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Friday, September 22, 2006


By Brent Raynes

To his friends he is simply Al, and since he does not wish for me to reveal his full identity in print we shall cut through the formal introductions and go straight into the story.

I was introduced to Al at the home of UFO contactee/researcher, Mrs. Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. This was during a UFO skywatch in which Al was attempting to telepathically communicate with, and thus call down, the pilots of UFOs, with whom he was allegedly familiar on a first name basis as well. Nothing extraordinary (at least to my knowledge) occurred that night, but I did manage to tape an interview with Al, which I had been desperately wanting to do since the previous month when Madeline had described to me a number of remarkable firsthand experiences she had had with Al, whom she had known since the late 1950s.

In one episode, Madeline recalled seeing a small ball of silvery white light seemingly rolling across the lawn of her home, between herself and another woman. In an even more remarkable episode, she encountered a strange "patch of fog." "Tentacles or something whipped out of that thing and wrapped right around me," she recalled.

She was naturally frightened, but relieved to hear a pleasant sounding voice exclaim that since she was scared the contact would be terminated, at which point she was released and the apparition vanished.

"You met him!" Al excitedly exclaimed as he rushed up to Madeline afterwards. But when Madeline told Al what she had seen, he seemed disappointed and explained that she had not seen the alien being's true appearance. Supposedly her fear had acted as a kind of mental block that somehow distorted her perception.

However, later that evening, silently gazing into the heavens she rebuked herself for blowing such a rare opportunity and wished that she could be granted a sign of some sort, whereupon all of the clouds in the sky seemed to be drawn together into one forming a human-like figure, but with the head and wings of an eagle.

At this point she mentally reflected that if that were the true appearance of Al's contact then she be given another sign, whereupon a ball of fire dropped down from out of the night's sky and seemed to explode like fireworks over Al's head. Then Al turned to face Madeline and told her that whatever her question had been the answer had been affirmative.

That September I met respected MUFON investigator Larry Moyers, who also described to me a remarkable first hand experience with Al, and how he too had been quite bewildered. He told me of how on one occasion near Cleveland, he and several others were with Al when they saw three small "football shaped lights" hovering near a bush. "They were transparent" he exclaimed. "You could see the leaves through them." He tried to grab them but they disappeared without a trace just before bodily contact.

But anyhow, getting back to Al's own story, Al had described to me how he had come to believe in ETs while in the service, back in November 1945, when he and the entire crew of the USS Tidewater, a tanker, saw a bright orange disc at a point east of the Florida Keys.

By 1958, firmly rooted back in civilian life and actively joined with the civilian ranks of UFOlogy, Al felt quite certain, based on literature he had read and what he had learned from his nationwide correspondents, that somehow he would be able to establish contact with a UFO! So that year, 1958, Al set out to test out his theory. "I was running a series of communication drills which were attempted substitutes for radio frequency communications," he told me. "This is actually conscious reflexes, or these are mental reflexes. Like you presuggested its interest. Like whatever you're interested in you develop a series of reflexes and these reflexes, if they become intense enough, can actually cause a certain force or reflex to be transmitted." In short, Al was describing his formula for telepathic transmission, and on August 6, 1958, his efforts seemingly struck pay dirt!

He was in his home and he felt an intense "spinning sensation," and sat down. Then he noticed the walls, in various places, began to look as though they wre somehow not solid. He briefly "blanked out".... then "within seconds I was trying to regain consciousness... I saw everything in that house, in my neighbor's houses, that street, and that neighborhood completely different than I've ever seen it before, and I could not believe what I saw. Because what I saw was nothing but black and white, and what is ordinarily people became white dots spinning around in a kind of a black void. In other words, human beings not only looked transparent but white, like a white light ... within a black field."

At this point I interrupted Al to ask him how he had determined that those strange lights were indeed human? "Because they were screaming," he replied. "they were making noises. They were yelling and they were cursing and they were cussing, and they were communicating."

Then, to the right of his chair, appeared a vertical beam of light. He reached for it, "as if it was a matter of life and death." He stood up and walked into it, and there two humanoids appeared on both sides of him. They were dressed in "yellow-white robes" and had large heads, slanted eyebrows, and stood eight feet or so. Mutely they stood at his side, and as he eyed them over he marveled that he was unable to distinguish whether they were male or female ... even though they had large chest regions.

Then Al felt as though he were going up a very fast elevator, and soon was inside an "enormous green, translucent sphere." He now was in the company of three humanoids. "The planet looked like a dot behind us in a few seconds," Al said.

Soon Al arrived at an alien planet. ".. I was permitted to see what their architecture was and they were humble buildings by contrast to our own, made out of slabs of stone and rock, and what looked like metallic silver and gold."

Throughout his tour of the alien world, the three humanoids, whom he called "reinforcing beings," accompanied him. He was taken to the center of a large stone structure, of octagonal design. The entities informed him they were going to demonstrate construction to Al. As he watched two aliens went over to a large rock and cut themselves a slab simply by extending their two arms out from their bodies. Al was amazed because he had not seen them use any tools to accomplish this feat. Then they materialized to his vision a seething red sphere hovering by the two entities. "That is god energy" Al says they explained. "We know how to use it. But to us that's god and energy, and god and energy are one and we know how to use it."

"Where is the Great White Father?" Al heard himself blurt out. "I don't know why I said this," Al explained. "This made them mad. They took me to another place where they had a stone octagonal court with gates in it, and they put me in the middle, and they said, "You stand it." They opened the gates and a lion came out. A real, honest to God lion. So they said, "Watch this force that contains the lion." Because they had a force that kept that lion from moving... I was led to understand that evolution can occur in different directions at this point. That is, we can have thought forms that are lions and bodies of men. That is, the thought forms that constitute the spirit are not the same as the thought forms that constitute the appearance of the body. At any rate, they called this the lion test. They were showing that this force contained these lions, or held the balance of nature so that nature does not attack."

COMMENTS: The reality of Al's 1958 UFO contact strikes me as a rich harvest of subjective language that is familiar to the literature of religious and visionary experiences. Briefly, from my own interpretation, Al awakens, so to speak, to the dark despair of this world and of our humanity, seen as "white dots" in a "black void," and this humanity is "cursing" and "cussing." Then a light shines down from heaven and Al, in his own words, instinctively reaches for it "as if it was a matter of life and death." He is then guided to a place in space (heaven) by three guardian beings (angels?). There he is shown that God is energy, but in his conditioned, acculturated view he asks about the familiar "Great White Father" of our own human image. Then he is taken into the center of a second stone octagonal court (mandala symbolism) where he must stand his ground in a confrontation with a lion, something wild, untamed, and non-human. Jung, by the way, has noted the importance of the lion as an emblem of the devil... as a fiery animal, and as a symbolic representation of the danger of unconscious contents threatening to engulf and swallow conscious ground. Thus a perfect psychological explanation for the emphasis of holding "the balance of nature so that nature does not attack," and additionally appropriate the observation that the "thought forms" of the spirit are different from our bodily forms!

However, beyond these very general observations there is no easy solution. While one interpretation explains these events as energized by contents of the "collective unconsciousness," another looks more closely at contents from ones own personal background and culture - some conceding that telepathic transfer of thoughts occurs - while, of course, others say ridiculous. Whatever the explanation, there certainly is a great deal of data of both a symbolical and parapsychological sort to be dealt with.


  • At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Christian Macé said…

    SUMMARY: Helene Giuliana was removed by ALIENS, in France, June 11, 1976, on the sector of Valence. ll had there one period of missing time, highlighted during the meetings of hypnosis.

    A few years ago, I could join Helene by the telephone voice. Helene complained about the behavior of certain Ufologues at the time...

    Following my request, the friend Ufologue Pascal Lahaie comes to transmit to me copy of a article published in the review "Lights in the night, that for which I it thank much for it. Here here thus this article in extenso published in the review specialized on the UFOS "Lights in the night", N° 317.

    Quotation: "Of a point of considering history, this business occupies a special place in our list of 29 abductions in France. Indeed, if one excludes the very first case (reported without many details, and in an anonymous way, in the letters to the Editor of Paris Match, in 1954), it acts of the first which the gutter press, and even television, ensured a repercussion going a little beyond the medium ufologic. Moreover, it marks the entry in scene of a technique of very discussed investigation today: hypnosis. It is Michel Figuet who reported this history in the number 14 (3e quarter 1976) bulletin of the Board of inquiry UFO - Ardeche, UFO Information, today which the Association of the Friends of Marc Thirouin (AAMT) published then, disappeared. Towards 1. 15 of the morning, girl a 21 year old named Helene Guiliana leaves Romans to return in Hostun only on board its 4L. At the exit of the agglomeration, it leaves N. 92 and takes, on its line, the small road which will enable him to cross Isere and to join, on southern bank, N. 531 (which is called today N. 532). It traverses two kilometers on this main road, and arrives at the place says the Trip hammer. It is there that the incident occurs. The 4L, indeed, slows down, as if it were about to break down from gasoline. However, on the dashboard, the needle indicates that the tank is not empty... Suddenly, all the lights of the car die out, and the engine stops. At this point in time Helene Guiliana discovers, with about fifteen meters in front of it, a hemispherical luminous mass, of orange color, seeming posed on the road. Frightened, the girl verouille the doors of the car, and puts her hands in front of her eyes... A length, a very long moment runs out. Lorqu' Helene looks at again in front of it, the luminous mass disappeared. The girl switches on, starts, and carries on her road. She is upset so much, that three kilometers further, in Ecancière, she forgets to turn on her line, which lengthens its way unnecessarily. When it arrives at its residence, his/her sister points out to him that it is four hours of the morning! Nearly two hours and half ran out, of which it does not preserve any memory. There we have an excellent example of missing time. Very quickly, via a local journalist, the business receives a publicity which the brought closer meetings reach only seldom: July 12, it is evoked in the Progress of Lyon and Dauphiné Libéré. It is true that the history is not banal: how to conceive that the car remained parked, extinguished fires, in edge of a very attended road, without causing an accident and without nobody coming to see it closely? How to conceive that the presence of this luminous mass on the road did not interfere with circulation, dense, even the night, in this period of the year? How to include/understand, finally, that the girl could put the hand in front of her eyes at 1. 15 of the morning, to withdraw them only towards 3 a.m. 45? All these questions encouraged an investigator of the commission Ouranos, André Revol, to utilize a hypnotist known in the area under the pseudonym of Stephan Dey the idea to have recourse to this technique was probably in the air, since in Dauphiné Libéré from July 23, André Chaloin, ufologist of longe goes back and member to honor of the AAMT, suggested employment of it. In fact, a first meeting of hypnosis had been practised as of the day before, July 22, by Stephan Dey, in Saint-Marcellin. The results of this meeting were reported by FR3 and were published in Dauphiné Libéré from August 13. One second meeting took place on August 18, in the presence of several journalists. Thus the revelations under hypnosis of the girl were published in number 1564 of France Sunday, like in Progress, and several other newspapers of which, finally, Nostra. What Helene Guiliana had revealed under hypnosis had what to make quiver: two dwarves had approached the car, had succeeded in seizing it, and had taken it along in the machine which was in the heart of the luminseuse mass. There, they had lengthened it on a table, and one of them, with a kind of lamp-torch, had made rounds of light on its pullover. All, in the round part where it was, seemed metal, and there were white, red and yellow lights. Of her kidnappers, the girl gave following description: they were small (since they arrived to him on the level of the chest), ugly, with a small crushed nose and a very small mouth. They were vêtus moulding combinations also covering the head. The two only notable differences between its declarations of July 22 and August 18 relate to the color of their skin (successively yellow, then normal) and that their combinations (violet, then black). These dwarves did many gestures, as if they had been aggravated not to manage to render comprehensible something with their prisoner. They finally brought back it to its car. The indications that it provides under hypnosis, concerning the course of the events, are not enough to furnish the hole with approximately two hours and half in its timetable, which quite naturally results in thinking that these indications, if they are exact, are also incomplete. The practice of this hypnotist, thereafter, gave place to critical sharp: one in particular reproached him for working without medical control and, by too "directed" questions, for suggesting certain answers. In other words, one showed it to practise a "hypnotism of fair", and to lack rigor. One said of him that it "had wasted" this case. These criticisms are certainly not without base, which does not imply that they are innocent. December 17, 1992, Christian Jay succeeded in joining by telephone the victim of this strange incident, now married and mother. She confirmed the reality of the events of June 11, such as they remained engraved in her memory, missing time included/understood. On the other hand, it has very an other opinion of the two hypnotic regressions that one made him undergo. Here what writes on this subject, Christian Jay: "... I have the certainty that a certain form of investigation was perfectly disastrous for the advance of knowledge. Indeed, the conditions under which H.G. had discovered what had arrived to him one much more disturbed than the events themselves, and, I made him well specify it, they does not believe absolutely so that one made him reveal under hypnosis: it is on the contrary certain that one manufactured all that for media reasons ". That the young woman has a bad memory of these two meetings, it is a thing which one can easily include/understand, more especially as their mediatization (as noisy as transitory) created for it, in the country, a situation hard to bear. But is it necessary for as much rejecting the elements revealed by hypnosis? Wouldn't the reputation of the operator (definitely worsened by another business, two years later) have influenced this judgement as for the results them-mêms? After all, the bond between the deontology of the operator and the results obtained are not so obvious ace. It is it of as much less than, even if it is necessary "to throw" the two dwarves with the water of the method, the lapse of memory two hours and half continuous to pose a problem. In the same way, the major similarity between the account made under hypnosis by the girl, and quantity of similar accounts obtained, since, by the same means (in particular in the United States) cannot miss surprising. The thick file of American abductions is not completely any more a secrecy, today, since Communion, of Whitley Strieber, was translated into French, and since at least two reviews with great pulling evoked the congress of New York, last year. But in 1976, the situation was quite different, and three cases only had had a repercussion other than negligible, apart from the medium ufologic: they are the case of Betty and Barney Hill, briefly told in France Sunday n° 1093, since 1966, that of the 10 A 1952 (case n° 3 in our list), which presents... few common points with the Chatuzange-le-Goubet business, and finally the history Paulo Caetano, told in the first book of Jean-Claude Bourret, the new wave of the flying saucers (France Worsens, 1975). ". End of quotation. END

    Internet site of the review "Lumièresdans the night": http://www.ldln.net/index.php?lien=accueil

    SITUATION ON CHART OF CHATUZANGE-LE-GOUBET: http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?client=public&GridE=5.09137&GridN=45.00574&lon=5.09137&lat=45.00574&search_result=Chatuzange-le-Goubet%2C%20Dr%F4me&lang=&db=FR&keepicon=true&place=Chatuzange-le-Goubet%2C%20Dr%F4me&pc= 26&advanced=&addr2=&client=public&addr3=chatuzange-le-goubet&overviewmap=&scale=50000

    See now these others infos on Internet, this site: http://www.geocities.com/evidencia_99/abducoes.html Automatic translator "Alta Vista" (Portuguese language towards the French): Text: ABDUCTION OF HELENE GIULIANA It is hour to illustrate all with a certain example recorded this well prone. We will occupy of a experiência we are produced in the NOI you day 10 and 11 of June of 1976, after one with the French locality of Valence. The witness was a twenty year old girl, Helene Giuliana, inhabitant of the place. For the return of the half and paddle, Helene returned her house to have been later in the cinema, her car started suddenly in the face of a local solitério known like Pont of the Trip hammer, a part proportions ahead, the car if retained as if it had been outwards energy. Nor the headlights functioned. Helene then saw with one 15 meters of distência, on the road, a luminous mass of orange of color which floated with scissors of meters of the ground. Frightened, the witness placed the insurance in the doors of the car and the cubriu the face with the hands... TWO HOURS And LOW INEXPLICADAS Helene returned to look at and it did not find the lights, rounds the key of lighting and of the car functioned perfectly. He withdrew E was distant from this place. While arriving at the house it saw, for the chance the hour, was four of the morning!, had what it occurred during the the latter two hours and low white which, for him, had been one second only? Andre; Revol, of the group "Ouranos" of ufológico placed inside come into contact with him when some periodicals had published the case. After make a success ofbeing made a success of its resistências, obtained this Helene if subjected to a section of hipnótica which reveals the mistério white time. What it follows 3rd; the suitable declaration in it arranges the hipnótico of the witness, questioned for two médicos. -- Helene which você; vê; ? -- Vejo a light, -- and later? TWO REDUCED DRESSES OF BLACK COLOR -- my eyes hurt. I see two dwarves for trés of the light. They came close to the car, they open the left door... They take to me até; the light, I return and conveys it disappeared... They take to me in its device... I climb with them. I enter the device for an iron door. One of the dwarves it has in the right hand an object... It touches the door with this and the door if it opens. The dwarves are small, arrive the size of my trunk. Heads of minimum of Têm. They are dresses with costumes dark, black color. They are ugly. Enormous eyes of Têm, flattened noses, small mouths, in date of the children. They employ the strange chapéus. -- it continues. -- they place me in the device., directly in the room. Not colors of hé. 3rd of part; large like one that it Marie, all 3rd; iron, 3rd of ceiling; concavous. The dwarves moor me in the iron table., round... the table arrives at them in the manner it body... não posso me mexer, Tenho medo... I have a espécie shackles in pés and the hands... Not I can move. They finish to place a type of fabric in my front. HELENE IT ADDS GIVEN MORE Although it presents symptoms of excitation, the médicos they had continued the session of hipnótica, investigation given more on the experiência than Helene in her benches on file it was revivendo. -- esté of part illuminated -- it continued it -- with the white lights, red yellow and... buttons of hé... buttons... One of the dwarves it has an object in the hand... the other, with a espécie of the elétrica of lêmpada, trace of the circles, circles with the light on my shirt maker. One of the tests of dwarves to explain me something. I do not include/understand anything. Parece ficar chateado, Tem cinco dedos, luvas... I do not see its pés. The witness was in the silêncio by a few minutes. Os médicos perguntaram: -- where remains now? -- I am in my car. The dwarves had closed the door. Agreement, the esté light one of jé not there, it left for the céu. Without noise some. - Helene, não tenha medo, olha O aparelho E diga como 3rd. -- the device has meters of três of size, more or less, I see of light intermittent lower part the device... lights which flicker. THEY WANTED TO TRANSMIT a MESSAGE to ME "-- why the dwarves they had chosen you? -- since it was alone in my car, they wanted to transmit a message to me. I will return vê; they this night. -- by had chance they given to understand that they would return? -- yes, in six months. -- and você; it can to be communicated with them? -- to look at for céu and to think with much force of them, the session finished at this time, they had awaked to the young people, whom she remembered nothing of that she had indicated, its order, had left that she heard the ribbon recorded with her declaration. Estupefata, could not give the crédito to its ears, it could not believe only what was that it spoke about abduction of fantéstico and from abroad of humanóides of orange-clearly. It had the consciência nothing of this, only its inconsciência it kept the witness of the experiência. The case Helene Giuliana 3rd; one of as much with the characteristics of idênticas which if they produce in the whole world, the reader can apply the project of the twelve points of Lawson to the history of the girl and of comprovaré who, saved some details, the "meeting is adjusted on it models". END

    See also on this site:


    Automatic translator "Alta Vista": Text: "1976, Pizancon, France - leading to the house with 1 hour of the morning, Helene Giuliana, age 20, noted that the engine of its car had stopped and the headlights left. Then it noted above the bridge of the "Trip hammer", 75 feet in front of it, a light in the shape of dome luminous reddish-orange. It put it gives it from the eyes and when it still looked at it had disappeared. It could restart its car and led to the house. When it arrived at the house at 4 hours of the morning that it realized that it had taken him two hours longer than it should have. Under hypnosis she reminded herself to be taken edge of the UFO by two small beings with large eyes, carrying the black combinations. She was attached on an operative table, where they put "a kind of box" above it (source: Jean Country house, newspaper of UFO of MUFON, July 1976, page 6.) ". END

    Christian Macé


  • At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The more I read about ufo contacts/abductions, the more I recognize archetypal,religious-shamanic experiences.

    Maybe we're dealing with earthbound ultraterrestrial entities...trickster-like, rather than ETs.

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