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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Location. Pirogovskiy Lesopark Forest, NW of Mytiszi, Moscow region, Russia
Date: March 17 1985
Time: 1500-1630

According to Otto Shamin from the Russian city of Taganrog who went public with this in 2001, there is a remarkable case which he has kept in his memory for many years, which include part of the story of Mikhail S. Gorbachev.

As it is widely known, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was elected to the post of the Secretary General of the CPSU (Communist party of the Soviet Union) on March 15 1985 and in 1990 becoming the first and last president of the former USSR. On the next day he addressed the nation on the television. And on the very next day March 17, approximately at 1400, quite suddenly and apparently without telling many around him, he left the main CC CPSU building (The Headquarters of the central Committee) located on Old Square Moscow. He quickly rushed into a black “Volga” car and with an unusual small cortege of only three identical black “Volgas” GAZ-3102 cars, including one in which Gorbachev rode in accompanied by a few of his most trusted KGB/military/government men. Even the chief of Gorbachev’s garage, Mr. M. Volodin was unaware of the selected route.

The next day all three “Volgas” returned all extremely dirty with mud up to their roofs. The speedometer of all the vehicles indicated an increase of 200 kilometers. Where they went remained unknown. All the participants of the trip remained silent.

Otto Shamin from Taganrog who had close ties to the Moscow Party bosses and attempted to investigate the incident was told by his cousin an avid winter fisherman, that on March 17, he had gone fishing with some friends near the town of Mytiszi (northeastern suburb of Moscow) and on their way back at about 1500 hrs outside of the town they noticed three black Volga cars driving deep into the forest. Some time after that they saw two lar ge red globes descending from the sky in approximate the same direction. One and a half hour after that both globes ascended and disappeared into the sky.

An important detail was noticed, during the whole time, there was a total electric blackout which covered the electric railroad between Moscow and Mytiszi. The railroad was completely disconnected from the main cities, and crowds of people waited on the platforms of the suburban stations. Others in the area also observed the red globes descending into the forest. Nobody was able to explain the cause of the electrical failure.

At the beginning of April another man acquainted with Mr. Shamin who occupied a post on the CPSU Committee in the town of Zelenograd told Shamin that several days before a confidential letter (classified secret) was obtained by all CPSU Committees in the northern areas of the Moscow region. The letter said approximately the following:
“In case you are questioned as to what happened with the electricity in your region on March 17 of this year, explain it as just a simple accidental power outage” it was signed, ‘Gorbachev”.

According to some researchers it was possible to reconstruct the supposed contact or “meeting”. The meeting (if it indeed took place) was planned in advance after Gorbachev in person covertly obtained the precise information about the exact time and coordinates in the form of an urgent alien invitation.

Information probably included demands to meet with the head of the government himself (Gorbachev) and included exact data as to the individuals who must be present with him and who he was allowed to take with him. The total group probably included 3 drivers, and about 9 passengers in general only about 12 men. Besides Gorbachev, there was General Vladimir Medvedev, Chief of Gorbachev’s security, KGB Chairman Victor Mikha ilovich Chebrikov, Gorbachev’s most trusted friend Academician Alexander Nikolayevich Yakovlev and a few others men, and maybe about 4 or 5 KGB officers mostly from the security team of General Medvedev (KGB department # 9).

Before arriving at the location the cars drove on a long road making numerous evasive turns and maneuvers. Around 1500 hrs all three black Volgas finally moved deep into the Pirogovskiy forest in the center of the so-called “Pirogovskiy Lesopark” (forest preserve or park) about 2 km northwest of Mytiszi, between Mytiszi and the Pirogovskiy water reservoir the cars stopped in a meadow amid birch and aspen trees.

Security men were then positioned on the perimeter. 10-15 minutes later, two shiny alien crafts appeared in the sky, surround by reddish plasma glows. They approached the group and then hovered in midair at a low altitude, the glow around them decreased in intensity and then both UFOs landed or descended very close to the ground, several dozen meters from the group.

Several tall humanoid entities that looked basically like humans but not exactly, came out of the objects and communicated with the group for about one and a half hours. All the humanoids were apparently disguised to look more human, and were very tall and possibly reptilian in nature, camouflaged by holograms.

A number of “problems” were negotiated. And then the aliens went back into their crafts which then zoomed up and vanished. Among the items most likely “discussed” included the following:
Nuclear disarmament
In case of nuclear disarmament they would supply the USSR with needed technologies.
The USSR must convince the USA (Ronald Reagan, etc) to reject the “Star Wars” program or SDI.
The USSR must reject technologies that destroy or pollute the environment. In exchange of that rejection the aliens would provided the USSR with super-advanced technology replacing the normal earth technology which destroys nature.

All the witnesses must maintain complete silence and secrecy about the meeting for the rest of their lives and never tell anyone (However there is evidence that Gorbachev told his wife Raisa).

The aliens also possibly invited several members of the group including Gorbachev to look at their propulsion system and other equipment inside the craft. They also probably negotiated with Gorbachev and his team about a vast reconstruction program of the USSR and declare that they would support him on this; this program was soon called “Perestroika”.

HC addendum
Source: Otto Shamin “Mysterious Episode” in: Mysteries of the XX Century”
Saint Petersburg # 12 August 2001.

Comments: History indeed changed when Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Union, unprecedented changes ensued. Indeed many of the promises were not completely kept and in a recent interview with Gorbachev he stated that the governments of the world had “wasted too much time” and did not take advantage of a wonderful opportunity given to them with the end of the Cold War. (March 28 2006).

Additional information

According to testimony by Jim Sparks, from Fort Myers Florida 1988, Tall Reptilians reportedly told him that they had negotiated with the leaders of the world. Apparently in 1987 Gorbachev inspected the remains of a crash UFO seized by the Soviets near Pribylovo, Vyborg area and kept at the Monchegorsk military air defense aerodrome. Gorbachev also possibly knew about other UFO crashes and incidents.


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