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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Mineral Wells Texas Bolts Of Blue Static Electricity Zaps People - Alien Abductions
Date: 1997

HBCC UFO Research Note: If you want to listen to this story told by the eyewitness, please tune into the "Vike Report" radio show:
Mr. Vike
As I wrote you before, I told you that I had a lot more to tell you about other events throughout my life. I just wish that I had told you a lot sooner, because I had a strange occurrence in Mineral Wells Texas back in 1997. At that time I worked for a company called Government Records Services. My job was to travel to different courthouses in Texas and Micro Film the Courthouse records.

This occurrence was more like a dream than reality. Or, I was led to believe that it was only a dream. But it is what happened afterwards that makes me believe that it was real. Because I woke up with marks on my body that correlated with the dream. And there is a lot more, but I would like to explain that in more detail in another letter. Anyway, this is what happened.

I stayed in an Apartment at Mineral Wells because I had a job at the Palo Pinto County Courthouse that was going to take me at least four months to finish. Palo Pinto is a small town about 10 or 15 miles west of Mineral Wells. Mineral Wells is a small town about 30 miles west of Ft. Worth, Texas. I had a lot of strange experiences in that town and some even included clairvoyance. Anyway, this is what happened.

One night, I had a dream that I was asleep in my own bed in my apartment at Mineral Wells. In the dream something woke me up. My room was bathed in an eerie pink light. The blinds were closed but the light was so intense that it showed through them like pink sun beams. I thought that there might be a fire-truck downstairs, so I got out of bed to see what was going on. I got out of bed and put on a pair of blue shorts, then I walked out to the balcony outside of my front door.

As I stood on the balcony looking down, I noticed a bunch of people down below. There were a couple of pickup trucks with guys in them drinking beer. They were playing their radios with their pickup doors open and some were standing around flirting with girls. Then one of girls pointed up in my direction and asked "What is that?" I looked around but I didn't see anything, so I looked above my head. Then I got excited because I thought that I was seeing the edge of a UFO.

So I said back to the girl, "That is a UFO."

But my excitement didn't last very long. Without warning bolts of blue static electricity shot down from above and started zapping the people down below. One guy was taking a gulp of beer when a bolt struck him, then he totally disappeared. As he disappeared his beer can hit ground. Then I heard one of the drivers go, "What the hell?" Then he tried to back up in reverse. But a bolt of electricity zapped him before he could get anywhere. Then a lady bent over to pick up her little girl and they disappeared as two bolts zapped them while she was still bending over.

I thought, "Oh God, they're taking them all." So, I got scared and ran back into my apartment and locked the door behind me. Then I crawled back in bed and hid under the covers, thinking that they would hide me. My bed was in my living room facing the front door. I heard a crackling sound so I peaked from under the covers to see where it was coming from. There were blue bolts of static electricity shooting down out of my ceiling. They started at the front door and they were sweeping back and forth as they got closer to the foot of my bed. I got the impression that they were looking for me. So I jumped out of bed and I ran into the bathroom. Then I got down on my hands and knees in the bathtub thinking that the metal in it would screw up their search.

But I was sadly mistaken. I could hear someone coming up the stairs. Even as I heard them coming up the stairs I thought to myself, "If they have so much technology, then why are they wasting time coming up the stairs." Then before I knew it, I could sense their presence outside of the bathtub. Then the scene changed.

This time, I was being dragged down a tunnel. The tunnel was cave like and I got the impression that it was deep underground. There were three beings and one of them had me by my left arm as he pulled me along. But I wasn't being drug on the floor. I was floating about six inches off the floor as they pulled me along. It was very relaxing and I felt like I was floating on a cloud.

For some reason, I wasn't afraid. So I took time to look around at my surroundings. As they pulled me down the tunnel I looked to each side and I noticed a lot of debris. On each side of the tunnel near the tunnel wall, there were Styrofoam cups, empty beer cans and beer bottles, discarded clothing and even a pair of glasses. The beings pulling me tried to disguise their appearance by making me believe that they were something else. As I looked up at them they would fade in and out to different shapes. One moment, they looked like a typical grey and the next they looked like young teenagers wearing baseball caps. I actually found it humorous because I knew what they were trying to do, but I also knew that it wouldn't work. Then the scene changed again.

This time I was strapped to a stainless steel round table. I was lying on my back and the beings were on each side of me. I tried to move but I felt like I was strapped down. All I could move was my head. Then a beautiful blonde walked up to the foot of the table that I was strapped to. She wore a sheer white gown and I could see her naked body through it. She was so beautiful that I immediately got an erection. Then she climbed up on the table and straddled me. So, I made love to her. Then the scene changed once more.

This time I was standing in a field outside of my apartment, but there were hundreds of people standing outside with me. It was late at night and there were people of every kind. There were children and adults, people in clothes, and people in nightgowns, and there were some that were even standing around naked.

But they all had blank expressions on their faces and they stood around like a bunch of zombies. So I grabbed a baseball cap off the head of one of them, then I started slapping them one by one in the face. I even grabbed people by the shoulders and I shook them to wake them up. Then I started yelling, "You gotta wake up. You gotta wake up. They don't want you to remember. You've got to wake up. They want us to forget. You've got to wake up." But no one would wake up.

Then I woke up in my own bed.

When I awoke I was lying in a strange position. I was lying on my left side and my right hand was in the shape of a fist pressed into the flesh of my upper left forearm. Then I noticed a giant lump in my naval about the size of a golf ball cut in half. The minute I saw it I verbally cursed my abductors because I felt that they were responsible. I would find out three years later that I had an umbilical hernia.

After I got up, I decided to take a shower. As I soaped myself down, I noticed three red marks on my upper left forearm. There were three perfect ovals that looked like large finger prints that each got smaller on my arm. I remembered waking up with my knuckles digging into the same arm but they looked so strange that I decided to try an experiment by duplicating them on the other arm. So, I dug my knuckles into to the soft flesh of my right arm and held it there until it hurt. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't duplicate them. They even faded away after my experiments. But the other marks on my left arm remained for a few hours.

So, I decided to take a picture of the marks on my left arm before they disappeared. I set my camera on a try pod and I used the handle of a broom to position the camera where I needed it. Then I set the focus on the broom handle, positioned my arm even with it, and snapped a few pictures with the time exposure mode. I still have the pictures to this day.

That day I drove from Mineral Wells to my home town, San Angelo Texas, to visit my children and friends. I had a friend that would let me stay with him and his family to save me from spending money on a motel. That night when I got ready to go to bed, my friend pointed out something on my legs. He thought that I might have had some kind of disease or something because of the bumps on my legs.

I had these red splotches on each of my shins all the way up to my knees. They were about the size of nickels and they itched like crazy. We determined that they were chigger bites. The only way I could have gotten chigger bites was by walking in a field of tall grass or weeds. But I had never been in any weeds. Which led me to believe that my dream may not have been a dream after all.
So, I decided that when I got back to Mineral Wells, that I would examine the field across from my apartment. The minute I got back to Mineral Wells, I worked my way through a bunch of bushes and mesquites to examine the field for any kind of footprints or an impression in the ground that might have been left by a UFO. But I was shocked to discover that field had been plowed over. Which was another strange thing, because I had lived there for over a month and that field was never plowed, because it used to be a vacant lot covered over with brush and weeds.

Before all this happened I never even thought about UFO's. But some weird things happened to me before I got to Mineral Wells made me wonder if they were connected somehow. Then a couple of days later, I watched a movie about an abduction called "Fire on the Mountain". That was the first movie I had ever seen in my life about UFO's. But as I watched it, I got goose bumps and I felt really strange, like I had experienced something similar. Then the very next day I had this strange obsession with UFO's. I started going to the library and checking out anything I could on them.

Once I saw the pictures of Aliens or Greys, I was excited and nervous at the same time. Even owls made me nervous, and frogs. Anything with big Eyes. That year, 1997, I had more dreams of abductions and I even woke up with skin grafted out of my shin.

I even had a small BB like object in my shin that I used to let my friends play with. Every time I would go visit them we joked about it and they would say, "Hey Carl, Ya still got that implant." Then I would prop my foot up on a table or chair so that they could roll it around inside of the loose skin of my shin with their fingers. It could be moved around at least half an inch.

Then one day, they wanted me to come over to their house to show it off to one of their friends. So, I drove over to their house to let them play with my implant one more time. Then everyone gathered around for the show. But when I propped my foot up, it was gone and there was a tiny hole the size of pin prick with blood in it.

That same family had their own encounters when I spent the night with them. One night, their daughter let out a blood curdling scream. I was sleeping on a pallet in the living room and the parents were down the hall. The parents jumped out of bed and ran to the bedroom to see what was wrong. There daughter ran out into the hall to meet them and she was trembling with fear and crying at the same time. Then she proceeded to tell them that something had awoken her and she thought that someone was in her room. Because, she had seen a shiny silver head at the foot of her bed that reminded her of a balloon. Then when she screamed, it disappeared.

Everyone started questioning her about it and she told us that it was little man about 3 to 4 foot high. But she kept insisting that he was silver and he glowed. The girl was a straight A student in College and she wasn't one to make up wild stories. Furthermore, there were other nights that I stayed with them, and they would all wake up with bloody noses. When I questioned my Friend (the father) about it, he told me that it was nothing to worry about because they always woke up with bloody noses.

And there is more. But I will end this here to send you what I have so far. Thanks.

Thank you to a good friend for sending this report in.
And thank you Brian Vike for letting us run this very interesting case.


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