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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Good Morning Everyone on my List:

I wanted to let you know what is happening to me and why you won't be getting the blog for a few days. I hope you miss it!!

As so many people are experiencing across this country, I have been evicted! Isn't that a tragic word? I live in a mobile home village in Covington, Washington, USA. There have been 20 parks in the western side of Washington that big corporations have just purchased and left the citizens in dire straits. In September the man who previously owned this park promised a new tenant, a disabled woman who had come here to finish out her life, that she would be able to do that. On October 1 a builder had bought the park for $7 million. In one week he evicted 110 families who live in modular homes. Now we are all in the process of moving these double wide homes. The process entails moving everything out of your home to storage of some type and then the mover comes and breaks your house into 2 sections and pulls it to the new location. At that time he puts it all together again. Then you have to move back into your own home! So for the last several weeks I have been packing everything. On Saturday morning a group will be coming to move my belongings into a "pod." At that time I will go stay at my daughters until they move the house and put it back together again.

I have talked to a person in Florida that said it is happening there too. People are being uprooted for builders to put in condos and houses which bring in much more money. In Missouri where my friend lives there is a park of over 300 houses. All the people there have jobs and a steady income but they too have been evicted - for big business! No thought or care for what happens to the people. A sad state it has become for persons on Social Security, disabled, children in schools, etc.

So now you know the sad story. I hope it doesn't happen to any of you. Oh, it costs almost $10K to move my house. Some are even more than that.

Today I am adding what "Anonymous" has written to Victor Martinez and a little update.


VICTOR: Yes, I did listen to the entire show. Never heard this guy George Noory before, but he seemed to be a very open-minded narrator and for that, me and my DIA colleagues were very pleased. The show caused alot of buzzing in the halls of the DIA! Bill [Ryan] and Rick [Doty] both did an EXCELLENT job. I was hoping you[Victor Martinez] might just show up and add your own comments since youknow more about me than anyone else as well as the program, but I guess that wasn't possible.

I called Mr. XXXXX this morning. [ EX U.S.G OFFICIAL WHO IS MANAGING THE CONTROLLED RELEASE OF "Project SERPO" FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION] I found some discrepancies about the animals mentioned on the show.– The Armadillo-like creature was NOT aggressive, it just scared theTeam Members. The Eben guide directed some type of sound (very highpitch) at the Armadillo creature and that scared it away. These creatures were seen at several locations around the planet. Some were larger than others, but they were NOT aggressive. – Only the snake-like creature was aggressive, which forced the Team to kill one. The snake-like creatures were located in just one (1)location and the Team never saw another one. – As for birds, there were two (2) types of flying creatures. One resembled a hawk and the other looked like a large flying squirrel. Neither were aggressive and the Team could never catch one for examination. – As for insects, they had small bugs, similar to cockroaches, but smaller. They were harmless, but did get into the Team's equipment. They had a hardened shell, with a soft interior body. The Team never observed any flying insects, such as flies, wasps, etc. Several other small bugs were found and identified.

I was hoping Rick [Doty] would expand his knowledge of the subject matter as he knows much more than what I heard him say. But maybe the show was scripted and he had to follow some script or was prevented from saying what he wanted to say by some director or producer.

[NO! The show was NOT scripted; ONLY time constraints prevented EX-AFOSISA Doty from saying more on the air; ANONYMOUS was corrected by me. Allparticipants were called in at the last moment to fill in for a last-minute cancellation of another guest.]

Bill did a great job promoting the Web site, SERPO.org and the information contained therein. I have no problem with your plan,... [MATERIAL PURPOSELY DELETED]You do what you wish to... You're the PR guy and that's why we brought you in among many other reasons.

My next posting of information will be the actual journal entries of one(1) Team Member. Each Team Member was required to keep a journal. I will provide a partial journal entry (since the journals are attachments to the original report, they contain hundreds of pages of written entries). I will provide a few days or possibly a week's worth of entries from one(1) Team Member.

Also, we are working on obtaining four (4) photographs taken by our Team Members of SERPO. I will scan them into my computer and then e-mail them to you. You can send them to Bill Ryan for inclusion into the SERPO Web site. DON'T distribute the photographs through your huge UFO thread list. Just leave it on the Serpo.org Web site for Web site Administrator Bill Ryan to post. We are in the process of scanning photographs from SERPO. I'm not sure how well they will turn out, but once I get them finalized, I will e-mail them to you and you can provide them to Bill for the SERPO Website. I just hope they turn out alright.

Once the public sees these photographs, even our skeptics, die-hard debunkers and those who claim that this is all a "non-event disclosure,"will scratch their heads in total amazement! [They're NOT from aHollywood movie set!] – One photograph shows the entire Team standing next to an Eben home,with several Ebens standing in the background; – another photograph shows the Team's new home in the north; – another photograph shows an Eben village in the north; – another photograph shows a group of Eben's playing their "soccer"game. You'll love them! One group member has a fool-proof way of sending them. I'm not sure of the exact method, but I'll let you know just prior to his sending them.Either they'll be sent to you (or Bill directly) in encrypted form or a special military courier will bring them to you from a special unit within the DIA. We'll let you know.

LISTENER: One niggly question on the EBEN's non-use of clocks and the use of a tower to tell the position of the sun. Much of our avionics, electronics, and machinery involves timing pulses. How do the EBEs even fly a spaceship or helicopter-type craft without the use of some sort of clock?

VICTOR: What idiot wrote this?! One must think in different terms ofscience, not Earth-based but SERPO-based science. Ebens were thousands and thousands of years more advanced than us. They had different forms of navigation systems, which I will discuss in great detail later, probably 2006. Enough for now; I must go back to bed.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Location. Santa Quiteria, Brazil
Date: July 1996 Time: 2200

On a dark cold night the witness was in his room when a bright flash like light suddenly illuminated his room. He opened his window but could not see anything in the dark. Suddenly a kind of a stupor invaded his body and he was unable to move. He seemed to loose control of his movements and against his will his body rose up into the air, and floated out the front door into the darkness. He floated just above the ground towards a nearby wooded ravine. In the ravine he saw a bright blue disc shaped object hovering very close to the ground. The object was completely smooth without any visible openings. It seemed to be only about 3 meters in width and almost two meters in height. He floated to within two meters of the object when suddenly a triangular shaped opening became visible. He floated inside and down a metallic ramp into a circular room. There a pyramid shaped form made out of pure light met him, it seemed to be in constant dynamic movement and appeared incredibly complex. It appeared to be a “living thing” and was about 80 cm in height. The witness felt terrified, as his body did not obey his will. As he floated near the figure he experienced a number of mood swings, from euphoria to extreme sadness. He felt as if the pyramid shaped light creature was feeding off his emotions, he also felt like a trapped lab animal. His body began performing several athletic movements against his will, moving his arms and legs in all directions. At the same time the pyramid of light went through several light changes. Soon he found himself standing about 10 meters away from the craft and saw the light pyramid floating up a ramp and into the object. The object was then encased in a bright red glow and shot up into the air at an incredible speed. The witness returned home on foot.

HC addendum

Source: Fenomeno Brazil
Translation by Albert S Rosales

Location. Quito, Ecuador
Date: June 26 1996 Time: night

In a dream-like state, the witness, Anna, remembered seeing an Asian-appearing man with a large head and wearing a tight-fitting suit. This man (or being) handed her a round transparent helmet with two knobs on the bottom. She was told to put the helmet on her head and then to drive a large yellow truck underwater. She did this with pride, maneuvering the truck around a pipe that was in the ground. Beside her was a black woman whom Anna did not know. Then she felt that a black pipe was put into her mouth and breath was put in or taken out of her. The “man” told her that he would be back the following night. When she awoke she noticed drying blood on her left hand, blood in her right ear and also in her nose. There was a hole in the cartilage between the two nostrils that had not been there the previous day. Anna experienced no pain from her nostrils or ears.

HC addendum

Source: Miami Skyscan
Comments: The witness and other members of her family have been involved in other encounters.

Location. Certesti, Romania
Date: July 9 1996 Time: 0030A

Police sergeant Marian Mancu and volunteer police officer Marcel Rusu were patrolling on the main road passing the village in front of the police office. Between the road and the sidewalks, there are deep ditches, with small bridges across them. Mancu lived in the area and told Rusu he was going to eat something at his home. The moment the sergeant passed the corner near his house, he heard a whistling sound from the street and sensed a current of air. He turned immediately back, seeing on the road something, which “splashed blue and red lights, making a sound like voom-voom.” At first Mancu thought it was a police car from the district that had arrived on a routine patrol. Getting closer he realized that the object was hovering half meter above the paved road and a small and very strange figure was moving around it. He yelled for Rusu that was now hiding behind the ditch observing the strange spectacle. Rusu declared that immediately after Mancu had left and disappeared behind the apartment house, “a fluttering from above appeared”. The neon lighting in the street seemed to change in intensity. The object descended slowly, without noise, behind him. He became frightened when he noticed that the object remained suspended above the ground and three small human like creatures were moving around it. As both witnesses agreed, the object had the form of a flat hut, 5-6 meter across and 2 2.5 meters high, and was hovering and balancing at about ½ meter from the ground. Around the edge it had a continuous girdle of light “like a rainbow.” The colors, red, and blue changed from each other and flared. At the bottom of the object was a bright white light. None of the witnesses saw doors, portholes or other details. After about two minutes, the UFO rose vertically. At that moment its lights became much brighter, but the neon streetlights went off. The object then rose to about 30 meters and then disappeared towards the east at high speed. Rusu saw the humanoid creatures better as Mancu noticed only one and only from behind. Their height was estimated to have been around 1 meter, maybe less. Rusu said he heard some noises made by the humanoids, “as the rain in the drain pipe.” Both described the creatures as “abortions” or ugly. They had large heads, very elongated behind and covered with bumps, with no hair, and large ears. Their faces were white and they had big eyes. Gray metallic shiny scales, resembling fish scales, covered their bodies. They also had large limp protruding bellies. They had thin spindly arms and no noses or mouths were visible. The witnesses thought that the creatures floated just above the ground and moved around “as if they were drunk.” A huge sweet cherry tree nearby had around 15 % of its leaves affected as by an extreme heat. Other witnesses in nearby villages reported strange lights over the area on the same night.

HC addendum

Source: Dan D Farcas, Romania

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Cannon, AFB
Date: January 1976
HBCC UFO Research

Note: This report is one of a few sighting reports I have received from ex-military serviceman who worked out of the Cannon AFB. All the men filed reports on seeing numerous unknown objects over the AFB back in January 1976. I have a list of military people who operated out of the Cannon AFB and I am writing to each and everyone of them in hopes they might be able to shed some more light on this major event. If possible that is.

Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research has set up an telephone interview time with this gentleman who filed the report below. Actually I will be doing the interview today. Later this month when I appear for my regular guest spot on the Jeff Rense radio program, I will be bringing this gentleman with me so he can relate his story to us all, and it is going to be an amazing conversation. Lastly, and very important, I am looking for other military service men and women who were at the Cannon AFB who have any knowledge of the UFO events that took place at the base in 1976, would you be so kind as to contact me with any information on the sightings. Always, please keep in mind I will hold your personal information here, and I will not release it to anyone. Also if any other military folks who have had an encounter with something unexplainable over or around a military base, would you be so kind as to contact me with the information. Brian Vike can be contacted at: hbccufo@telus.net or visit my website which is given in the report.

Hello, my name is (removed). I just watched a SciFi program on the 1947 Roswell NM UFO crash and got to researching an incident I witnessed at Cannon AFB in January 1976. In my search I ran across your article http://rense.com/general58/spspc.htm. I was working the Security Police Desk that night at Cannon and was the one that called the report into Base Operations. A few days later I also spoke with an individual from Washington DC. I don't recall his name or department. The first report was from Sgt Whitt, who was stationed on the outer perimeter of the flight-line. After that, several reports came in from Base Patrols. I talked someone into handling the Desk for me so I could have a peek. I was allowed into the flight tower and looked at the objects (about a dozen or so) through a Starlight Scope. Flight Ops was concerned enough to scramble 2 F11's to give chase. Around midnight several of us went up onto the highway overpass and cut the overpass lights for a better view. We watched them until almost dawn. About that time there were also several burned areas in farmer's fields surrounding the Air Base. I saw two of the circles. The burned circles were approximately 30 feet across and had a dead cow in the center. All the flesh was burned from the cow, but no blood was on the ground or apparently in the cow. Some of the cows had neat, clean burned out cavities in the abdomen about a foot in diameter, and a foot or so deep. I would like to thank you gentleman for his report and looking forward to speaking with his shortly.

Nova Scotia, Canada One Of Numerous Experiences Date: 1994 through 1998 Message: I submitted a report of one encounter of many. Here was the report submitted.

Multiple sightings/encounters with same witness over a extended period of time. I do not wish to give any information as to identity of me or my witness. Also note we both have a scientific education and both have IQ's over 130. Also note that neither of us suffer from any mental illnesses nor do we do drugs what so ever. I am stating this so people may know we are not crack pots. I will break down some of the multiple encounters to explain some of the different types of encounters and some of the effects surrounding the encounters. The first one started approx the summer of 94. I remember this because we were driving listening to music and it was still light out and the sun was just starting to go down. Almost instantly it was pitch black.

Neither of us could recall how the heck the sky turned from starting sunset to pitch black all of a sudden. Now both us being scientifically trained started theories on not paying attention etc., but we both ruled these through scientifically facts are facts we summarized. No shared delusion etc, all ruled out. Simply one second it was day the next second it was night, sunsets don't do this instantly. We then parked the vehicle as we discussed the scientific reasoning further. We noticed a few kids running out of the woods along the tracks in front of us and to our right like they had a fire under their butts. We joked about it and decided we would go see what all the fuss was about, thus we walked down the tracks I would say approx: 1 km. Note we are usually pretty fearless and not afraid of too much. I will explain how that all changed. At approximately the 1 km mark, we started seeing flashes of green and red light from both sides of the woods, at what we guessed was 10 meters ahead. We both seen this and stated to each other what the heck? We thought that maybe it was kids messing around with flashlights, and maybe they had scared their friends who ran out from the woods previously. Thus we walked ahead to check it out, and when we had come to the spot we heard nor seen anyone. If their had been anyone we would have seen them or heard movement as it was all woods and brush along the tracks. We again, were puzzled and both looked at each other obviously thinking, what the heck ? I then, out of the corner of my right eye spotted something in the tree line about four feet to my right and about maybe two feet or so tall from my perspective. Note that it was dark, but the moon was out and we had some light, plus I have good night vision. So I assumed it was a animal of some sort (or maybe a kid with the green or red light screwing around ) so I walked to it's direction quickly. I was shocked that it could move so quickly and was seemingly bipedal, but was not human or a 14 year old kid. Of course now I was even more stunned, and of course surprised because what I thought was a animal or more so some teenager turned out to be something entirely unexpected but unknown. This is where my logic should have overcame both my friends and my fearlessness and caution mode should have kicked in, but curiosity had gotten the better of us. I remember saying to my friend, what the heck was that, it wasn't a kid or a animal. It moved fast and I mean fast. I watch alot of wild life shows and have never seen any animal move that fast. We then spotted one big orange circular light in the sky surrounded by 5 smaller solid white strobe type objects in the sky which circled the bigger main light in random orbits. Note that the bigger orange light was stationary and approximately 1/2 a km away max, and at approximately a 34 degree angle from us in the sky. None of them made any noise, thus we knew it could not be aircraft because at that distance if it was any type of aircraft at all we would hear it. It sat in the sky at that relative position ( after it slowly moved to that position earlier) for approximately 15 minutes. We decided that we should investigate, of course being scientific and curious is not always a good thing. We were going through the woods, got to the farmers field where in the approximate area the lights were. I said hi to the cows (lol), there was about nine of them. We then witnessed the lights at what seemed ten feet above tree top level move across the treetops very close, still making no noise. They were moving away from us and their movement was avoidable, not a straight line moving fast just above the treetops going right to left as though dodging something. Then they had descended into the woods at the opposite end of the field tree line. Both my friend and I were kind of amazed at what it could be and thought it was kind of interesting because we were witnessing something impossible to humans, and science as we knew it. We contemplated going to the spot where the lights had gone down, but we did not have too much time to contemplate this as we began to hear a high pitched, but seemingly faint tracking noise, like a beep repetitious from the direction of the forest the lights had gone down. Note we were in the country so we couldn't figure out a logical source of the sound. The beeps were every three seconds and continuous. If you imaging a animals radio collar that is being tracked, that is what it was like, but a higher pitch that was distinctive. This would not be the first time we were to hear that unforgettable sound. That's another story. As we were bewildered and talking very low about the sound, we noticed it began to come louder and louder and seemingly moving toward our very position. The cows all started freaking out and became extremely uneasy. The closer the sound came the more uneasy the cows became. Note that they were extremely quiet prior to this, even with us near by. We both decided that maybe this was a good time to go and get the heck out of there, as by now the sound was very close and moving closer, shifting position to our left flank in what seemed like a circling maneuver. This is when we decided a good option was leaving quickly, better safe than sorry. As we ran the sound followed and was right behind us, maybe 20 feet away. We noticed the sound still close behind us and ran as fast as we could with the sound still hot on our 6. We decided to jump a barbed wire fence, to hopefully slow whatever the heck it was down, and were about half way back to the car. This did not work as it was still in close pursuit, beep, beep, beep, obviously we were scared at this point and fear adrenaline or whatever it was kicked in and we ran all the way to the car and got the heck out of there, still with the sound in close pursuit all the way to the car. My friend left a streak of rubber that is probably still there to this day. To this day we have discussed our initial whatever it was, and till this day we have no scientific explanation. I will post other events later on. This was our initial encounter of what became many over the next 4 years.

I want to submit the other many encounters, some of which are far more involved than this, so I am emailing to find out how to email them to be added under 1 encounter report listing from 1994 through 1998. I had to submit twice because I forgot to add the area etc. of the incidents. Sorry about not paraphrasing etc, but I just wanted to have it all down. Thank you to the person for the report.

Monday, December 05, 2005


We thank Brian Vike for the following interesting report.

Ross County, Ohio Human Like Figures Appearing On The Top Of Hovering Craft

Date: December 12, 2003
Time: Evening

On December 12, 2003, about an hour before it got dark, I decided to go look for pieces of wood to make Xmas gifts. Along with me was my 12 year old nephew, a girl his age, and my mom's dog. We first went to an abandoned house nearby, about a quarter mile from our home, then to an old graveyard called "Penniston cemetery" on Nipgen road, in Ross County Ohio. As we were leaving the graveyard I noticed a very bright light had appeared hovering over it, and mentioned to my nephew that maybe this was the same star that appeared when Jesus was born (I am not a devout religious person, it was just a joke). As we walked down the road towards the house, we observed that the light was "following" us , moving very slowly, and hovering over a nearby hilltop that runs the length of the road. When we got to our lane, the girl left to go home because it was now dark outside, and I think the light may have frightened her.

Walking towards our home, I noticed that the light had stopped moving along the hill, and was now hovering stationary, directly behind our house. I decided to go investigate it further, having an interest in this subject, and hoping to get a closer look. We went inside first and put on warmer clothes on (there was snow on the ground, and it was very cold outside) and we also grabbed flashlights. When we walked outside, the first thing I noticed was that all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. We had to walk through a wooded area and up the hill to get to the spot where the light was located-which was on top of the hill and over a large open field. Our dog followed us, as it was accustomed to do. When we got to the clearing of the field, we saw that the light was hovering just over the trees on the opposite side of the field-which is rather large. It had gotten much brighter since we first saw it, I would estimate it to be about the size of a full moon.

It was a bright white light, and was not moving at all. I suggested to my nephew that we should signal it with our flashlights, just to see what would happen. So we began blinking our lights off and on, and moving them around in a circular fashion. To our astonishment, the light began to signal back to us, by first blinking, then moving around as we had done with our own lights. Then it did something I was not expecting, it started changing shape. It took many different forms, some that I recall was a pyramid, and a five pointed star. These shapes were made in a grid like pattern, three dimensional, like something you might see at a laser show. Then it returned to its original shape which was round and it began to glow with a purple light. The color of it was that of a black-light, like the fluorescent lights used to make posters glow.

Then, the whole field became enveloped in the same purple colored light. But it did not make our clothes glow, or our skin change colors, as I recall the lights from the 70's doing. We stood looking at this latest development, and I remember telling my nephew that something very strange was about to happen, and I also warned him that if things got out of hand, I wanted him to run home (being quite aware of alien abductions, and not wanting him to get hurt). Well, as I stated, we stood gazing up at the purple globe, when the strangest thing occurred. We noticed human-like figures appearing on the top of it, as if they were coming out of the globe, and were standing on its top.

They began to wave and gesture at us. I estimated about 4-5 of these figures, so the globe had to be bigger than an automobile in size, and was much closer than I had imagined. I had thought that it was very high in the sky-but after seeing the figures, it was obvious that the globe was actually hovering directly over the trees on the other side of the field! As if this wasn't weird enough, we then noticed that one of the figures had detached itself from the globe, and was "floating" down from it, and coming slowly in our direction. We were so intrigued and fascinated by what was happening, that it didn't occur to either of us to leave. But I noticed that the dog had run off into the woods to hide as soon as the entity got closer to us. Soon it was right in front of us, and was standing within arms length from us.

This entity was made of the same purple light as the globe, and it seemed to me to be a hologram of sorts. It had a dimension to it (it wasn't a flat image, like a projection) and appeared solid, although it was made completely of this purple light. It's appearance was odd looking. It was humanoid, but it had no facial features (no eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc). It had arms, but I saw no fingers, and it appeared to be wearing a long robe which covered its body completely, except for its head and hands. We attempted to communicate with this strange being, we spoke to it, and my nephew tried to offer it a book he had found earlier in the old house, but it just stood very still and silently before us. We did not feel afraid of it at all, in fact, I felt very calm considering what was happening. I then got an idea,and reached my hand out to it, hoping it would see it as a friendly gesture.

The entity then reached its hand out and put it on mine! I did not feel any pressure on my hand, it was as if it was not even touching me. As I stood there holding my arm and hand out, my attention was broken when I noticed some smaller red lights approach the field and encircle it. These were blinking lights, and there was four of them, one at each side of the field. I noticed one light move from the formation, and go to the purple globe, then it went back to its position. When I looked back at the being in front of us, it had disappeared while I had been watching the red lights . (I later asked my nephew if he noticed what had happened to the being, and he said that it had suddenly floated back up to the globe when the one red light moved over us. I do not remember this happening at all, and can only figure that I lost a few moments of time, a memory lapse once the entity touched me ).

The light which had enveloped the field had now also gone and the globe had lost it's purple glow and was white again, and slowly began to sink down behind the trees, as if it was landing in the woods on the other side. We both began to get this strange feeling, as if there was "something else" in the field with us that we could not see. I felt as if something was watching me from the now darkened area, and we both became very cold. We had not noticed the coldness of the night while everything was happening, but now we were freezing, and scared. So I told my nephew that now would be a good time to run home, and we both ran into the woods, down the hill, and into the house locking the doors. We discussed what had just happened for awhile and I decided that it was best that we didn't tell anyone about it, because no one would believe us, and my sister would probably be very angry at me for allowing him to go into the woods at night to investigate a UFO, let alone finding out that we actually came into contact with its occupant!

The next day we hiked back to the area, looking for evidence of our previous experience, but I didn't see anything unusual. But that night, something strange did happen. I stepped outside to do my business, and I noticed a large, dark figure crouching down in front of the house. I thought it was a person trying to hide, so I reached inside to turn the outside light on. When I did , there was nothing there. I turned the light back off, and there was the same black figure, in the same spot, crouching closer to the ground. It then stood up, and appeared to be some kind of animal, like a panther or something. It suddenly leaped into the air, and landed about 20 feet away, behind a nearby building.

The following night I was sitting in the dark watching TV, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that somebody was sitting beside me on the couch. It was a small figure, about the size of a five year old child (about 3 foot?), but when I turned to look directly at it, nothing was there.

The night after that I was in the kitchen and I saw this face peering in the window at me. It was the face of a grotesque looking woman, and this time I was looking right at it. It vanished as I stood staring at it.

I have never seen anything that resembled a ghost before in my whole life (except once, as a small child which I will tell you about when I write to you about the Mothman figure I encountered in the early 60's) but since my encounter with the entity made of purple light, its as if I have developed a very acute psychic ability, and I am now able to sense if a person's house or an area is haunted, and have actually seen several ghost like images in them. It's as if when the alien touched my hand it gave me some kind of psychic "powers" that I didn't possess before then.

For instance, my other sister had just recently moved into a house in a nearby town called Knockemstiff, and one night I saw an old man's reflection on the front storm door. It looked like the man was standing in an archway behind me. Another time I saw a "ghost dog" in her house, I sat on her couch and watched it walking behind people, wagging its tail, it laid down if front of her furnace, and when I reached my hand out to it, it got up and sniffed me, just like any real dog would do. We later learned that her house had once been the site of the local bar, that the town actually got it's name because of this bar's reputation of violence, and that people had died there. A friend of hers was taking a bath one night and was dragged under the water several times before he managed to get out of the tub.

Beside her house is the site of an old covered bridge, where a girl and boy were murdered one night in the 1800's. You can verify this by looking up "Haunted Ohio" on the internet, and then looking under ghost towns where you will find Knockemstiff listed along with its ghost tales. The guy who investigated these stories said he went to find the bar where alot of the stories were centered around, but he couldn't find it because it is now my sister's garage! (Someday soon I'm going to try to contact him and send him photos and such). If he would have just stopped and asked someone who lives there, most of them are aware of this fact.)

Well, Brian, my fingers grow tired so I'll have to save my next story for another day. Oh yeah, one more thing. I was watching a show late at night about UFO's, and they mentioned MUFON on it, so I looked them up on the internet, contacted them and they sent investigators to interview us. They published our story in the MUFON UFO journal the September 2004 number 437 issue. But I didn't care for the way they presented it. At the end of the story, they stated that Vega, Deneb, Altair, and Venus were bright that night, and that "atmospheric conditions" could have made the stars appear to change, and then later contradicted themselves by saying the weather reports agreed with our story that visibility was clear that night, and that the area is in the flight pattern of Wright Patterson AFB. I know we did not see stars that night and that the humanoid we saw was not an air force pilot, unless they are testing something very unusual on civilians (but isn't that always an easy excuse for strange sightings?).

They did state that it did not appear that we were trying to deceive them (why would we even bother making up something that strange?) Hell, I didn't even want to tell anybody about it for quite a long time knowing how skeptical people are, especially since this event doesn't fit everybody's notions of little grays poking at people!) and they gave it a rating of 4 in terms of strangeness and reliability. (4 in strangeness?? good lord, how much stranger can a story get????) And I don't even know how serious they are about their investigations anyways, I offered to take them to the sight where it happened and none of them wanted to walk up the hill to the field, and on the cover of the journal is a sketch that looks like a child drew it and states under it "is this drawing of a college's roommate, the face of a hybrid?" I don't know, it just made me wonder if these guys took any of this serious, or was it nothing more than a "weekly world news" investigation?

It did make me glad I didn't tell them about what happened after the incident, they would have dismissed the whole story as fake! I hope that you can look at this with an open mind. There are things going on in this world that just cant be categorized from what I've learned after moving to Ohio a few years ago, there are alot of very strange goings on in this state. Bigfoot sightings, crop circles, reptile-like humans, countless UFO sightings, phantom lions (just last year), emus causing car wrecks, ghosts, its a crazy area as far as strange phenomenon goes. All you got to do is get on your computer and checked this stuff out. I'm not making it up!

To view image: http://www.hbccufo.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3556

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


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The Time Machine: March 10, 1901
This article was in the Daily Chronicles, Centralia, Washington
March 10, 1976

By Glen Dickason
Chronicle Staff Writer

H.F. Forrest kept the town of Chehalis buzzing for two weeks near the turn of the century with an incredible story about a huge cave on the south side of Chehalis.

His story was so unbelievable that almost everyone believed it, feeling Forrest could not possibly have made it up. Although some townspeople waited for him to try to make money off the tale, he left town mysteriously two weeks after he arrived, never getting any of the Chehalins' money. Nor did he ask any.

He received front page attention two straight weeks in the Chehalis Bee-Nugget, the editor of the newspaper so caught up in the story that when The Oregonian, having read the first week's fantastic account, published an article casting doubt upon Forrest's observations, the Bee-Nuggett chided the Oregonian for having no trust.

On March 10, 1901 Forrest spoke to the "children at the reform school." (There is a reform school in Chehalis.)

He said he had began prospecting when he came upon a large flat rock, "which had been hewn by human hands." He removed it to find the cave entrance on the south side of Mt. Rainier.

He entered to find huge caves, and a mine of vast wealth. The cave was reported to be 12 feet high and eight to 60 feet wide.

The walls were "polished," and contained "hieroglyphics and figures made by human hands."

He explored the main passage five miles deep. Side passages contained ice caves, and other side passages contained boiling water, according to his tale. He said that at one place a sulphur spring, a hot water spring and a cold water spring came up side by side, and human-size tubs had been carved into the rock floor for bathing in these various waters.

Forrest said he then came upon an immense underground lake. Where the main passage came to the lake, a large canoe was chained with silver links to the wall. Removing the canoe, he explored the lake, for a mile and a half in each direction without reaching the shore.

He came upon a row of vaults in a side passage. One of the vault lids was slightly askew, and Forrest went into investigate.

He discovered the bodies of two people, a woman who he said was seven feet tall, and a man, who Forrest claimed was 7-10.

Both were laid out on slabs of ice, and were perfectly preserved in a completely frozen state. They wore gold jewelry with engravings of antelope and other characters.

Near the bodies were the dismembered remains of two children. Other bones were scattered around the vault, according to Forrest.

Forrest reported tremendous amounts of white gold-bearing quartz and copper in the huge caves.

Forrest disappeared March 16 leaving his outfit at the hotel. He was not mentioned again in the Chehalis Bee-Nuggett.

Forrest's caves have been elusive as well. They have never been rediscovered. But there are famous ice caves, near Paradise Point State Park on the south side of Mt. Rainier. The ice caves are huge, and fantastic to see, but have few of the special features Forrest described to his entralled Chehalis audience.
Since this article was published the ice caves have collapsed but the ones in the article have never been rediscovered.

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By Dave KenneyField Investigator

Sioux City, IowaSept. 14, 1978.

The following incident is an example of a truly incredible event reported by a totally credible witness. The witness is a prominent, highly respected business man whose name is familiar to nearly everyone in the Los Angeles area. As the owner and president of a large firm, he is an extremely busy executive who has had neither the time nor the inclination to become familiarized with UFO phenomena. Nevertheless, his account does contain many striking similarities to previously reported encounters--similarities which would normally be familiar only to someone who has carefully researched the subject. The brilliant lights, the "electric motor" sound, the apparent abduction and the car chase are characteristic of many reports. The shape of the object and the appearance and behavior of its occupant, however, are not typical and present some intriguing implications which may shed new light on CEIII encounters. His account of the incident is as follows:

On the evening of September 14, 1978, the witness concluded his business activities in Washington, DC and departed for Sioux City, Iowa. His ultimate destination was Randolph, Nebraska, about 55 miles southwest of Sioux City, where he had scheduled a business meeting for the following morning. After arriving at the Sioux City airport, he obtained a rental car and left for Randolph at about 9:30 p.m., MDST.

Traveling west on Interstate 20, he stopped in Laurel, Nebraska for a cup of coffee. Laurel is about 40 miles west and slightly south of Sioux City. He then continued his journey, still on Interstate 20, and passed through the small community of Belden, about 6 miles west of Laurel. Several miles beyond Belden, he noticed an extremely bright light projected downward by a descending object. At first he thought it was a meteor, or possibly a helicopter equipped with floodlights. He quickly realized it was neither, however, as he watched an object -- the source of the illumination -- descend on a column of white light and land on the road ahead of him.
He stopped his car about 20 yards from the object which had landed partly on the road and partly on the shoulder. It closely resembled an army tank. It appeared to have treads but he did not see them move. It also appeared to have turrets (but no guns) and perhaps a standard camouflage paint scheme. Some light was still being emitted by the object but he heard no sound.

The witness opened the car door and started to get out. He was partially out of the car with one foot on the ground when a door in the side of the object opened and a man stepped out. The witness stated that the man appeared to be a normal human in every respect -- dark haired, of normal size and wearing white duck pants and a white shirt. The man then spoke to the witness, addressing him by his first name.

"Well, Bob--what do you think of this?"

The man then reentered the object, the door closed, and the object then lifted off in the same manner it had landed, ascending on a brilliant column of light. The witness did hear a sound when the object lifted off--a high pitched whine--but it in no way resembled the sound of an aircraft or helicopter engine. The light was so intense that he could not look directly at it and had to shield his eyes as he watched it ascend.

He does not remember getting back into the car, but the next thing he recalls is that he was back in the car and was driving down the road. An object--perhaps the same one--was following him closely, beaming a light through the rear window with such intensity that the interior of the car was as bright as daylight. He then realized he was no longer on Interstate 20 but was on an entirely different road. The witness stated that his family had owned property in this section of Nebraska (Cedar County) since 1880, and he was therefore thoroughly familiar with all its towns, highways and backroads. In a few moments he had determined his new location--he was near the town of Hartington, heading south on Route 15, and was 12 to 15 miles north of where he had been, apparently only an instant earlier.

Understandably, the witness had become frightened by this time and tried to outrun the object, driving as fast as possible. The object, however, stayed right behind him. He knew that the road would eventually intersect with Interstate 20 at Belden, so he continued racing south at speeds of 90 to 95 mph. When he neared the spot where he had made his initial sighting, the object suddenly stopped following him and zoomed off. He then continued on to Randolph, arriving there at about 11:00 p.m., and immediately placed a phone call to the Sioux City Police Department. They suggested he report the incident to a UFO organization in Seattle whose phone number they had on file. After checking into his motel room, he called this organization and reported his experience.

After his business meeting in the morning, the witness made numerous inquiries to determine if anyone else had seen the UFO. He was unable to find any witnesses for his sighting, but did find one person who had seen a UFO in that area a year earlier.

Throughout the entire sequence of events, the witness did not see any other cars. No EM effects were noted--the car's engine, lights and instruments all functioned normally at all times. He was not aware of any unaccountable loss of time, nor did he experience any ill effects such as unaccountable loss of time, nor did he experience any ill effects such as burns, skin rash or headaches. He did not think it was likely that the object had left any discernible marks on the paved road and therefore he did not attempt to locate and inspect the precise spot of the lading afterward.

As mentioned earlier, the witness had previously not had any particular interest in UFOs, and in view of his position and reputation in the business community, he obviously has much to lose and nothing to gain by revealing his experience. His desire for anonymity is therefore understandable. His sincerity and firm conviction in the reality of the incident are evidenced by the considerable time and effort he spent in getting his report to the proper people, and by the detailed notes of the events that he made while they were still fresh in his memory.

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Each Team Member had to endure extreme psychological and physical training. In one training test, each Team Member was locked inside a 5' x 7' box buried seven (7) feet underground for five (5) days, with just food and water, no contact with anyone else and in total darkness. This tested several factors.

Each Team Member also took a "pill" with them. The pill was standard issue for intelligence agents operating behind enemy lines. The pill could end their life if, for some reason, the Ebens turned out to be hostile [they never did].

Several selected Team Members (pilots) were trained on flying an Eben craft, one of which was the one captured near western New Mexico in1949. The plan called for these selected few to fly the craft back toEarth in case of an emergency.

There were four (4) pilots on the team. These four (4) spent many weeks at the Nevada complex [Area 51/S4/Groom Lake/Dreamland] learning to fly the recovered Eben alien craft. It wasn't hard to fly, once one could understand the operation of the controls. I'm SURE many of the UFO sightings back in 1964/'65 around the West could be attributed to these test flights by our Team Members.

Selected Team Members carried small containers of liquid nitrogen. Ebens were vulnerable to extreme cold. In case the Eben's turned hostile, the liquid nitrogen could be used to neutralize Ebens during an escape attempt. The Team Members were instructed to spray the substance directly into the face of an Eben. Ebe #1 was found to be vulnerable to this.

[NEVER materialized; ONLY the Earth human is a violently predisposed andhostile sentient creature.]

However, during the return debriefing, the Team found the Ebens to be so docile, each Team Member quickly DISCARDED THESE BOTTLES of liquid nitrogen when they arrived on SERPO. The Ebens realized the Team had this substance, but never questioned the reason for bringing it.

As with weapons, each Team Member had a hand gun and rifle. The Ebens realized these were weapons, but again never questioned why the Team Members were bringing them along.
But each Team Member never carried the weapons EXCEPT during their exploration of SERPO and then ONLY CERTAIN Team Members carried them.

Location. Coast of Finisterre, Spain
Date: July 7 1996 Time: evening

A crewmember and an officer on board the Maltese freighter “Marieta II” reported seeing what appeared to be a human-like figure descending from the sky with arms and legs outstretched. It was wearing what appeared to be a green-colored coverall. However despite the great visibility the Maltese seamen did not see any type of aircraft or any other object that could have been the source of the mysterious figure. Stunned as to what they were seeing they immediately alerted the Marine rescue forces who after searching several square miles failed to locate anything or anybody. There were no reports of missing skydivers or missing airmen. Soon after this incident other ships reported seeing a strange object plunging into the waters of the coast of Finisterre.

HC addendum

Source: Joseph Guijarro “Mas Alla” # 190 December 2004

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