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Sunday, June 10, 2007


From Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts, thank you Albert!

Location. Southeast England (exact location not given)
Date: February 11 2006
Time: night

The witness was taking out the rubbish when he heard an extremely low pitched sound, very deep and rumbling, he felt it more than he heard it. He peered at the forest which is at the end of his garden, separated only by a small, barred fence and could see two large circular objects that glinted with a soft yellow, sort of like cat's eyes, except they were much larger and without pupils. The circles got darker towards the edges. He then switched on the outside light, which increased the pitch of the rumbling and the discs got brighter in color. He dropped the rubbish and began to walk down the path, towards the end of his garden. After a few steps the pitch of the sound increased. He hesitated but then continued. With every few steps, the pitch increased, and when he was almost at the bottom of the garden, it was almost painful.

He decided then to go no further, but he had a fairly obscured look of what was there. The discs were high on the thing which made him think they were eyes. He could see that they were on the sides of a head, not on the front and he was merely seeing the front of almost orb-like eyes. He thought that the creature was furry, or at least had hair of some kind, but it was dark and he couldn't see very well, it was rather large, about six or seven foot high. He couldn't see much more of it, and it was slowly moving backwards. Scared he ran into the house and locked the door.

Later during the night he heard a low pitched rumbling a few times. Oddly enough it sometimes came from above and sometimes from below. When he turned the light on to take a look out the window he saw something pretty much the same shape as what he had seen earlier in the woods (vaguely humanoid rather wide and covered with humps) fluttering about in short hops, in his garden and the field next to it.

In the morning when he went to the yard to investigate he found the rubbish strewn about. Also the wire they used to make sure rabbits do not simply slip through the bars was sunken to the ground. He found many broken branches and scattered debris in the woods.

HC addendumSource: Unexplained Mysteries Forum

Location. Caguas, Puerto Rico
Date: February 13 2006
Time: night

A couple saw a small human-shaped "light" flying over the area. In one instance the woman went outside and saw the luminous figure. On another, the husband went into the bathroom and the luminous figure followed him, only to vanish. The woman has heard voices in a strange language.

HC addendumSource: Andrew Alvarez http://www.andrewalvarez.net/ andLucy Guzman http://www.ovni.net/

Location. Crumrod, Arkansas
Date: February 15 2006
Time: 0600AM

The witness was driving alone on a highway from Elaine to Crumrod when he noticed 2 bright lights on each side of the car which began following the witness. He turned into the first house he saw and the lights did the same, he did not get out of the car and blew the car horn for about 45minutes and the bright lights were still there.

Then he saw figures standing all around the house which were looking at the witness with glowing eyes. He began calling a family member and friends on his cellphone but it soon went dead, so did the car. A friend came by to pick him up but did not see anything. His car was still dead an hour later and he had to jump start it. The resident of the house refused to come out because he thought that there was something "strange" happening outside.

HC addendumSource: NUFORC

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