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Monday, August 28, 2006


By Tom Dongo
Part 2

The next UFO incident was told to me by a thirty year old woman who is a very successful publishing executive from New York City. She was in Sedona for the summer writing dialogue for videotapes for her company. One evening after she was finished with her day's work, she decided to walk along Oak Creek in the moonlight. As she walked along, she noticed a bright light on the horizon. The light was moving in her direction, so she continued to watch it. In a short time the light, which she thought was either an airplane headlight or a helicopter searchlight, was drawing very close to where she stood. The light, now of an extreme intensity, was high in front of her, but not directly overhead. She said she still thought it was a searchlight from some sort of aircraft -- but there was strangely, no sound.

As she watched the glaring light, it suddenly switched off. When her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, what she saw was not a helicopter, but a circular shaped hovering craft. The moon was nearly full, so the metallic superstructure of the ship was in full view with no trees to obstruct her vision. She related to me later that as she watched the craft, she had very odd sensations throughout her body -- and that she felt no fear. The ship remained in position for ten to fifteen minutes, then it moved slowly away, and then out of sight over the hills.

As a continuation of this, one week from the night, she was driving her car on a rather isolated stretch of road late at night near Bell Rock. Literally the same exact situation happened again. She said that this time, after she got out of her car, she made an effort to communicate with the craft. She even shouted to it, but got no discernible response other than the craft seemed somehow familiar to her, and she had a deep longing to go with whoever was aboard the ship.

This last UFO incident was told to me by a man whom I will call Jim. Jim was at the time living in Tempe, Arizona, and now resides in Cottonwood, Arizona, which is a few miles from Sedona. He and his friend, who I will call Larry, had an encounter of the third kind -- direct contact with space aliens. Jim and Larry had driven up from Tempe to hike for a day in Sycamore Canyon, just southwest of Sedona. Sycamore Canyon is 33 miles long, 1300 feet deep, and half a mile wide in places.

They had driven over a dirt ranch road to a remote trail which led to the bottom of the canyon. They had not watched the time carefully, and after hiking to their destination, found themselves in encroaching darkness on the canyon floor. Having brought along a good flashlight, they were not overly concerned for it was a well defined trail back to where they had parked the pickup truck, at the top of the West side of the canyon.

They had begun the walk back, when they noticed that the canyon rim above them, on the East side, was silhouetted by an intensely bright light. It looked like car headlights just out of sight--only they knew that there was no road on the East rim.

They turned to look more closely and as they did a type of brightly illuminated craft sailed out over the rim and into the canyon. The craft was about fifty feet in diameter, round at the base but had a pyramid-shaped superstructure. Its base was surrounded by a blazingly bright white halo of light. As the craft came closer, the two men could see that the entire surface of the ship was made up of triangles, which were individually either red, white, or green glowing colors. As the ship moved, these triangles would pulse, and the faster the ship moved the faster the triangles would pulse.

The two men had brought with them a powerful set of binoculars and took turns getting a close inspection of the strange vehicle.

Occasionally from the outer rim of the craft, a dazzling red laser-like beam would shoot out, first in one direction, then another.

Tremendously excited about the incredible appearance, Jim began to shine his flashlight in the direction of the ship -- in the hope of drawing it even closer. When he switched on his flashlight, the ship retreated back behind the rim from where it had come. Minutes later the ship drifted back out into the canyon a half mile to the South. Jim remarked at the time that the ship seemed to be exhibiting caution in its movements. Wanting it to come closer, he signaled again, using a slow back and forth movement with the flashlight. Exultation overcame him when the craft responded in kind by copying the slow back and forth motion.

At this time, Larry, becoming very nervous and frightened, heavily berated Jim for being so stupid. Jim told me that he felt no fear at all -- just great excitement over what was transpiring. ("Foolish me," he told me at the time of the interview.)

The ship began drifting in their direction and at the same time descending lower, to half the height of the canyon wall -- where it stopped. Jim was closely watching the ship through the binoculars when a red dot appeared on the right lens of the binoculars. Immediately after that, his head was suddenly engulfed in a billowing red shaft of light which followed the smaller red laser-like beam. He said it "was like getting kicked in the head by an electronic mule."

The next thing Jim remembered was his friend Larry, half pulling him and half dragging him, shouting, "Let's get out of here, let's get out of here!!" Jim then lost all memory of what happened at that point. He said the next thing he knew it was pitch dark and they were on flat ground next to Larry's pickup truck. He didn't know how they had gotten there.

Jim distantly asked Larry, "What happened? What happened to us?" Larry responded quickly in high agitation. "I don't want to talk about it! You should never ask me! I won't ever tell you! Forget it!"

Over the next four days Jim experienced long bouts of total amnesia and unusual combative behavior.

Years later Jim ran into Larry one day and asked if he could now explain what had happened to them. Larry was by then relaxed about the event and could only say for certain, now, was that he remembered the ship taking off from the ground near them on the floor of the canyon -- and that was it.

Jim to this day avoids reading anything about UFO encounters in books, magazines and newspapers.

An interesting addition to this account occurred one day a few years after the Sycamore Canyon experience. Jim, now living in Cottonwood, was driving with his wife in the area of Bell Rock. They were proceeding north and two cars, close together, were approaching from the opposite direction. The car in the rear suddenly pulled out to pass. It was an imminent, unavoidable, head on, high speed collision.

Then something unusual happened. The car that remained in the driving lane in an instant changed into vertical shape -- like a tall, thick line -- Jim said it was "like something out of a Disney cartoon." The car that was going to hit them, stretched out horizontally until it was only a few feet wide. Both "cars" moved to the left and flew by them. He relates that he and his wife were in such a state of shock that they drove three miles before they could pull over and talk about it.

On this same stretch of road, near Bell Rock, a car with five adults in it had an unusual visitor. The car in which they were riding was a luxury model and the sun roof was drawn back. One of the passengers looked up, and pacing the car, just above the open sun roof was an orange sphere the size of a large beach ball. Some of the passengers, especially the driver, got quite nervous. The sphere followed along with them for a few minutes and then sped away into the distance.

As a last word on unusual phenomena in Sedona I will mention a lady I know quite well. She owns a most unusual house surrounded by much open land. She has had many extraterrestrial visitors. They seem to have come with the property along with the expansive house she had built on the land. It has been suggested that the design of the house was supplied by ET's for some purpose known only to them. They also seem to be guarding the property -- woe to the first burglar who tries to break into her house.

Human-looking beings in what might be termed space dress have been seen by many visitors to her home -- and some beings that might fall into the spirit category (both occurrences surprisingly common in Sedona). Some of the witnesses to these appearances were construction workers who had little or no beliefs about visitors from outer space.

One of the most memorable sightings at her house happened late one night. Due to a lack of communication, a man and wife who were to meet at her house arrived, not having gotten the message that the function that they had come for had been canceled and no one was home. The house was dark as all the lights were turned off. But they saw a light glowing at the rear of the house and thought they could see someone moving around. They thought everyone was out on the patio. They decided to walk around to the back through the bushes for they concluded that someone had forgotten to leave the outside lights on. They got quite a shock as they made their way around to the rear of the house.

As they rounded a corner of the building, they saw a line of luminous beings gliding down a staircase where there was no stairway. The light these beings gave off lit up the whole back yard. The couple beat a very hasty retreat back to their car.
This article was excerpted with permission from the book, The Mysteries of Sedona, by Tom Dongo.


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