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Friday, June 17, 2005


By W. W. Derenberger

On the night of November 2, 1966, Woodrow Derenberger, a salesman from Parkersburg, West Virginia, was driving a truck along Interstate Highway I-77 near the city, when a vehicle from outer space landed on the road ahead of him, forcing him to stop. He then conversed with the pilot of the space craft.

My name is Woodrow W. Derenberger, I am 50 years old. (In 1993) My story began on November 2, 1966.

It was a cold and rainy evening, approximately 7:00 pm. On this date, I was driving my Ford Econovan down Interstate Highway I-77, coming from Marietta, Ohio, to my home in Mineral Wells, West Virginia.

I was driving up a long hill, at about 50 mph. My truck was loaded with stereos and sewing machines. One of the sewing machines fell off the top of a stereo causing me to turn on my dome lights to see what had fallen. At this time I noticed a car coming up the highway behind me and he blinked his lights to pass. I kept on at the same rate of speed and the car passed me. Directly behind this car, about 50 feet, this ship, as I have come to call it, came up beside my truck and at first, I thought it to be another car. Then I noticed that it had no lights. I then turned my head and glanced at it and saw that it was something that I had never seen before.

At this time I was not frightened. Then it pulled a little ahead of me and turned crosswise on the highway and started slowing down. To keep from hitting this object, I slowed my truck and pulled off the highway to the right onto the berm so that I could go around it, but it completely blocked the road from berm to berm. It kept slowing down until it came to a complete stop, as I also did, not more than 8 to 10 feet from it. As soon as it stopped, a door opened and a man stepped out.

Immediately, as he stepped to the ground, I received a message to roll my window down on the opposite side of my truck. I heard no audible voice, but I somehow knew what the man had asked me. I leaned across the truck and rolled down the window. The man then walked up to the side of my truck and stood very close to the door and said he would like to speak to me. He asked me not to be frightened, and then asked my name. I was so frightened by this time that I could not answer him. He told me I could either think or speak verbally, whichever was easier for me.

He said his name was Cold. He then asked me if I worked for a living and if I had to - I told him yes, that I was a salesman. He then said that he was a "searcher." He again repeated that I should not be frightened, that he wished me no harm, only happiness. He had a very pleasant smile on his face and his arms were folded, with his hands tucked under his armpits. He asked me what the lights in the distance were, and although he did not point, I knew the direction about which he was inquiring. I told him it was Parkersburg, a city. He asked me if all the people lived there, and I told him it was a place of business and of trade, and that most of the people lived in outlying areas or the suburbs. He told me that a place of this kind where he was from was called a gathering.

He then said, "Mr. Derenberger, look at me. I am the same as you are. I sleep, and breathe and bleed even as you do." Although he was speaking verbally to me, I could well understand every word he was saying. I felt no pain of any kind. My truck motor was running smoothly. Both of my headlights were on and also the dome lights in my truck. After the man stepped from the ship, it rose off the ground and hovered from 50 to 100 feet above my truck during the duration of our conversation. As he walked in front of my truck, I could see him very plainly in the headlights of my truck. He had a very pleasant appearance. He was approximately 5'10" tall and weighed approximately 180 to 185 pounds. His hair was very dark and thick and combed straight back over his head. He seemed to have a very good tan. He looked normal in every way and was very friendly. The expression on his face changed at times. He then asked me why I was so frightened, and said that his country was not nearly as powerful as ours. He also told me to report this incident to our local officials, and at a later date he would confirm my story. He then said that he would meet with me again. I talked with him approximately 10 minutes. I did not see him give any kind of sign, but the ship descended, and settled directly beside my truck. Mr. Cold then walked in front of my truck, to the ship. The door opened and I could see another form reaching out to close the door, or to possibly help Mr. Cold on to the ship. The ship then left and went straight up, making a soft, fluttering sound.

As soon as it was at the top of my truck, I very hurriedly left for home. I do not exactly remember driving home. I think at this time I was in a complete state of shock. When I got home, I immediately asked my wife to come to the kitchen, and we sat down at the table. She could see the state I was in, and the first question she asked was "Did you have an accident that has killed someone?" I assured her that nothing of that nature had happened, and then told her of my experience. It startled her very much at first; then she suggested we phone the police. I thought I had settled down by then, but after I got them on the telephone, I began shaking uncontrollably, and my voice quivered, so that she took the phone from me and related my story to them. Also, she was told by the police, that our call was the third one of its kind in this area that evening. They later called my wife and told her she should consult a doctor for me. However, by this time I had settled down and felt more like myself.

The next day, November 3, I was asked to come to the local television station WTAP. Here I met with the local authorities, and the state and city police, a United States Air Force Sergeant, and all the news media of Parkersburg. I was asked to describe my experience in full detail many times. They tried every way possible to break my story, but could not. The Air Force Sergeant said at this time that I definitely had an experience of some sort. That evening my story was carried in our local newspapers and was also picked up by UPI, which carried it all over the world. Following this, I appeared on local television and radio, in Parkersburg. The next few days I received hundreds of calls and many, many letters from all over the world. I later talked with many people, NICAP - who said they would release this shortly, the Air Force and NASA in Cape Kennedy, Florida. These people talked as though they believed my story and were not too surprised by it.

On November 4, I was driving home from Pomeroy, Ohio, and a friend of mine was riding with me. We were going down Highway 7, when I began having a tingling sensation around my eyes and the top of my forehead. I rubbed my forehead and I knew at the same time, that this was Mr. Cold trying to make contact with me again with telepathy. I did not want to receive him, but the same sensation persisted and I finally answered him. The gentleman riding with me knew that something was going on, as he later told me he also had some sort of feeling but didn't know what it was.

Mr. Cold then told me to slow down and drive very carefully, that his ship was directly over my truck and that they were following me. At this time he told me several things of his own planet. He told me that the first time he had contacted me, he had only asked me questions to calm me and to settle my fears. At this second meeting, I was not frightened. He asked me repeatedly to drive carefully. I had a feeling that I cannot explain -- it was not pain -- it was as though I was hearing my own voice, but with his words. This is very hard to explain because previous to this, I knew nothing of mental telepathy.

Mr. Cold told me he was from a planet called Lanulos; he said this is located close to the galaxy of Ganymede. He told me that his country was practically the same as ours, that they have woods, streams, fields, and oceans, as we do. He also said that he had taken samples of our vegetation, and also some of our animals and with very few exceptions these were as they have them. He told me that he wanted to talk with me later, that I had very good receptive powers of telepathy. He gave me quite a bit of information at this time. He said that he is married, his wife's name is Kimi, and he has two sons, eight and 11 years of age. Since that time, they have had a baby girl, born the week after Christmas in 1966.

Mr. Cold also said that their time is not exactly as ours. They have three climates -- planting, harvesting and cold. He said that his people have a life expectancy of 125 to 175 of our years. At this time he told me his first name was Indrid, and that he was getting ready to break contact, and that I would receive a severe shock and to prepare myself for it. I was listening very intently to every word he said, and had begun to think of questions to ask him, when he told me he was leaving.

When he broke contact, I felt very exhilarated. I had a small throbbing pain in my right temple, which left shortly. I decided not to tell anyone. However, I did reveal this to NICAP at the next meeting they had with me. I had almost daily contacts with Mr. Cold after this.

About four days after my initial experience with Mr. Cold, I came from work at approximately 9:00pm and was met in my back yard by Mr. Cold and his companion, Carl Ardo. Mr. Ardo travels with him as a navigator. I was very excited and did not notice the cold weather. They were with me for approximately two hours, and would not come into the house because my wife was frightened. Since then she has lost all fear of them and has entertained them in our home.

On this visit, they asked me about our people and our way of life. He has never at any time asked me of our military strength; he has shown no interest or asked me of our weapons, or anything along this line. He asked me how we live, how our people get along together, how long we have to work, and how many hours per day, and many, more questions of our everyday lives. He told me that his people do not understand the word "hate;" they do not know how we can hate one another. As he says, "We are all brothers."

These people do not have a written record of how their planet began; however, they do have a legend. They believe their forefathers came from Earth in a space ship and after they had landed, somehow lost the art of space travel. It was many, many years before they again learned how to travel in space.

Mr. Cold told me that their religion, and their belief in God is the same as our own. They believe there is but one God, who created everything that is good, and is the Father of all. Mr.Cold has told me many times that they would like to land and come and talk with our people, but he has met several times with hostility, has been shot at and also other ships of his friends have been shot at. At one time in Arkansas, he was shot with a shotgun and he had to have several pellets removed from his legs and thighs. Those people are as much afraid of our people as we are of them. Yet they say they would like to make friendly contact with all of our people, and be able to tell their ways and learn ours. They would like to be able to trade with our country. Mr. Cold says that they have things that we would like to have, as do we have things that they need. He has told me things that I have no way of knowing whether they are true or untrue, yet in everything he has told me I have never, never in any way learned that he has been untruthful. He has told me that he made an offer to our Government that if they would guarantee safety for both him and his ship, he would land. But for some reason unknown to him, our government will not grant him his request. He said that our government leaders said that no physical harm would come to him, but otherwise he would have to place himself and his ship in their hands and they would do what was best for him and for us. Mr. Cold has declined this offer. I have no way of knowing if this is true.

In their country, they don't have a government as we know it, but a Guiding Council. Their officials are also elected. There are 56 members in their Council, and they are elected every six years (in our time). Any time one of the officials proves to be unfit for the job, he can be dismissed and another one elected. These people are very friendly and have never had a war on their planet, nor have they crime, as we know it here. They not only talk with telepathy, but have a language of their own. I know a few words of their language.

When a couple is married, it is said that they are "united." The wife calls her husband her "united", and the husband calls his wife his "union." Their children are very healthy, but they do have sickness. They also have diseases they cannot control, as we do, and have death they cannot prevent.

When their children are old enough to know right from wrong, no matter what age, they are sent to school and go until they are 28 years old. At this time, if they have not reached the standard of learning that they should, they go to school until they do.

Everyone works at a job that he himself chooses. If a man does not like his work, he can ask for reclassification and can be assigned to something else.

There is much more to my story, which will be published in a book very soon. These people are very friendly, and are waiting to make contact with everyone. I wish for every one to have the same opportunity as I have had to meet these people and to know them. I only hope that someday they can come here freely, as they so greatly desire.
I looked up his book on Amazon yesterday. They were advertising it for $229.00!!


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