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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


By Tom Dongo

I find the whole subject of UFOs and ETs, as well as anything connected to that subject, to be absolutely fascinating -- even some of the attributes of the phenomenon viewed by some with a measure of fear and loathing, or even terror. I think the reason for the fear is, in part, that many people fail entirely to grasp the actual magnitude of the presence of alien beings here on our planet.

I feel that the existence alone of these ET entities, as well as the almost inconceivable technology and mental abilities they must possess, is an opportunity for us to learn from them. It is a chance for us to break away finally from the railroad-track-like rut we have been in for so long. Look, for example, at some of our social, economic and religious belief patterns. Some, if not all of them, should have been tossed in the junk pile decades ago. Worst of all, like obedient sheep, the common man has been manipulated into position by greedy and power-hungry individuals for thousands of years.

This is a good chance to make a new start -- a clean, fresh start. Will it take something like bizarre-looking space aliens to jolt humanity out of our subservient, materialistic lethargy? Humanity surely needs to begin to work cooperatively together to create heaven on earth and to preserve what was given us to cherish.

The abduction of Frank Ramsey is a prime example of a worst-case scenario. He was taken against his will, examined on a ship and left with a feeling of having been personally violated. He was abused and dumped back on the planet with no consciously remembered reason why this was done to him. Frank has been abducted several times in the past, and after the first incident he nearly had to be hospitalized because of resulting emotional trauma. On this particular occasion, Frank remembered some of what had happened to him. At that time there were no support groups for abductees, although now there are many. These abductions by aliens not only of Frank but of countless others are absolutely real. We need to know why they are doing it. We need the explanation from the aliens themselves. We need concrete answers from the source of this activity and from no one else!

Here is Frank Ramsey's story in his own words. "It was April in 1976. I was staying at the ... Ranch near Loy Butte. I was out for a walk late one afternoon and I had gone out to the end of the ranch road to take pictures of the sunset. I took the pictures and had turned to go back. By the way, I had the exact same flashlight with me that I had had in the other incident -- not just the same model, but the exact same flashlight. (Author's note: This referred to a previous abduction in the same general area years earlier.) I turned to walk down this road that went around the other end of the ranch. I did that to avoid going back through the rocks and boulders the way I had come. But something compelled me to continue walking down the road past the ranch. Well, I was aware that it was 'something' compelling me. But out of curiosity, I let 'it' do it. So I went ahead and walked.

"In a while I came to a crossroads. Puzzled by where this other road went that I didn't even know about, I made a pile of rocks at the edge of this old road. I figured that the next day I could drive around, rediscover that old road and follow it. Just then the whole place lit up like daylight. I looked above me and there was a bright white sphere probably 30 to 40 feet off the ground. I ducked into a bush and reloaded my camera. I was determined to get a picture this time.

"This think took off -- it would flash like a huge, brilliant flashbulb, and then it would be gone. And then a split second later it would flash fifty or sixty miles away. And then it would come back. And it did it again and again! Back and forth! Well, I took off through the bushes -- not on the road. I did not turn on my flashlight this time. In the dark I worked my way back almost to the ranch. I saw the sphere once with its light very dim, going along a wash behind me. So I figured it could do just about anything. But I was still trying to get back to the ranch.

"I almost got back. I was near the south end of the ranch, working my way down a wash in the dark. There was no moon to speak of, it was somewhat overcast, which didn't help any. It was then that I saw someone standing out on the side of a hill, waving a light at me. Well, I assumed this was one of my friends from the ranch; there were three of us that lived there. And so I turned my light on to answer. And I hollered to the person on the hillside and began to move toward him.

"Well, just about that time a car stopped on the road, the main road on the ridge above the ranch. Two people got out of the car, a man and a woman, and they began yelling and honking the car's horn. Then I realized that these were my friends from the ranch. I thought, well... I remember the exact thought: 'Well! If that's Laura and Paul up there, then what's this!!' I turned to look, and as I strained my vision it became clear to me that there was a sphere on the ground. It was the same one as before and it had a door open. I could make out a muted light inside. The thing was by then only about a hundred feet away -- I had walked a long way toward it. My heart started to race when I saw that there was a human-shaped creature standing by the side of the opening. This creature was made up of white light. I turned to run and the only thing I know to say is that it was like a 'freeze frame.' The next thing I know, everything's different. I'm standing on a rock. I don't know where I am. The only memory I have after turning to run was of being in the air about four or five feet above a big bush with my camera, tripod and all. I was like in a picture. It was, again, like a freeze frame. I was totally immobile; I couldn't move.

"Anyway, here I am standing on this rock and my first thought was to see if I was all there. I thought I might be hurt. I checked to see if my camera was intact and still with me -- and my tripod. I looked to see if I was all torn up and bleeding from running through the cactus, and my socks all full of thorns. None of this was true! I was just fine! I wasn't cut and scratched like I should have been, running through the bushes. I was very clean. I had all my camera gear with me. But I did not know where I was. I finally figured out that I was standing to the north of the ranch because I heard dogs barking. I turned and walked toward the dogs. It turned out they were at another ranch, and I was a long way from where I had been last. A mile and a half, probably -- maybe as much as two miles from where I had been. I wandered around in the darkness for some time. Finally, I saw the vague outline of Loy Butte silhouetted against the sky. It was then that I knew I was going in the wrong direction! Having hiked the area, I was somewhat familiar with the terrain. I got the right direction and managed to work my way back to the ranch. I must have wandered around for a couple of hours. I really don't know because I was so disoriented. But it was at least a couple of hours.

"Back at the ranch I told my story to my friends. I am not sure they believed me, but they did remember seeing my flashlight from the roadway where they were. Anyway, I have a memory of being inside that sphere. I remember looking out of a porthole-type window and I remember seeing stars outside it. I didn't remember anything else." (Note: After the incident, bit by bit, he began to remember the creatures. They were the Whitley Strieber type, with oversized bulbous heads, no ears, no hair, large almond eyes, etc.)

"I don't know why these incidents have occurred to me -- why me? If it ever happens again, I am going to face it without fear and without terror. And with solidity of purpose, I will find out what is going on. I will not let myself be overcome again!"

After reading Frank's account of his abduction, you may be left feeling somewhat stirred up. I was. You have to wonder if perhaps something like that happened to you and you don't remember it. Maybe it has. Few people have a conscious memory of an alien abduction. When lots of people get really riled up, it is then that we will get some solid answers. Frank's case (and there are now hundreds of similar, documented ones) is rather unusual because he does have memory of events leading up to his abduction. He also has some recollection of the abduction itself.

In Frank's experience, the abductors were very sloppy in their handling of the abduction. Usually they are not. In the majority of cases there is only strangely missing time. Typically, the abductee is going from point A to point B, which would normally take, say, ten minutes. The perplexed individual then discovers, to his or her consternation, that the trip actually took two hours and then minutes! What happened during those missing hours? Has it happened before? Will it happen again?

Most abductions in the last ten or twenty years were from the individual's own bedroom in the early hours of the morning, instead of from a car, a boat or during a camping, fishing, or hunting trip, etc. Why the recent shift? Might it be that alien methods or technology in that area have become more efficient? What are these abductors up to? Are these abductions for our welfare or for theirs? It's probably more for our welfare and our planet than for theirs -- in the long run. But only they know the exact reason why!

Regardless, these nocturnal intrusions must stop! It is our right to know the reason for such intrusions. The few ET races that are presently doing this should come to us, not the government, face to face and explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. Then we can choose to cooperate with them in these activities if their reasons are convincing and appropriate.
Extracted from The Alien Tide by Tom Dongo, used with permission of the author.


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