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Thursday, December 14, 2006


By Julio Victor Ramirez

PONCE -- To coincide with the manifestations of the merchant Amador Piazza Velez, who alleged to have seen an enormous flying object perched on a mountain of Las Cucharas section, fisherman Jose Maria Fernandez Martinez said, both he and his wife Gloria Santiago had the same experience Friday of last week. Also Fernandez Martinez showed to this editor the video tape where something similar to a UFO appears that emits different colored lights.

The fisherman, resident of the mentioned sector, explained that the strange object was suspended above the mountain for more than 10 minutes which gave him the opportunity to record the movie. He clarified, however, that the camera had defects at the moment of recording the UFO. The result of this case is that Fernandez Martinez affirms that since the night when he saw the UFO, his left leg was unexplainably cured from a serious lesion.

The fisherman pointed out in front of several witnesses that he had been bitten by a shark and the wound he suffered would take a long time to heal. Fernandez Martinez, who is the father of 7 children, showed his left leg completely cured and a scar big enough on the heel of the mentioned leg.

"I cannot tell that the beings who came in the ship cured me, but something strange happened to me because my wound closed since that night," the fisherman argued. On the other hand, Fernandez Martinez told that his wife, Gloria Santiago, saw strange lights leaving the sea in the area of El Tuque. "The sea was in complete calm and there was no breeze while those lights left the water," Fernandez Martinez claimed.

The sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects does not have limits just in Cartagena de Lajas Lagoon and the population of Adjuntas. Residents of Las Cucharas de Ponce sector, alleged seeing strange lights, but held that they prefer to keep quiet to avoid people saying they are looking for notoriety.

"El Yunque" is a rain forest located at the South side of the Island of Puerto Rico, towards the end of the Central mountain range. This rain forest has been visited for many years by tourists from different places of the world for its picturesque and beautiful mountains, natural resources, and huge old trees.

Also, at this moment "El Yunque" is being "visited" by unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrials. Residents and neighbors of "El Yunque," from all different ages, religious beliefs, education and professions have testified seeing UFOs overflying or entering this place. As a matter of fact, this place is just one of the many places throughout Puerto Rico where people have stated seeing strange objects. Because of the many testimonies that have been reported in relation to this strange phenomenon, serious investigations are actually taking place. Scientific groups from all around the world have traveled here to observe and investigate these UFO sightings. Puerto Rico is one of the most visited places by UFOs in the world.

There are different explanations and theories seeking answers to many questions that have arisen as to these sightings. One of the many explanations given by UFOlogists is that "El Yunque" is a UFO base or a Geomagnetic Radiation Center. For other investigators, such sightings occur mostly at this place because "El Yunque" is located at the South side from the mysterious and controversial Bermuda Triangle. And finally, for parapsychology and occultism investigators, "El Yunque" is an excellent location for paranormal activities to take place. Meanwhile, others prefer to say that this place has some certain special energy or telluric energy that these space ships take advantage of for their specific "purposes."

The experience that I am about to narrate is just one of the most amazing UFO encounter experiences. The same took place here, in "El Yunque."

In February 1988, a group of persons and neighbors, residents of this area heard a loud strange whistling sound. When they ran to see what it was, they saw a huge UFO. The description that they gave of this UFO was that it was approximately 75 meters in diameter, a round shape, the color of its metal construction seemed to be white-grey and it emitted green, blue and white bright lights. The witnesses of such an extraordinary event kept track of the UFO and saw how it impacted and crashed against a mountain causing a great explosion. The explosion was of such great magnitude that the witnesses state that the same must have been heard miles away.

At dawn the next day there were helicopters overflying the place where the UFO incident occurred. Governmental military personnel were rapidly stationed at the place seeing that all investigation and information was kept "top secret."

This incident was videotaped the next morning by a local news television station. When the moment came to transmit the videotape on the television news, there was abrupt silence; the personnel from the news station informed the public that the "videotape had mysteriously disappeared."

During the following months curious spectators, who surrounded the place, carefully observed that the land where the UFO had crashed was arid and its vegetation ceased growing. This incident is well known by the UFO investigators here in Puerto Rico.

More recently a governmental document, denying all information in relation to this incident, was published. The sole purpose of such an article was to confuse the general public as to whether what had been reported of this UFO incident really occurred or rather was just simply "false" information. Also, its purpose was to ridicule the witnesses who testified about what they saw. But ironically, as life can sometimes be, this same document came from the "Civil Defense State Agency Offices of Puerto Rico" where its director, Colonel Jose' M. Nolla, has publicly taken a stand to liberally talk about the reality of such UFO sightings here in Puerto Rico and also forward an official guideline to his agency with specific instructions on "how to proceed to investigate this phenomenon"!!! Also Colonel Nolla has been known for many years to be the "connection" between Puerto Rico and the Civil Defense Intelligency Agency of the United States, which is the parallel central intelligence agency as to a militant level.

There is one truth that cannot be denied: these strange "visits" are not fantasies created by "mankind" and extraterrestrials DO LIVE AMONG ALL OF US.

Willie Durand Urbina, Puerto Rican Research Group

This was written in 1991.

By Julio Victor Ramirez

ADJUNTAS -- While the State Civil Defense has issued orders to investigate all related with the supposed sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in different sectors of the Island, the mayor of this town, Rigobrto (Pucho) Ramos, continues waiting for the federal authorities to answer a letter he sent to President Bush. The incumbent wrote to Bush, after being witness along with other people, of the presence of strange lights that moved in the Adjuntas sky.

Relatives of the New Progessist Mayor indicated that Ramos has the genuine concern to know if, in effect, there are UFOs furrowing the local air space or if the federal authorities are making an experiment..

"This is a subject that we are treating with the seriousness it deserves," reiterated the radical reporter Edwin Plaza, who expressed he knew nothing about President Bush's answer to Mayor Ramos or if he has referred the subject to any government agency. The civil leader did not discard that the investigation initiated by the State Civil Defense, would be a result of the steps made on this level.


Meanwhile, residents of this mountain town continue reporting sightings of strange flying objects that move at great speed.

Some allege that UFOs, some with oval and luminous shapes, have converted Las Minas Sector into a "UFOport." This area is rich in copper, iron, silver and other valuable minerals.

At another region, from the neighborhood of Palo Hincado in Barranquitas people reported about a sighting of a strange ship with a triangular shape that kept suspended near a mountain in that place. An informant explained that the object, bigger than a truck, was in the Palo Hincado sky for some minutes and then it displaced to an unknown course. This informant asserted that it was not a plane or helicopter, because the supposed ship did not emit strong noises, except a sound similar to a radio out of frequence.


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