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Monday, July 24, 2006


I have had contact/sightings and encounters for many years. I was only 2 &1/2 when they first started in 1949. My parents, older brother and I were all in the car which my dad related was paced by a cigar shaped ufo. He said that the “ ship” would speed up when he sped up, and it would slow down when he slowed down. It was very close to the car and traveling about at about 25-50 feet skimming the open field that dad was driving along. We had been at my grandmother’s home. It was a week day night as my dad had to go to work and my brother to school ( he was in the first grade ).

I had heard the story many times. It was out on S. Commercial the N/S Highway through town. This would have been about 4 miles from my grandmothers’ house and about 12 miles from our home. It was just before my dad passed away that I was sitting on the couch with him and asked him again, what happened, to go over it one more time as I wanted the correct information. My mom was in the kitchen and walked into the living room where dad and I were talking. I said “ dad was just telling me about the sighting you all had when you left grandmother’s house out on S. Commercial. She said “ NO! “ I said “ What’ she said “ No it was not on South Commercial it was on Market Street . My dad turned to look at her so fast you would have thought it would have given him whiplash. He said “ No !”

So I said well what was it? Dad said it was out South Commercial and Mom said it was on Market NE. Market NE was within a few blocks of our home. I asked mom if they stopped the car to watch ( dad said NO! ) mom said “ Yes, we stopped and watched” I said “ Did you get out? “ Again “ dad said No he almost snapped it, and mom said “ Yes we got out and watched it as it was crossing the house ( goose house ). This was a house that they raised pigs and geese and it had a very distinctive odor. She said “ it was so low it almost hit the roof of the goose house as it was crossing it. Dad was very upset by this time.

But then I asked her if she remembered any of it and she said “ I have some marks that were not there before. So she proceeded to tell me and show me that she had 6 small match head size brown spots on her back, where the middle bar strap would hit. It consists of 3 small spots that formed a triangle and there were 2 identical triangles end to end forming a diamond. The size overall would be about 3 -4 inches from top to bottom. Then she showed me the 2 deep blood red spots above and below her naval. Like blood blisters deep red under the skin. Again she swears they were not there before the sighting. Finally I asked about scoop marks, she asked me what they were. I described them and she lifted her walking shorts she was wearing and said “ Like these? “ There at the top, center of each upper thigh was a nickel size scoop mark/dimple looking spot.

It went a bit further and dad said they had come home, called the airport to report the sighting. Dad said that the man at the airport said “ Yes we saw it come over, it was not making a sound and it was going so fast they would not have been able to track it, even if there had been a plane available to use, which there wasn’t. There was not any entry of this event, entered in the log books of that evening. If the airport closed at 11:00 PM , and we left my grandparents at 9 PM , that would mean that we were ( somewhere ) for 3 hours for the 12 mile trip. Mom said I did not sleep that night.

I do not recall any of this but something happened to me and it was many years later that I guessed at what it was. When we would go to grandmothers after this event ( again I was less than 3 years old ) but the problems as I can recall them started when I was about 6 years old. We would pass a auto parts store and I would turn my back from that side of the car and stare out the other window. I would bite my arm to keep from screaming out. But I could feel and hear the silent screams inside. This continued till I was about 11-12 years old and for whatever reason, stopped, ( we moved away from the town ).

In checking out the store some years ago to try to figure out what bothered me and what I was afraid of, it was a radiator store and had long dark hallways with rounded tops to the hallways. When you looked down the hallways, you could see the hoses and tubes all hanging down from where they would hang them to store them before they were sold, or needed in the shop. It struck me that these tubes may have been a memory of something I saw the night the UFO paced our car.

I have had many more. One of the most recent was July 1998 when I apparently went driving and called a friend at 2:45 AM and told her I was watching a UFO which I was chasing in the car and it was at the football field of the local high chool I had attended and she said I asked her to call the UFO investigator in Seattle Wa and tell them about it and it was not an airplane. She said the line totally went dead after that. So I checked, saw that the front and back doors were unlocked and my car was on the opposite side of the driveway than where I usually park. I drove over to the school and wondered if I would recall anything. I knew I needed to find the house with the tan roof, as that is where I had been watching from. I glanced at the paper where she had written verbatim the words she took off the answering machine from my call. I was shocked to see there was Nothing on the paper about the tan roof, it was a real memory.

This one I have to share. I can only tell you that I believe my sons. They are both married with families now and really did not want to talk about this.We were living out in the country about 1970 ( this was about 1 mile from the 1949 sighting ), anyway I was pregnant and we were living on some property that belonged to my grandfather. We had some small farm animals, chickens, etc. This property was large and deep. It went way back to an old shed, that I used to love to explore that was filled with all kinds of “ junk “ that grandpa had brought to the barn/shed to store. There were some trees and boys being boys they wanted to build a fort. I was concerned for them getting hurt and I did not drive as yet. Unknown to me they had made a tree house. Pieces of wood formed the ladder going up and then scrap wood formed the floor of the fort.

Several years ago we were chatting and the subject turned to UFO’s etc. Then my oldest son proceeded to tell me a fantastic story. He said “ he and his brother used to play with the neighbor kids in the fort they built. I asked which kids ? He said “ the bald headed ones”. I asked what he meant and he said these bald headed kids used to show up and play with them. I asked their names and he did not know. I asked what they talked about and he said “ They did not talk, but we knew what they were saying “ Then his brother showed up, caught the drift of what I was talking about and said “ did you tell her about the time I cut my hands? I said “ No, I did not know about that ".
So he said they were climbing in the fort and I had come outside and called them in to lunch. They were fearful they would get in trouble for having the tree house/fort and so the younger of the brothers’ said he slid down the ladder and in doing so, cut his hands very badly on the nails sticking through the wood. He said he was really scared not from the cuts or pain, but because I would be really upset with them for building a fort after they had been told not to.

He said one of the bald headed kids came over, took his hands and just held them for a few seconds and the bleeding and pain stopped and when he looked, there was no marks where he had been cut by the nails. Again, both of these men swear they are telling the truth. I would love to get more information from these events.

They really don’t want to talk about it too much, but what a wonderful experience and a real Encounter of the 1st kind. My sons are now 40 and 39 and would have no reason to lie as they had not told me anything before 2003.
More if you are interested.Charlotte K.


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