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Sunday, August 20, 2006


1970 Canada Close Encounter
by Brent Raynes
The Close Encounter of Doreen Kendall
British Columbia, Canada. 1970

Mrs. Doreen Kendall was a practical nurse at the Cowichan District Hospital in British Columbia, Canada. On January 5, 1970, she was working the midnight to 8 a.m. shift. At 5 a.m., nurse Kendall and a registered nurse named Frieda Wilson went into a four-bed ward on the east wing and on the second floor to care for patients. Nurse Kendall pulled the drapes open when she was startled to see a “saucer” shaped object with lights along its circular rim, hovering an estimated 60 feet over the ground. She guessed its diameter to have been about 50 feet and judged that it was hovering at about the third floor level.

The “saucer” was tilted toward the nurse, allowing her to look inside through a transparent “bubble” on top of the craft, in which she could see two human looking occupants. They both looked like well built “men”over six feet in height. They were both standing and appeared to be operating controls. In addition, they wore dark clothing and appeared to have some sort of headgear on. She watched as one of the “men,” who stood in front of a chrome looking instrument panel with small and large illuminated “circles,” reached down and grabbed a rod-like device with a ball on the top, which she compared to the joystick of an airplane. He moved the “stick” up, and then down, at which point the “saucer” tilted toward the nurse, giving her a better view of the interior of the craft. Then one of the “men” seemed to notice her and appeared to alert the other.

Then the UFO began to move away, at which point the entranced nurse suddenly realized that she needed to bring this to someone else’s attention too, because otherwise she would not be believed. She then called to nurse Wilson who walked up to the window and also saw it, asking nurse Kendall. “What on earth is that?” Nurse Kendall replied, “I guess it’s a flying saucer.”

They then headed straightway for the nurse’s station down the hall, where their report was met with skepticism. That is, until three other nurses decided to go to the ward and look out the window for themselves, at which time they saw it too. Though at some distance away, the lights of the disk were still clearly visible. One of the nurses went to a bathroom nearby and watched out a window there, until it reportedly left “like a streak” to the northeast.

When questioned later about the incident, nurse Kendall said that she hadn’t been afraid during her sighting. Instead she just experienced a lot of curiosity. She felt that the craft was undergoing some sort of mechanical difficulty.

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This was a "huge" case at the time and was written up in many magazines.


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