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Friday, October 13, 2006


Received from Humanoid Contacts

Location. Stare Juchy, Lasmiady Lake, Wojewodztwo, Poland
Date: March 11 2001 Time: 1900

The witness was watching television on this Sunday evening when she heard something strike the roof, the side facing the lake. The noise caused an immediate reaction on the dogs, two small ones inside, and several larger ones outside, they began to howl and barking nonstop. After 5minutes the curious witness went outside to the terrace and turned on the outside lights. She immediately noticed that one of the dogs was barking loudly and looking at a nearby clump of trees. She then noticed some lights over the trees. The lights were very intense, yellow and phosphorescent. The lights were set horizontally as in a helicopter. Her first thought was that of a neighbor who lived in the opposite shore and visited at times in a helicopter.

She looked at the other side of the lake and at that moment she saw a second craft or what she termed a “mothership”, an enormous one, hovering over the lake surface emitting a light bluish glow. The smaller craft still hovered above the trees, but without stirring the upper quite fragile tree branches, both were totally silent.

She ran into the house and immediately called her husband who was already home at the time. She told him what she had seen and he asked her to gather other witnesses, but only two other witnesses were available, two Ukrainians working for the couple. Her husband and the two other witnesses then watched the crafts, as the first witness grabbed a pair of binoculars and watched the crafts move very slowly towards the other side of the lake. The smaller craft was moving very slowly horizontally and vertically, at times shining a beam of yellow light towards the ground. The smaller craft was over the ground while the larger one moved above the lake surface.

At that moment her husband asked her to signal the crafts with a flashlight, which she did, making several symbols with the light. Both objects then seemed to reverse direction and move towards them. The large one came over the lake and hovered above some nearby trees for 15-20 minutes.

They were able to see it clearly; it was round, shaped like a birthday cake, like a dish placed over a saucer. There were windows on the craft and areas between the windows which were silvery metallic in color. They could see a total of 7 windows. On top of the windows just under the ceiling shone two red lights which pulsated. The surface of the craft was smooth; there were no protuberances on it. In the middle section of the craft there was a band emanating a dim blue light, the same dim blue light came out of the windows. Nothing more was visible inside the windows.

The return of the crafts caused the witnesses to panic. The smaller craft was about 30-40meters away emitting a bright yellow beam of light towards the ground. Inside the beam of light there appeared to be a dark cloaked figure about 1.5-2m in height in the shape of a keyhole.

This occurred twice and caused one of the Ukrainians to leave the terrace. At this point the neighbors approached in their vehicle and the objects began to move back towards the lake. The large craft rose up and then seemed to descend on the other side of the forest. The small object remained in the area shining the beam of light towards the ground on several occasions, each time this was done a humanoid figure was seen inside.

Later the witnesses checked the area where the beam had shone but did not find anything. Finally at around 2200 the objects disappeared. The main witness’s computer monitor would not work after the incident and she was told that the damage was done by a very strong magnetic field. They were told that a similar object had been seen above Balmutow.

HC addendum
Source: A. Miazga “Spotkania Z UFO Nad Jeziorem”


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