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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hello Everyone:

I am now settled in Cortez, Colorado, the city where the sun shines most every day! You can't imagine how peaceful it is here.

Yesterday in the Cortez Journal I was reading the crime page to see what goes on here. The worst thing in the report was 3 men who had wild life illegally! What kind it did not say. Last week it said that someone pulled another's hair! Of course there was a little more to it but nothing like Seattle where someone gets murdered every day!

I thought this little story was intriguing to start us off again.


The following story took place in Luumaki, Finland in 1965, and was testified to by two very well-known people. The eyewitnesses, who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons are referred to as A and B. Although the incident IS NOT connected with a UFO sighting, the many circumstances suggest that the strange little man may not be a terrestrial being.

On a lovely day in August A and B, together with some friends were picking whortleberries in a seldom frequented part of the forest. By about noon A began to hear some sort of peculiar murmuring and "bubbling" sounds from the top of a nearby slope, though he could not detect anything unusual in the direction of the sound. After some time A looked again in the same direction and he now saw, at a distance of about 200 meters, a small manlike being standing on the top of the slope, looking straight at him.

This being and A stood staring at each other for some time, and then the little stranger started to walk toward A. The stranger was hardly a meter in height (about 3 ft.), yet its head and shoulders appeared to be like those of a strong man. When the alien being started to move, it seemed to totter a bit at first, but soon regained its balance and walked with firm steps straight toward A, who like one paralyzed stood looking at the approaching strange visitor whose face was CARROT RED and whose body was covered by a skintight GREEN apparel. The little man, however, soon changed direction and reached the edge of a small bog, where it just disappeared and was no longer seen.

B, who had also noticed the little man as well, said he had seen it later on when it came running quite close to A (and to me, the undersigned who knew nothing of the event, but continued to pick whortleberries, quite calmly, about 10 meters from A). After a few strange movements the little man disappeared in a curious manner from the vision of B also. A peculiar thing about this was that A was utterly incapable in any way of drawing my attention to the appearance of the little man, though we were quite close. Also, more than half a year passed before A could bring himself to talk about his strange experience and it was only then discovered that B had also seen the same 'little man.'

Tapani Kuningas
Published by the Finnish Interplanetary Society. Reprinted from Flying Saucers Magazine


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