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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Each year, my business partners and I meet in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan for deer camp at my cabin. It was 2 days before the hunting season and I decided to go up early and scout for deer and set up the camp before my partners arrived.

It was near dusk when I went to set up my hunting blind and look for signs of deer in the area. My blind is elevated, overlooking a small valley and heavily forested hills.

I was sitting in my well-camouflaged blind making final adjustments when I noticed something large and silver moving through the forest valley just below the treetops. My mind said it was a helicopter but it was just 500 yards away and making no noise what so ever. I could barely see it through the forest until it got to a small clearing and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was a large titanium colored triangle with small hemisphere protruding from the bottom and some sort of long tether cord reaching down behind a small bluff.

I could see this cord moving as if it was harnessing something just out of my site. I stood up in my concealed blind to see a silver-white being emerge over the hill in some sort of suit attached to the tether cord. I stood there in stunned silence…while watching this. It looked like a small child attached to an umbilical cord emanating from the hovering object. It seemed as if it was studying the ground when it suddenly it snapped its head up and looked straight in my direction with its giant black eyes.

Just then…3 deer crashed through the brush almost running me over. In a panic I raced back to my cabin through the thick brush and locked the door behind me. I looked out the window and I wasn’t followed by whatever it was. I really didn’t know what to do!

I sat in the corner all night with my deer rifle at the ready. I was totally freaked out! During the night the motion detection lights would keep turning on and off just outside my cabin. Each time they would come on, a terrific wave of fear would surge though my body. I made it through the night with out any sleep.

I am certain that what I saw was an alien being and its craft. I didn’t tell my partners about my encounter when they finally arrived.
From Alien 8 Abduction Stories


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