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Friday, September 01, 2006


By Tom Dongo

It is now only too obvious that certain groups of extraterrestrials are directly taking aggressive actions designed to help us or, in my estimation, give us more time. There also seems to be a measure of urgency in this activity for reasons perhaps only known to them.

Jaime Maussan, one of Mexico's top journalists and one of the world's best UFO researchers, has gathered stunning evidence of extraterrestrials coming to our aid. Several years ago, Popocatepetl outside of Mexico City was due to fully erupt at any time, with resulting inestimable devastation to Mexico City, one of the world's most densely populated cities.

A team of scientists from Denmark was recording minute-by-minute seismic activity of Popocatepetl. At the same time, television cameras videotaped UFOs hovering over and flying through flaming magma blasting out of the top of Popocatepetl. Some of the UFOs were filmed firing orbs of light into the mouth of the volcano. One huge UFO was actually filmed flying directly into the mouth of the volcano; it was not seen coming back out. Shortly thereafter the volcano became almost dormant -- when it was expected to explode at any moment! The needle on the Danish scientists' seismic recorder had been jumping all over the paper, indicating violent activity inside the volcano. Then, in an instant, the needle stopped and flat lines, indicating the volcano had abruptly ceased activity and was calm -- an impossibility. This whole episode is so well documented that even the most cynical skeptic cannot refute the evidence. And it is in no way a hoax -- Popocatepetl is still calm.


In a similar vein, in November of 2002 an approaching meteor that would have done great damage to the Earth was broken up in space over Turkey by a UFO before the meteor impacted our planet. This was witnessed by the pilots of three commercial airliners that were in the air at the time. The pilots reported that the UFO came in behind the meteor and kept shooting at it with beams of light until it was broken up into a large cluster of fragments.

And, most important of all, a man on the ground videotaped much of the event with a camcorder. I have seen the film and it is simply incredible. The time was about 2 P.M. The film shows an enormous incendiary mass, the cluster of fragments plummeting into the Earth's atmosphere. And even more incredible, the film shows a very large UFO following the burning mass as it enters the atmosphere, seemingly to make sure the whole thing burned up. This too is in no way any kind of a hoax. Was it on the six o'clock news? Almost no one outside of the UFO research community knows anything about this event. Are we dealing with managed news?


To me, this is clear evidence that "someone" out there cares about us and is helping us in a time when we desperately need it. Yet more evidence of aliens helping us comes in the form of an amazing revelation from Russia.

A few years ago, the Russians discovered evidence of what they think is an alien installation in Siberia. This installation, or device, is centered in a hundred-thousand-square-mile area of Siberia with only a handful of human inhabitants. Because of the evidence, Russian researchers and scientists have come to the conclusion that long ago "someone" put the installation there to protect the Earth.

For example, the Tunguska explosion in 1917, which flattened hundreds of square miles of mature Siberian pine forest, was caused by a meteor that exploded many miles up in the atomosphere. This is now a standard scientific conclusion. If I remember correctly the Tunguska explosion was equal to a four-megaton nuclear blast. Scientists have theorized that if the Tunguska meter had hit the Earth, it would have done enormous damage to the Asian countries, if not to the entire planet.

What stopped the meteor from hitting the earth? The Russians learned fifty years or so ago that something really strange was going on in Siberia. Nomadic hunters and trappers reported seeing balls of light shooting up from the ground. It seems that it was these balls of light that caused the explosion of the Tunguska meteor many miles above the Earth, thereby preventing a disaster. And, according to the Russians, as recently as last September the alien installation was seen shooting at something out into space.

The Russians are dead serious about this last development and are planning another expedition to try to pinpoint the exact location of the device. From drawings by people who had been there, they know what the device looks like.


The last example of ETs coming to our aid is more evidence of some powerful element out there that is going to great lengths to help humanity. Someone is firing forty-ton orbs of water that are protected by a force field into the Earth's atmosphere from somewhere deep in space. When they hit the Earth's atmosphere, these house-sized orbs atomize and create -- ozone.

These water orbs, according to scientist David Sereda and others, were first detected when NASA cameras began taking photographs in the infrared spectrum. Thousands, if not millions, of these water spheres have been vaporizing in our atmosphere. And, according to Sereda, whoever is doing this is aiming them so that they do not collide with our orbiting satellites.

We live in a time when the extraordinary has now become the ordinary. All in all, I think it points to a great and exciting future for humanity.


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