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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Location. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Date: January 22 2006
Time: 1800

A couple of friends drove outside Scarborough to "enjoy the stars" Then in a "short time" they "somehow ended up over 298km from Toronto, near Ottawa." They claimed that as they were headed back they observed the landing of three UFOs. One of them had already had some sightings the summer before, and they had earlier in the evening mentally "asked for this" and felt that they had been "guided to the three landing spots."

"The discs are the size of a one-man aircraft," one of them wrote. "They all landed in a slow, falling leaf motion! We were able to communicate.as if through telepathy. We were being invited to approach.We wished we had the courage to approach, but they were all across dark fields of snow and we realized we had to wait for next time." They did not get back home until 0600A.

HC addendumSource: http://www.mysterious-america.net/uforeports.html

Comments: Appears to have been an unexplored abduction event.

Location. Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada
Date: January 30 2006
Time: 0200A

The 2 witnesses were awoken by a low humming sound and clattering against all the windows of the house. They looked outside and saw 20 or more tiny blue lights in the sky. They quickly picked up the video camera and began to film them. The objects were very high in the sky, and moved freely in any direction or hovered together, one on top of the other a few miles apart in the sky. This continued for about an hour.

They then noticed the objects getting much larger, as they slowly descended to earth. They claimed they managed to get one or two close ups on video but the quality was not the best.

The ridge above the house about 1 ½ miles to the north began to emit a day-like glow. Most of the objects were no longer visible but the humming sound had become almost deafening.

Suddenly a strong wind began to rip at the house, out of the north, the light pulsated on the horizon and clouds of smoke appeared to rise up slowly from each light, there were about six lit up areas.

One of the witnesses attempted to call somebody on the phone but it was not working, it was making a peculiar buzzing sound. They then both leaned out the window to see better and listen. Soon they heard a very eerie howl, not like any coyote they had ever heard, almost like a siren, but not as perfect. It was followed by a loud blood curling deep scream, definitely not human. It filled the entire valley, and what followed was odd for mid winter in Canada, a warm strong breeze came from the north, almost hot, and it smelled like burning plastic, or something similar. The sensor light outside kept coming on and they heard crashing and banging against the house, scratching through the walls on every side.

Both witnesses then saw a tall very pale figure that had a human-like shape and glowing eyes, running across the driveway. Petrified, they shut themselves in and listened intently. They looked out the window for a bit longer to see the smoke puff up from the lighted hilltops again, and again saw tiny blue lights like they had seen earlier that shot up, hover briefly and then began getting smaller as they flew higher into the sky, they remained visible for a long time.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC


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