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Sunday, September 24, 2006


At Longleat, Wiltshire in January 1968, BS and SC.

BS on the eighteenth had been struck by a bright light as an object flashed past his car, which stalled. Later he received a phone call telling him to be at a spot called Heaven's Gate on the Longleat estate of Lord Bath, at 2100 hours on 21 January. There the two saw a tiny object the size of a soup-plate from which emerged a gossamer-like ladder down which tripped more than twenty-five beings no more than 4 inches tall. They 'blinked out,' then reappeared at human size. They talked with the couple for a while then invited BS on board. He was SHRUNK along with them, taking off in the tiny craft which ascended with a whistling noise. They did not reappear until 0500 hours the next day, when he was returned to normal size. He refused to divulge anything about his journey, except to hint something about the Earth's core, and visits to underwater cities and communities. It was said, as it is about all taken by 'them,' that he "was never the same man again."

One-third of the early British abduction was the first of the 'backdated' stories, supposedly taking place in 1942 but only returning to the witness's memory in the late 1960s. It was investigated in late 1969 or early 1970. The witness, Albert Lancashire, claimed that in the late summer of 1942, when he was 27, he was on sentry duty at a radar site two miles from Newbiggin-on-Sea, Northumberland, and about thirty yards from the sea. A light surrounded by a black cloud shone on him, then he saw another beam which he began to walk along; whereupon he was seized by a pygmy-sized man and carried aboard a craft, in which the rest of the crew was normal sized. There was a 'captain' with dark hair, wearing goggles. Lancashire was made to lie on a couch, looking up at a blue-domed ceiling. He could see another man wearing goggles leaning over a table. This figure smiles as if in welcome. He felt that some sort of medical examination had taken place but could remember no details, and next found himself back in the sentry box.

Some years later he appears to have told Jenny Randles that the encounter involved seeing a naked oriental woman on a bed, and having goggles put on his own eyes. Randles also reported that "Mr. Lancashire appears to have incorporated his encounters into a semi-religious framework and quotes freely from the Bible." Lancashire also claimed a variety of anomalous experiences involving hypnogogic visions, strange lights, etc. He claimed that his memory of events returned in October 1967, yet he first came to the attention of investigators when he wrote to Lionel Beer, of BUFORA, having obtained Beer's address from the Daily Mirror after they published excerpt from the Interrupted Journey. These however, were published in October and November 1966.

On June 4 the newspaper El Razon carried an article by Professor Alejandro Eru, secretary of the Argentine College of Parapsychology, who commented on the Vidal story but released the first full blown post-Hill Latin American abduction. Further details appeared in the Brazilian paper Correio de Povo on 11 June. These accounts told that the "well-known Argentine painter and sculptor" Benjamon Solar Parravicini was walking home from the theater in Buenos Aires on a foggy night, with a copy of the theater program in his hand, when at the corner of Avenida Belgrano and Avenida 9 Julio he was confronted by what he first thought was a madman. The stranger was a fair skinned Nordic type with eyes so pale it looked as if he was blind.

The man spoke to the witness in an unintelligible guttural language, but in a "kind and gentle manner," directing his attention upward, where through the fog Parravicini saw an unlit aerial object fifty meters above him. He became dizzy and when he recovered he found himself inside the object with three other people. One, who was "very handsome" addressed him in an unknown language, but the artist was able to grasp his meaning by telepathy. He told him not to be alarmed and that they would take him on a trip round the world, then release him. He observed surface features of Japan, France and Chile before he awoke from his 'dream,' the theater program at his feet. Later he claimed further contacts with the beings, who said they were patrolling the Earth to see that no catastrophe befall us.


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