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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Some of you will have already read this report from Victor Martinez but for those of you who haven't here is the story. Also there have been rebuttals saying it isn't true. You can decide what you think about it. I find it interesting. - Aileen

This is the true story of the Gate 3 Incident.
DATE: This incident occurred in April 1983.

BACKGROUND: Gate 3 was a designation for an entrance into the Groom Lake Complex. This gate connected the Groom Lake complex with Area51. The gates surrounding the Groom Lake complex was [were] the responsibility of a private security company [Wackenhut Corp]. There was a mixture of private security and military security for the complex.

EVENT: The incident occurred when a "Visitor," [ExtraterrestrialEntity/ETE] being housed at Area 51, S-2 facility escaped. A massive search was started by military and private security forces. The Visitor was on foot and left the underground S-2 facility through an open vault door.

NARRATIVE: Part of the search team was the Director of Security for the Groom Lake complex and an agent from the Air Force Office of Special Investigation [AFOSI], who was the counter intelligence officer for the complex. Both were traveling in a jeep from the back gate of Groom Laketo the gate leading into Area 51, called Gate 3.

As the jeep approached Gate 3, the OSI agent noticed the guard was missing from the required location outside the gate house. As the jeep stopped, the OSI Agent got out of the jeep to investigate.

CRITICAL MASS: The OSI agent walked up to the gate to check on the guard. As the OSI agent got closer to the front door of the gate, the OSI agent noticed the interior of the gate was blood splattered. The OSI agent noticed only small pieces of human body parts were left of a human being. The OSI agent returned to the jeep and contacted the Central Security Control (main/primary security office for the complex) and reported the findings. The Director of Security contacted his office by way of a radio phone, mounted inside the jeep. The OSI agent, armed with only an automatic pistol, walked around the area searching for a perpetrator.

FLASHPOINT: The OSI agent located the "Visitor," lying down near an underground water culvert. The OSI agent challenged the Visitor, ordering the Visitor to give up. The Visitor walked away, followed bythe OSI agent. At some point, the OSI agent fired his weapon at the Visitor, as a warning. The Visitor, turned and pointed something at the OSI agent. The OSI agent fired directly at the Visitor, hitting the Visitor directly in the chest with two (2) rounds from the 45 caliber automatic pistol. The Visitor fell to the ground. It took about 18 minutes for additional security forces to arrive. The Visitor was placed inside a containment chamber and transported back to the S-2 facility. TheVisitor recovered from the wounds.

FOLLOW-UP: The incident was investigated by the FBI and Air Force Officeof Special Investigation [AFOSI]. THE INCIDENT REMAINS CLASSIFIED.

IDENTITY OF THE ALIEN: The name of the creature involved in "The Gate 3Incident" was an Archquloid. A-R-C-H-Q-U-L-O-I-D The alien is described as one of the "Big Nosed Grays." It was a 5' 6"tall, gray or tan being with large, black, slanted eyes and a mushroom-like head, with four (4) long fingers. They have yellow eyes with vertical pupils and very large, beaked noses. They are genetically engineered by the Ebens [cloned?] and were given to the U.S. Government for observation/examination/study by the Ebens.

VISITOR HOUSING: This particular Visitor lived in "The Bubble"officially known as "The Clean Sphere" located between Levels 2 and 3 of the 8-level S-2 facility at Area 51. If memory serves me right, there were 12-15 compartments within "The Clean Sphere" or "Bubble" which was located at the south end of the S-2 facility. Both the Archquloid and J-ROD lived in two (2) of the 12-15 compartments marked "Visitor Containment." Victor, it's important to note here that J-ROD and the Archquloid creature were NOT one and the same and that the claims made by some that they were are just plain WRONG. The Archquloid escaped, NOT J-ROD.

What we speculate is that because the Archquloid had to live its primary existence in "The Clean Sphere" and could only spend a minimal amount of time in our atmosphere, that an OVER exposure to our atmosphere somehow affected its sanity and intellect. Furthermore, it caused the creature to become delusional, disoriented and lose its mental faculties for sound reasoning, analysis and judgment. In street parlance, it "lost its mind" or was of unsound mind which accounts for his escape from the high-security "Clean Sphere" facility and the resulting homicide of the security guard.

MODERATOR's NOTE: ONLY the following section was written by a confidential source within the Defense Intelligence Agency and is a current sitting member of "The DIA-6." He appears to have a different take on the cause of the Visitor's aberrant, dysfunctional, frenzied and near hysterical behavior. ANONYMOUS resumes his information under CATALOGUED ALIEN SPECIES.

"VISITOR" SUPPLEMENTARY BACKGROUND INFORMATION: VICTOR: This particular "Visitor" was suffering from a medical[mental/emotional] condition. Consider the following: - this creature came to this planet from another solar system; - traveled about 38 light years [38.42]; - was locked up in a special containment housing complex; - was shocked by our civilization and our culture; - was not allowed to leave; - was under strict compliance controls (metal straps that shocked the creature when it tried to leave or did not comply with our instructions), and; - was unable to communicate in our language. It was probably suffering from PTST [Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome].What a shock! This is the same type of shock felt by our 12 TeamMembers enroute to Planet SERPO in 1965. The creature recovered from its gunshot wounds inflicted by the OSI agent. But it later died, about one year later. By the way, Bob Lazar DID work at Area 51. He is also aware of this incident.

CATALOGUED ALIEN SPECIES Here is the complete list of alien species the U.S. Government knows of and has catalogued:
1) Ebens
2) Archquloids
3) Quadloids: Genetically engineered "praying mantis" and lizard-likecreatures created by the Ebens
4) Heplaloids
5) Trantaloids

[NOTE: The above appeared in "Project SERPO" POSTING #19] More to come....


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