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Monday, January 22, 2007


"Our Mother Mu herself is the loudspeaker for our entertainment. As we sail the seas of space, moving from one island world to another, we sing and make music as we go."

Tears of joy fill my eyes as many voices join in singing, "Christ our Savior, is born today..." Was it from this ship that I heard the projected music and voices on New Years' Eve?

"Yes, my Son, this is true." The Elder brother is standing up, "Come, and I will show you through our Mother Mu."

This Elder whom I follow must be the supreme commander of this starship and of all the other Mother Mu's in this solar system.

"Let us go into the garden."

"The garden?" "Yes, my Son, the garden."

Dad's stories of the Golden Dawn, in which he had described lawns, flowers, trees and gardens, will they find confirmation here?

"Your earthly father remembered well his own Mother Mu, my Son."

Standing on steps, we are moving upward. Passing other levels, figures are at work creating images and objects. "We are able to produce all of our needs here within the environment of this vessel. There are game rooms and gymnasiums, as you can observe. Reaching the highest level, a pleasant humid atmosphere is pressing in. Above me, the vault of a large dome spreads out overhead reflecting heat and light; like noonday brilliance on Earth.

Affixed to the apex at the highest point, a small sphere radiates its brilliance upon green plants of every description and variety.

Walking down a path, fruits and vegetables are growing in great abundance with flowers embracing borders on either side. Emerging from a small grove of fruit trees, the laughter of children echoes around us. Here before me a beautiful pool, with green grasses upon its banks, children splashing it its waters.

"As you can see, we have created the environment of a tropical, watery planet within the sphere of this ship. Here we function self-sufficiently, able to produce all of our needs."

Suddenly the warmth and light are vanishing. Above, the vault of the dome it is transparent. There, the rim of the galaxy and nearby stars are casting their faint glow, collecting shadows among leaves of plants.

"Eventide now prevails in the garden. My Son, this is now a place of meditation for our family when solitude is needed. We as caretakers of the galaxy, bring the many varieties of food-producing plants, herbs and trees to other worlds which are capable of producing organic life forms. Then we seed, plant, and also gather any new varieties of life forms which have come forth from Mother Divine's Projections.

"Come, let us observe the power source which makes all this possible. We will descend to our vessel's propulsion systems which can propel us beyond the speed of light if the need arises. As I told you before, we can attain light speed while hovering stationary. This is accomplished by increasing the velocity of rotation within our propulsion drive units. As the drive units accelerate, we begin to traverse the radiant energy spectrum, moving from infrared to ultraviolet. The entire mass of this vehicle is converted back into radiant life-energy particles as we traverse the spectrum. An outside observer on the physical plane sees the ship's image change in color from bright red through orange and into gold, then bright green would be followed by blue and violet. At this point we vanish from your so-called third dimension in a flash of light as brilliant as any sun."

The level containing the propulsion drive units spans the entire diameter of our ship's hull. Bridge works extend outward on eight segments reaching to the hull's perimeter. "My Son, the propulsion systems which drive this vessel are patterned after the perfect design of The Great Central SoN-SuN. The application of vortexes by Divine spirit on its infinite body of life force, as you know, generated the first ignition of Light. The visible expanding sphere of creation and all forces and images existing within are projected outward from the center of The Great Central SoN-SuN. A spinning, centripetal vortex projected into Spirit's infinite body of life-energy, produced a whirlpool. This thought-produced whirlpool began drawing spirit's life energy particles toward its center. Spirit's life-energy particles moving toward this center created directional lines of force whose drawing effects generate magnetic attraction. Magnetism has thus perpetuated a flow surrounding this genises. The accumulation of masses of life-energy particles at this center of vortex, under tremendous pressure and friction, produced Light. The masses of life-energy particles were now shaped by Divine Consciousness into the images and forces desired by spirit.

"The propulsion unit on board this ship operates on the same divine principles. To create a vortex which would operate in the microcosm of this dimension in a similar manner, we must spin a physical object which is, or can be, magnetized. Spinning a magnetized object would create a vortex which would induce the free energy in space to move toward its center. As the energy particles from space are drawn into the vortex by magnetic attraction, they take orbital positions around the center of the magnetic core. The accumulation of energy particles around the spinning magnetic center generates a high density magnetic field. With this condition we can create two poles, one at the center of the magnetic core, and one on the perimeter of the magnetic field. Here we can perpetually draw off energy in the form of positive and negative currents. This is the principle on which our propulsion units operate.

"Any type of physical material which has been magnetized will generate and discharge current if the object is rotated. The rotation of permanent magnets will, therefore, generate electrical current. The higher the velocity of rotation, the greater the flow of energy. Our propulsion unit consists of two large rotating discus. Facing each other, one disc will spin clockwise while the other spins counterclockwise. By rotating our two discs we have created two spinning vortexes.

"The outside perimeter of each disc carries twelve magnets. The simultaneous clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of these two discs creates two spinning magnetic fields. Here we can draw off current from the central hubs on which they spin and the rotating outside perimeters. The generation of a perpetual flow of energy from each disc will continue as long as the discs rotate. The space between the two discs is the area in which both spinning vortexes contact each other. It is here that the two spinning magnetic fields create a gyroscopic effect on each other. The magnetic fields generated by the two discs are so intense that any other gravitational or magnetic lines of force are bent around this force field. Therefore, the object which contains the generators of this magnetic and gyroscopic effect creates its own basic gravity. The object, or in this case, the vessel, creates its own force field which becomes so intense that the ship's hull exists in an antigravity space all its own.

"You have now seen much of our Mother Mu, my Son, and your memory, I am sure, is refreshed. The basic design I have given you of this vessel's power and drive systems gives you the keys to many doors. Sometime in the future you may construct one half of the ship's drive systems and have an unlimited supply of electrical energy on hand. This system would require no outside sources of energy to run it, such as fossil fuels or atomic power. That generator would be self-perpetuating as it would produce more energy than it would take to run it. You would, therefore, have an unlimited supply of totally free energy. The Earth as it exists today is not ready for this Divine Truth. The Evil Ones would use it for an unlimited supply of weapons. I am withholding certain key factors that will be given to you when the time is correct."

My Elder Brother is continuing to describe the entire design of the ship to me in detail. A realization dawns -- this is knowledge that I have already recorded deep within my Book of Life. After touring the entire vessel, we are returning to the guidance and communications center. Standing now in front of the great portal, I see the bright image of Mother Earth growing larger as we approach.

I met with Norman Paulson in Salt Lake City. He created a wonderful life for himself and the people that believed in him.


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