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Friday, November 10, 2006


Very interesting. Thank you Jonah!

Jonah said...

I love stories like these because they have an innocence about them that are free of what skeptics term "cultural influence".

I looked up the GPS coordinates of 'Cadotte Pass' and discovered that it actually lies in Montana. Using Google Earth I then located Cadotte Pass (the imagery is very clear in this area). Taking Mr. Lumleys description of the object "which moved with great rapidity in an easterly direction" and noting that he stated the path of destruction began two miles or so from where he was camped, I simply followed Google Earth in an easterly direction.

The only other specific description was that the object shaved off the tops of a few hills before coming to rest "driven into the side of a mountain". I looked for indications of higher elevations that a 'mountain man' would distinguish from "hills". Sure enough, if you follow Google earth from Cadotte Pass in an easterly direction, on the westerly slope of what is labeled 'Roberts Mountain' you see what appear to be parallel scratch marks in the earth leading to and up the side of this mountain. It looks very similar to drawings I've seen depicting the crash trajectory and impact of the object at Roswell.

The area looks densely forested and so a question might be, what would this area look like today if indeed an impact occurred? The GPS coordinates of Cadotte Pass are 47 05'09.59N 112 22'46.23W and of Roberts Mountain, 47 05'47.49N 112 14'22.37W (due east of Cadotte Pass). The distance is about 6.8 miles, but Lumley states he was in the area and so I give latitude that he wasn't on top of the pass when giving his 2 mile description.

It's very satisfying to use todays technology to verify at the least, geographical descriptions of 19th century anomalies. I am interested in the comments of others if they decide to take a look. I've saved the images from GE and uploaded them for viewing here. This is the possible impact and debris area going up the side of Roberts Mountain....or not (LOL).(Cut and paste link sections into address bar to see image)http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v423/Offworld/Places/

Larger view http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v423/Offworld/Places/CadottePass


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