us about the place, he would know how to get there before the time set.

Upon arriving at the accustomed place, we went up onto a ridge line where we could see a long stretch of the access road to that road. The site was solitary desert, an adequate frame of reference for an extraterrestrial contact. It was 6:45 p.m. when -- as the they had assured us -- they arrived. Seven people made up our small advantage group, and all of us noticed the apparition above our heads of the two ships of discoid form, of at least 15 meters diameter each, with orange and blue lights flashing. (Skipping....)

The two ships made a right angle turn and ascended at great velocity above the heads of all, and opening up in such a way that one went toward the North and the other to the South. After that there followed seconds of total silence, which was interrupted by a harsh sounding noise, like a reactor, as well as a loud buzz. It was the gigantic mother-ship which from it's stationary place was making continuous changes in the color tones of it's lights, and which slowly began changing it's position, being initially tilted toward the left. It finally became horizontal and then turned on itself place the point in position and headed toward the Southeast, slowly, but with increasing speed, then passing a scarce 400 meters above the encampment.

Up to this moment, dozens of the people of I.P.R.I, had been following the movements and found themselves astonished by the strange spectacle of which they had been witnesses. My father did not cease looking for us, but it was late and we had begun our return back up the mountain.

Upon rejoining the rest of the young men of the contact group, we tried to console ourselves over the uneasiness that lay over us. We had made the mistake. It was not our father who had failed, but ourselves, who had wanted to force things, imposing our truth, demanding too much of the growing friendship with the guides. Thus we began to assimilate our errors and to seek the approval of them, which in essence was the experience that brought us closer to the correct form. Without this justification, the errors had been a sign along our road, since in committing errors one realizes one advances. It is not the same when one is immobile or remains observing the involvement of others. The danger is not found in committing them, but in remaining too long in error, since the longer one remains in error, the more difficult it will be to overcome such condition.

The course many times seems confusing, full of mists like in a blindness, and we have to immerse ourselves innumerable times, until we come to see the light of day, but if we remain in this condition we may lose ourselves irremediably. So much time we have tried to progress in our search; the tests and the errors become ever more demanding, because the falls are from ever greater heights. The only thing that helps us to overcome them is the humility to accept them, recognize them and the force of will to overcome and conquer.

We remained thus alone, on the crest of the ridge, in the midst of the overwhelming solitude of the desert, without any animating capacity to receive any communication to clarify how much more we had been mistaken....

Continued tomorrow


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