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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


In the Northern Territory Outback Australia 2005

Report by Paul © posted by Keith Douglass UFORAS/AUFORN
The following is to show that not only do the aliens go about their business at the more noticeable places over the globe, but they're busy in remote areas of the globe also, where sometimes reports don't always get out.

In the north west of the Northern Territory on the left side of the Stuart Highway north of Wycliff Well many strange things are happening to this day. There are many stories told that come from cities and military bases, but in remote areas such as the northern territory local people (aborigine's) talk of strange things that go on a daily basis.

They talk of people who go missing and lose time, even seeing water being taken away by craft, finding a horse dead after a craft was seen in the very same area as the horse. A boy takes a photograph of a craft.

An unrelated incident, a car is seen going up under the bottom of a craft and into it with people in it. Earlier in the day the very same car was seen in an aboriginal town were it is said, the car and the people seemed out of place. The people from the car were said to have stopped and gone into the local store for things. The car then travels to a site just outside of town where a craft was said to be waiting for it. This is a place were craft are seen often and observed to be traveling from North to South not East to West as they do down near Alice Springs. It is a place were triangles and cigar shape craft and army coloured discs are seen, where people with webbed fingers and feet visit the aborigine's asking them for crystals.

Red discs are said to have dived into the ground north of Alice Springs way back in the Second World War days. These kinds of reports have come in from all over the center of Australia. When Ayres Rock power station shuts down, a craft was seen to be leaving the area.

The road from Darwin to the south Australian border is where three separate tourists were buzzed by a huge orange light and their cars were said to stall when the light got closer.

The Aboriginal people of the territory know these visitors have been here for a long time and they know they don't seem to have any plans to leave. There have been many report's similar to reports from around globe of many different types of beings being seen, some are said to be friendly and some are not so friendly. The same can be said in the Northern Territory.

In and around the Northern Territory and in places like Alice Springs there have been reports of abductions and people with missing time; here is such a report.

Late one evening a man was stopped by a bright light while on his way to work at the new jail, he woke twenty minutes later with marks on his body.

So what is going on around the world is going on right here in the Northern Territory and below are but a few reports that have been given to me by people who have lived and worked in these remote areas. One needs to remember due to the vastness of the area and ruggedness of the roads it take time to travel from place to place.
Pine Gap

A man use to deliver salt to Pine Gap weekly but on one occasion he was rushed through the gates and told to stay there. The ground opened up, he drove down a ramp he was told not to look around, the truck load of salt was taken off and he drove out.

West of Alice Springs

West of Alice Springs many rumbles are heard to be coming from behind Pine Gap, also it is a place were there are many reports of orange lights, and a huge disc. One such craft was seen at Pine Gap then again at Wycliff Well beside the road in 2002.

Four times in the Alice springs area over the past few years a girl returning home from work from the west of Alice has often seen small grey discs over the road behind Pine Gap.

Mt Theo

Local aboriginal children used to ring a local man to say the lights are back and the blue craft from Chilla Well. The old people said the craft was silver and had a blue band round the middle. The occupants of the craft were asked if they wanted diesel fuel but they said "no we want to know where the blue crystals are." The kids pointed to where the crystals were, when the kids turned back the people were gone. Back in 1998 people with webbed feet and hands were reported often near Chilla Well.

Tanami Downs

All UFOs reported in this area are seen to fly North to South at Rabbit Flat and Granite Mines, Smoke Hill. The most reported are the blue band and silver disc craft.

Picininny Bore

North of this area are different types of craft not yet seen as on TV “huge craft”. For years these craft have been reported taking on spring water from Talbot Well and at times a cloud could be seen coming down after the craft rose up and left. When the craft left the well all the water was gone, but after a few days the water hole would fill as it was being fed by an underground spring.
Pinja and Parnta

This is the area where a car was taken up into a craft which was said to be coloured like army green and blue type colours of the star lifter.
Now at the Tanami road to Hooker Creek (Lajamanu) 92 vehicles went along this track and the locals were told not to take photos. There is a landing spot between Pinja and Parnta and a lot of aboriginals have gone missing in this area. The local people will not go along the eastern track only the west track.
Down at Yuendumu the craft fly West to East and huge box type craft fly slow, cigar shape craft are also seen often, all fly slow and some of the craft are three times bigger than the air strip.

Hooker Creek

When I'd finished night work I would sometimes notice lights to the north of my location. These lights were often seen like darts in the sky and could also be noticed on the ground which made them look like some kind of aircraft runway.

Another story, a scientist who went out to look at the huge crater west of Tanami mine was found dead in his car and all his papers were gone. He found out the crater was not from a meteorite but from an explosion.

The Tanami mines seem to be an area where a different kinds of craft are seen different to the ones reported in the north. They appear to look like aluminium dishes with a brilliant blue band in the middle and a two metre high dome over the top and bottom and stand a metre off the ground.

To conclude:

In general I have been on the side here listening to all the jagger and back stabbing of a lot of people over the world, and in Australia, and over the last seven years I have been told that this and that ( green lights ) is rubbish, but if you read from my reports you see they read the same as other reports coming in from all over the globe.

I have been in the centre of Australia for twenty five years now and I came across UFOs when I was ten years old while living in Sydney. I have seen about twelve things since then and have been reporting on strange phenomena such as UFOs and Abductions for seven years, now.

I would like to say we are doing a good job of covering the UFO thing for the public and our selves and we debate subjects like Mylabs, Men in Black and UFO Government things and we even wonder if we have human UFOs.

So if outback Australia is part of all this then I personally can't see why the human involvement factor would even bother to take aboriginals from their camps out in the middle of nowhere, and if cloning is their agenda and they're trying to create a New Age being, then I feel there are better places to go to take humans.

Come to think of it, chances are this is happening anyway, but think of this, why if all these reports are of the same things which are happening in other countries and the Governments are in on this, then they're very busy working out their budgets.

To me there appears to be different types of aliens, which are assigned to different parts of the globe working with different agendas and working along side human beings. If these reports of UFOs taking water and humans from the outback are the same as other countries then the aliens are busy with our human nature.

I personally feel it is going to be a while before anything is out of the cupboard and living in the outback is good. I tend to do what I have to do and report on stories as they come in. I try to report these stories word for word and stick to the agenda of the whole picture and show the public just what is going on.

You are all doing a great job.


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