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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


San Francisco, California Frightening Family Experience

Date: June 1982 or 1984
Time: 2:30 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 6 (From different areas)
Number of objects: Unknown
Shape of objects: N/A

Full Description of event/sighting: The weather was a clear, cool, starry, moonless night. At about 2:30am one June night, I was in our dining room watching our floor console TV set. Our house has windows all around, but no curtains on the top side windows, since the view in that direction is private. That view is due North. The back of the house is East. The room we ended up best viewing from was South-East.Anyway, the TV suddenly started to static and went into an early test pattern right in the middle of the program I was watching.

I didn't trip too much at first, but then the refrigerator, which sits just to the side of the TV, over against the wall, began moaning! It sounded like a sick cow, long deep moans. Maybe it was an electrical noise, that I had never heard before, because I stood up and stared at it from across the room, I was ready to run.

Then the test patterns on the TV got stranger and stranger. They went from the channel standard, to polka dots, plaids, geometric shapes and patterns, horizontal and vertical stripes, large, small, thick and thin, faster and faster. It was making a strange electrical sound as well, plus the patterns were all in brilliant black and white, and it was a color TV!

It began to synchronize with the refrigerator's moaning and shaking! I yelled for my mom and my sister to "come see this!"This crescendo kept up until it climaxed in a matter of minutes by both appliances blowing themselves out.

Whatever had just happened, did not affect the single remaining house light, which was on in the small back kitchenette area.With the new dark, I noticed flashes of light coming in through the north window! I am afraid of lightning, which is what I thought was happening, so I ducked down with my eyes closed, and waited to hear the thunder clap, because the flash had been quite close, and very bright. This happened at least 3x before I noticed there were stars in the sky, and not a cloud in sight!

By now my mom and sister were with me, and we noticed the flashes which seem to be coming from just above the house, more near the South-East window where my sister's room was located. We went in there to see if we could see what was going on outside! In the quiet of the small room, we could hear our 4 large dogs howling like puppies in the back yard, something was scareing them! But it wasn't just them. Dogs as far as a block away were howling and barking, all at the same time!

Before we even looked out the blinds of the window, we were terrified! Our bravado gone, we just cracked the blinds a tiny bit to peep out from our darkened room. A loud sound of static electricity ensued! We could see the strong thick tree on the side of our house was nearly bent back double, it's branches and leaves were whipping about like a thing alive! Something was blowing hard just above our house. We could hear the dogs tearing at the back fence now, trying to get out! My heart was pounding, but I was determined to see this thing. All I had to do was just turn my head and look up out the window! We were too afraid to open the window, and even more afraid to look up. We live in a crowded neighborhood, houses are 15 feet apart, and back to back yards. Yet no one was in their windows and no ones lights came on with all this noise.There was a gale force wind blow or being blown, right down on our house, there was no chopper sound, since we have seen and are familiar with Police helicopters paroling the area at times. This was not like that! There was an unearthly sound of static going so loud, I thought if I stuck any part of my self out window I would be electrocuted. The hair on our bodies was raising, from static, fear? or both?

Suddenly, a brilliant blue white light shone down on my next door neighbors house. It was brighter than any police search light I have ever seen. Everywhere the light shone was daylight, and magnified! This light appeared to be searching for something, but every where it shone it looked like daytime, or like the sun was out, only brighter!It was so bright it should have wakened the neighbors when it shone on their house! Their shades were like ours, so I am sure it shone right into their house! When I say the light was magnified, wherever the light shone I could see the dirt down to a gravel, and I could see the eyes on the ants crawling on the ground! Each blade of grass stood out like it was under a universal microscope! I was too afraid to even angle my head in the room and try to look up through a crack in the blinds now!

Suddenly the light went out, the trees stopped whipping, there was no more sound of static. There was a quiet. We waited 10 minutes before any of us moved. We whispered because we were too afraid to talk regular yet. Five minutes after the quiet, my dad got up and said something had awaken him from the other room, it was probably y'all talking, he grumbled.

We all tried to tell him at once what had just happened. He shooed us off and went back to bed.Why didn't we just wake dad in the first place, Mom? I asked? We all knew why. Dad had a gun, and he would have heard his dogs howling and would have went right out to shoot whatever or whoever was outside his house! We didn't know what was out there, but it had been the right thing to not wake dad!

Our story could end here, but there is more. My youngest brother and his friend had been out clubbing all night and towards dawn they were at the local burger stand a mile south from our house. He told us later that he thought it strange that a huge cloud was lightning horribly right over in the area where he knew our house should be. He said they had a clear view, and there were no other clouds in the sky, except for the huge cloud in our area, it was a cool, clear night, with lots of stars out. The funniest thing he said, was I felt compelled to look, and noted I never heard any thunder, and that cloud was lightening, like crazy! He added he never saw any actual lightening, just that the cloud was lighting up so bad, it appeared that it might be lightning. What else could it be since the cloud was so huge and black?

On another note: The next morning my tipsy brother came down and complained about my sisters kids keeping him up all last night. This brother had been sleeping off a binge and this is what he told us. "I sleep with the window open for air, I guess I dozed off. It was dark when I awakened but I lay quietly in bed in the corner, when I noticed the kids playing around in the room. I couldn't see them good it was so dark, they were even darker shadows. They were going in and out of the closet, and messing with the vacuum cleaner.They were into everything and they were ticking me off. I started to tell them to go the heck back downstairs, when I watched a couple of them go over to the stairs, instead of going down the stairs they went straight out the window, as others, way too many of them were coming in the other window! They were all over everything and I felt the hairs on my neck begin to rise, my sis does not have this many same sized kids, and they certainly do not come and go by the windows.All I knew was I did not want whoever these small black shadow people were, to know I was in the room watching them.I was so scared, I was glad I quietly passed out. I had been drinking but I wasn't that drunk!"

My brother had on a phosphorous watch, he had glanced the time. These so called kids had started coming in and out the window upstairs at the same time the fridge, and the TV had blown a gasket. No neighbors had noted or spoke of seeing any activity the night before over our house. The ones with yards adjoining ours, in the back, had a clear view of our yard, the dogs. the back window, and more no one ever mentioned any happenings.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
And thank you Brian Vike of HBCCUFO for sharing this report with us.


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