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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today I am beginng the first part of my book I wrote, "On the (UFO) Road Again." I chose that title for two reasons. We often went on investigations which put us on the road a lot. Secondly I love Willy Nelson's song On the Road Again. The last reason is that when a group of us would go to conferences we would play that song. We had a good time back then.

The first is the introduction and the next part is the beginning of the book. Download it and keep it!

* * *


"Wake up. Wake up!"

My husband's words roused me from a deep sleep while we were traveling from Pendleton to Stanfield, Oregon. I was 17. It was quite late on a clear summer night. We were passing through a great expanse of freshly harvested wheat fields.

I quickly sat up - startled. All of the surrounding terrain was encompassed in a brilliant green light between kelly and chartreuse. Inside our car everything, myself and my husband included, was green. The bright light engulfed the area for miles casting shadows from fence posts and tall grasses along the highway.

We were terrified. Unfamiliar with UFOs, or the concept of such a phenomenon, we could not imagine what had happened. My husband sped quickly away. Soon we rounded a hill and the light disappeared.

The following day we found no mention of the strange light in the newspapers. Had there possibly been an explosion at the Hanford Nuclear Facility? We were rationalizing trying to find ordinary answers to an extraordinary event.

Today I find it interesting that my ex-husband has no memory of that night, nor the green light that moved me so deeply, and altered the course of my life.


Years later, after researching many close encounters with green lights, we found a UFO was definitely the instigator.

For ten years after my UFO encounter I searched ravenously for answers. I read everything I could find on metaphysics, Eastern religions, Spiritualism. You name it, I studied it. I didn't know what was driving me.

It was shortly after moving to Seattle that I met a man at a metaphysical meeting who had a large library on metaphysical subjects, plus UFOs. I had never read, or even seen a UFO book. He loaned me George Adamski's book, "Inside the Space Ships." I was hooked. I couldn't get enough!

George Adamski was the first person to come forward to say he had contact with extraterrestrial beings. Although much maligned, Adamski brought the public's attention to the UFO contacts being made by alien beings.

I was looking through the personal ads in the Seattle Times Newspaper when I saw an advertisement for anyone interested in starting a UFO group using George Adamski's concepts. I called the number and that was the start of my research.

The young man starting the group, Gary ____, was also enthusiastic about George Adamski. He showed me one answer to his advertisement in the newspaper. The letter said, "What I have to show you can't be sent in the mail. Please call me and make an appointment so we can meet."

A meeting place, and time, was arranged. Upon the appointed day Gary and I, as well as an Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) investigator we met though the newspaper article, interviewed a most interesting man. The following is his story.

"My hunting partner and I had been hunting up in the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area where we hunted every Labor Day Weekend on opening day of deer season. The area is near Red Mountain and Spider Glacier. (in Washington State)

The previous year we had hunted there and I had noticed a green glow from our vantage point where we were camped high on a bluff. I was too tired to get up out of my sleeping bag to see what was making it.

Last year we went there again. Only this time when I saw the green glow I got up to see what it was. My partner was fast asleep in his sleeping bag. I looked over the cliff where our camp was and I got the shock of my life. Parked down below the cliff, in the little valley, were five landed UFOs. They were glowing green. They formed a circular pattern the way they were landed. In the middle were five "men."

As I watched, an instrument of some kind, was going back and forth to an old abandoned mine shaft.

At this point I woke my partner up. He became hysterical and wanted to leave. I asked him to control himself for a moment while I looked through the binoculars. As I watched I had the uncanny feeling that the "men" were well aware of my observing them. The men were standing in a circle in the center of where the craft were resting. All of a sudden a round glowing ball came out of a chute that projected out of one of the craft. The ball gently floated over to the middle of where the men were standing. They did something to the ball with their hands and then it went crashing through the trees down the valley to the south.

By this time my partner was yelling for us to get out of there. We were hurriedly gathering up our things when the craft took off. They moved so fast up into space they left a retinal image on the eye. When they were on the ground they glowed green but as they moved they turned orange and then red. They were gone - to who knows where?

We left and went to Wenatchee, Washington the back way, instead of the usual way, which would have taken us right through where the craft had been parked. We were afraid they might come back.

After being in Wenatchee for three days our curiosity got the best of us. We decided to go back. When we got to the spot where the craft were landed we walked to the approximate place where the men stood. We glanced around, and wedged into some rocks was an instrument. My partner claimed it because he reached down and picked it up first. In the long run that proved fortunate for me.

When he picked the object up it started beeping. As far as I know it never stopped as long as he had it in his possession. The object was shaped like a modernistic kidney bean. On top was an antenna-like device with two cross beams with a little wire running between them. On the very top was a button with an insignia of "alpha" only the line through the middle was longer. The insignia looked somewhat like a UFO.

Later in Seattle, while riding on the bus, a man sat down beside me wearing a ring that was an exact duplicate of the insignia. His hair was brown and his fingers seemed to be a little long, but other than that, you would never have been able to detect he was other than a human. When I saw the ring my hair stood on end. He got off at a bus stop and I never saw him again. I felt like he was aware that I was "tuned" into who he might be.

My partner took the instrument back to California with him where he lived. He had it in the basement of his house for over a year. One day the FCC Inspectors came to his house to ask him why he was transmitting without a license? He said he wasn't. They went away - for the moment. In the meantime he hid the instrument out in the desert where we had built a cabin. In a few days the inspectors were back. This time they had a warrant for his arrest. The only charge they could hold him on was "incommunicado" for three days. There was no evidence of anything transmitting in his house but that was because he had hidden the instrument by the time they came back.

While he was in jail his brother visited him and sent me a message where the instrument was buried. He said, "If you go out there and pick up the insturment, you will be where I am."

The last I heard about him was that neither his parents, nor his wife, knew what happened to him. He had disappeared."

When we heard his story we immediately purchased a map of the desert area he indicated in California. We sent it to a trusted investigator who went out there. Only there was no instrument, no cabin, and no indication there had ever been one.

You may wonder at the truthfulness behind this story. One part of it was proven to me. I went to Red Mountain myself the next year on Labor Day weekend. Down below the cliff where the hunters picked up the instrument there were five round circles. At first the circles were hard to see until you went up on top of the cliff where they had camped. From that vantage point you could see the light brown circles plainly. I had walked right through them! Close up the grass was bent over, but not flat, and the top of the blades were light brown but underneath they were still green. It appeared that the craft had hovered but not set down. Perhaps they had long telescoping landing gear for rocky terrain.

The next year I went back to Red Mountain. This time sheep were in there and had trampled down every blade of grass and ruined the trail so that we were not able to observe any anomalies at all.

I often wonder if they still come back every Labor Day weekend, and why they chose that particular date. I also wonder if the hunting partner from California ever showed up again.

In the Summer of 1964 we were at the Seattle Center Science Pavilion. On the Agenda that day were two speakers: Robert J. Gribble, Director of the UFO Reporting Center, and a representative of the Civil Air Patrol from Sacramento, California. Bob was speaking on the history of UFOs, plus listing current sightings. The representative from the Civil Air Patrol was stating that there was no evidence for the existance of UFOs.

That day I knew I had finally found what my long search was all about and the direction my life must take.

At that time I was very active politically. John F. Kennedy had given a goal for "The New Frontier" that could be obtained through hard work. I attended various functions and was a representative from my party to the State Convention. My husband was a campaign manger for a local state representative race. One of the areas I was active in was the Women's Club of my party. When it became my turn to furnish entertainment for the monthly luncheon who should my mind turn to immediately but Bob Gribble. He agreed to come and speak to the ladies. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was the beginning of a lifelong friendship between Bob, his wife Gloria, and myself. It was the LAST day I attended any function of my political party.

In 1964 I became a board member of the National Investigations Commission on Aerial Phenomena (later renamed The UFO Reporting Center), chaired by Bob Gribble. My particular function was to set up interviews on television and radio, plus arrange interviews in the newspapers.

Through many cases of close approach by UFOs, and abductions, that I dealt with, I gradually came to the realization that there was a need for an organization just for the particpants. Therefore, I left Bob's organization in 1978 to form the UFO Contact Center. The Contact Center was incorporated officially on June 4, 1981. In 1983 "International" was officially added to the name with the State of Washington Secretary of State's office.

While I was active in Bob Gribble's organization I met Dan Edwards. Dan was visiting the Reporting Center one evening researching the 1973 "flap." We talked to each other for two evenings. After that we worked together and formed an investigating team that later became the UFO Contact Center. Dan and I were married on January 24, 1977. I always felt our getting together was programmed by the "Boys Upstairs."

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