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Tuesday, February 13, 2007



At 5 years old a light appeared in the apartment in Texas on Christmas Eve. A miracle occurred. (?) Since then strong ESP continued: Began looking for what I considered my people with dark skin. Numerous phenomena occurred around me also since then.

In 1966 - sightings in sky around home. Other neighbors observed also. This was in Lynnwood, Washington.

Then in 1968 or 1969 had close encounter and missing time while driving on the Evergreen Floating bridge over Lake Washington in Washington State. Large craft came up over the bridge close to the water. Observed for a long period of time. Had my missing time here. Craft appeared to be gliding and made no sound. However, it looked very heavy. Hypnosis induced for recall on this event.

Went aboard craft where I met with small baldheaded beings that took me to a window or computer screen and showed me a galaxy shaped like a man standing. These beings were friendly and I felt comfortable with them.

1966 unusual birth with a 9 pound son. Breach birth -- no pain -- child born with beautiful skin -- no bumps or bruises or misshaped head caused by birth. Shocked the doctors and nurses. Lights all around me. Many tiny ones during time of giving birth.

1985 alien being appeared in my sleep to warn world of many earthquakes to begin -- small and large and continuous around the world beginning that year close to Easter. All has occurred exactly as stated. Had the dream in Month of January 1985 - near death experience also has changed my life and involved UFO and light, love and a journey. Mission is to help people.


Neenah, WI

J__ and I went back and took the same roads. It only took us about 32 minutes to get from Appleton, WI to the campground by New London, WI. Through hypnosis we found out we were on a craft and went for a ride.

I cried through the whole hypnosis session. It was very hard on me. I now realize they must have put a suggestion to not remember. I feel that only when the time is right do they let us remember.

Also in a much later session we discovered we were on another craft one and one half years ago. Different in size, much larger and the people looked different.

I have drawn the inside of this craft, and part of the instrument panel with the symbols that were on there.

Also I was given the sign of the 6 sided star, that is very important to me. They also told me I had lessons to learn, and what they were, and when I am ready they will return.

I would like to know if any other contactees have a hard time with spelling.

J___W____ Menasha, WI

Between New London, WI and Cleveland, OH

First sighting 1957 or 1958, St. Petersberg, FL.

In convertible auto, driving down freeway with a friend. Ball of fire falling out of the sky. Fire went out, looked like a bright light. Continued to come down. Suddenly made an abrupt turn and headed south. Followed it quite awhile, until it went out of sight. Big write up in newspaper next day.

It was what got me interested in UFO's. 1974 joined UFO group in area. Sightings started.

August 1976 took a 35 mm picture of 4 crafts. Largest going between 540 and 108,000 mph. Speed estimated by a college Astronomy Professor.

Missing time between 10:00 p.m and 1:30 a.m. on a campout. Went from one destination and back which would normally only take 32 minutes.

Hypnosis session used to establish further info. Concerning missing time. (Short trip on a UFO)

Also another time UFO abduction late Sept. 1984. Both crafts were different as well as the people. First craft people skinny and craft had only one level. Second craft people were around our height and a little stockier. This craft had two levels. The bottom had 3 rooms, an R&R, a communications room and an examination room.

A tube in the center of the craft in which you sort of poofed from one level to another. Small area about 12 inches by 8 feet or so with some greens in it that looked like ferns.

B. can tell you what they had to say. The gentleman gave B. a six sided star in her hand. He also told her we were to learn to be compassionate and to realize that we do not all look alike.

On one occasion we went to interview someone and three hours of tapes were wiped out. On this trip we got ray burns as the craft was pretty close to us. Our tapes from our hypnosis sessions are partially erased. At one point I am talking and you can hear the phone and door bell in the outer office but not my voice in front of the mike.

Since the last abduction I have had tones in my ears that are like Morse code. I keep telling them to send the code book. I do not know what the messages say. Also have had lights in a dark room.

Mrs. A.G.

October 24, 1974 and into spring 85.
Location: Park Ridge Heights, Suburb to Prince George, BC

In October 24, 1974 after dusk I was contacted by my friend I.H. who lived 2 1/2 blocks from me. I was told to run out on the street and view object that was hovering over her house.

It had previously hovered 10 minutes over the Park Ridge Heights pond.

It was a white globe -- then crossed the highway to her house.

With camera and binoculars in hand I ran out the door to find it coming over our backyard and it passed over my head at 60 - 100 feet up. No lights. I snapped four pictures which were blank on developing.

The object was round on the bottom with four blobs on the bottom and dull gray. I did not see the top. I believe it may have been 15 ft. in diameter and traveling about 15 mph.

It crossed the street and turned on flashing green and red lights and moved on to the end of the street and out of vision.

While it passed over my head it made a humming noise like a clothes dryer. Had itchy scalp for months after.

Sighting March 5, 1975 - 8:00 pm, sighting Violet, daughter of Hawley's saw object -- red light high in sky. Others observed object detected on microscope -- my photos enlarged by Citizen Newspaper and objects seen. Kodak Instamatic 110 color film - March or April 1975. After dark observed object -- glowed red in school bushes. Two hour observance, object moved in dancing motion from ground level to 4 - 5 ft. With flash light we blinked at object -- receiving back flashed like more coded signals. Messages interpreted. Available upon request. (Many more experiences too numerous to mention, she says.)

Prince George, BC

In 1957 in Lakeside, CA when I was 17 years old, Semjase and I were friends. She once said "You know, I am not of this planet." I just shook my head - what did I know.

I went into their little mobile house and Semjase went somewhere for a few minutes. I saw some blueprints and I unrolled them to take a look. When Semjase saw me looking at the blueprint (of a space ship) she turned pale and said, "Don't look at the blue prints. It is my fathers. I then told her that I too was from another planet - she said prove it. So I took my finger and aimed at a street light - when it exploded. Well you can imagine my surprise - I could not believe it. I went closer to where the street light was and a pile of glass was on the ground. I am sure the father did it to scare me. I have been thinking a lot about her and I am sure I will see her again. Yes, I have seen many spacecraft and something is up.


Prince George, BC

Sitting outside on a bright summer day -- feeling trapped on such a small undeveloped planet. Suddenly wondering, wishing fervently that I could see other worlds. Asked mental question -- "Will we ever get off this world?" Halfway through this word a thought from outside crashed into my head -- something like a louder station blanking out a less powerful one. The voice had an amplified quality like the voices you hear blocks away when a work crew is communicating by radio.

The voice said "Look for a sign in the sky." This statement was so melodramatic that I was embarrassed by it. Then I couldn't believe I had actually heard it. So I just sat stunned for a moment. Then I tried a question, "How will I know?" Again the voice overrode mine with that strange metallic amplified quality -- saying "You'll know."

Further questions such as "Who are you?", "Where are you?", etc., went unanswered. Either the source had moved out of range, or else didn't feel like responding again.

So I decided I was going crazy and imagining things and forget about it. But that night, actually around 4:00 a.m. the next morning, I suddenly woke up, didn't know why. So naturally decided it was "nature calling." Headed back to bed but had an overpowering urge to look out the window.

Saw a bright streak slowly climbing up towards the moon. It stopped right on the moon for a minute or so, then slowly rose beyond it and gradually faded off. For a while I wondered what it was.

It took about 10 minutes before I remembered the voice, and then I did know what it meant. Yes, we would get to the moon and beyond. Actually I believe the streak was a jet trail illuminated by the coming dawn. But how did this voice know it was gong to be there, and what woke me up, "at the appropriate time?" I certainly answered my question anyway.


Gateshead, England

Observed red light outside house at 2 a.m. through curtains. Opened curtains and observed a flattened bell shaped UFO, mass of red, orange and white lights hovering over house. All but one light went out and rose into the sky. Minutes later heard a low rumbling. She saw on 18th version of bell shape followed by a swarm of tiny specks of light move to center of room. The swarm descended. Carole was petrified. She tingled and felt a pressure on her. She became numbed. She heard a loud buzzing noise and then the swarm lifted, joined the disc and both went into hallway. Over next three weeks 22 year old Carol had pains in her face and rash on her neck.

September 3, 1979 - 4 a.m. Tingling returned, she was paralyzed with it and could move nothing save her head. In the corner of the room she saw the disc again. Then she saw a group of 12, some kneeling, some standing about 2 1/2' tall with pale, feminine faces, white clothing and belts and boots. One had a cloak -- it brushed her but she felt nothing. It said through unmoving lips: "She is just like any other earthling." Apart from this she heard only strange clicking noises. She turned her head and all vanished. She was free.

Case listed in "UFO Study: A handbook for Enthusiasts by Jenny Randle (Robert Hale $7.95) - England

Three school girls, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 2, 3, 4, 1979, Oct. 11, 1979 - 10:05 pm

Arrowhead object moved off the street to field and settled slowly, "Sarah" walked to within two feet of object. Saw 4 shadowlike figures emerge, hover in a semicircle 2' off ground. 4' tall 1 1/2' wide, thick - football shaped. Looked at them a couple of minutes and passed out.

Recalled being on UFO and observing general area, noticed a man in blue, walking his dog. Missed 15 minutes.

Physical exam: instrument put in mouth, "light" put on thumb and index finger which painlessly burned holes in each of them. Blood extracted from holes.

A machine was put on head to find out what she knew. A human, English speaking male, was on board, dark hair with grey, looked about 43, not very tall, wore casual clothing. Said he was a store owner. Said he was brought on board after she was. They told her that they would let him go after they released her.

Next day a MIB confronted her on school yard. Tall, skinny and had funny shoes on. Six feet tall and looked like a dead person. Dull grey-toned face, slanted eyes and a black suit. Could not remember shape of lips only that grin was sinister. Had a long painted nose and long fingernails on tapering fingers. Feet pointed outward at 90 degrees. Shoes had 3 - 4" heels. Wanted to know who her friends were on the ship. Warned her if she did not tell him everything on board ship that he and his friends would get after her. She told him exactly what she saw. He seemed pleased with the info but surprised when she mentioned computers. He knew a man was on board and he had spoken to the man since that time. When he left he simply disappeared right in front of her.

By Donna T

At the age of thirteen I will never forget the horror of the creature that watched me. This dream is not recent; however, it was so vivid I have never forgotten the fright or the phobia that it instilled in me. Even now I will not sleep by an open window. When I was thirteen; we did not have central air, and our home was cooled day and night by an attic fan. My dream started this way:

I awoke from a sound sleep; sensing something looking through the venetian blinds at me. I was so frightened I could not move. Its eyes were a glowing red, and he seemed to have some kind of mind power over me. I knew what the saying "scared stiff!" felt like. I kept thinking to myself; if I lay very still and not open my eyes; then, it would just look in at me and go away. I was in a state of total fear; nevertheless, I fell asleep at this point and had this dream.

I had seen the creature move around the house checking the doors and windows. He looked through my window down on my face with those piercing glowing eyes. In the next instance I am outside with a view of his back. Then he walks away from my window. The night was lit by a full moon giving me the opportunity to see his claw-like hands. He walked in a rocking motion through the tall grass. I remember thinking he looks just like a mummy. It walked away from my window; then, I drifted off into a deeper sleep. I knew he was gone, and I felt a little safe.

In the morning when I awoke I was still shook up. My whole body was tired; the kind of tired you get when you know you have struggled physically against something.

I think even today that something very strange happened to me that night. The first part of the dream when I awoke had seemed very, very real, but as I thought about it I knew my eyes were shut the whole time. How could I have seen the mummy walk up to my window and look in? In the bright real world of the daytime I realized that my mind was playing "trick or treat" with me, and everyone has nightmares from time to time. Right? I can say this, or that, about the dream to make it less real, yet there is one thing I don't like to think about. I don't have an answer. How did the very, very real grass stains get on my washed feet?


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