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Monday, August 21, 2006


Visit with Lloyd Tiznado

My wife, Beth Rabourn, who was a nurse at the Bloomfield Nursing Home in Bloomfield, NM was providing care to Lloyd Tiznado. Mr. Tiznado is an Apache Indian and was a long time resident of the Dulce, NM area, which is on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Mr. Tiznado was the Director of the Jicarilla Detox Center in Dulce.

Beth had mentioned to Lloyd that I had read that there was a supposed UFO base in Dulce NM and was thinking about visiting the supposed UFO base site. Lloyd told Beth that he knew about the UFO base and that he and some of his relatives and friends were thinking about driving up to the site to see what was up there. He also informed Beth that the entrance could easily be seen from the air. He also informed Beth that there was another base or entrance to the UFO base south of Dulce between Dulce and Gobernador, NM.

On January 6, 2000 I called Lloyd and asked him if I could come to visit with him about what he knew about the UFO activity near Dulce. He agreed, so Beth and I went to talk to Lloyd on 1/?/2000 at 10:30 a.m. at the Bloomfield Nursing Home.

Lloyd is approximately 65 years old, he is articulate and alert. He is suffering from diabetes, is a double amputee (legs), is on dialysis and that is why he is in a nursing home. The following questions and answers are the result of that meeting.

Question 1: Do you know of any UFO activity in the Dulce, NM area?
Answer: Yes, I have seen strange things in the sky around Dulce. Some of my relatives and past employees have also seen UFO's and other things in the Dulce area.

Q-2: Do you know the location of the UFO Base?
Answer: Yes, it is about 5 miles north of Dulce, on the Apache Reservation.

Q-3: Is there a passable road up to the area?
Answer: Yes, but you must have a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Q-4: Is a non-Apache allowed to go up to that area?
Answer: You must first get permission from the Chairman of the Tribal Council.

Q-5: What are the chances of getting permission?
Answer: Good, they might even fly you up there over the area. It would be very hard to find it if you were on the ground. There is supposed to be another UFO base between Dulce and Gobernador, NM, and it is off the reservation.

Q-6: Are you aware of any cattle mutilations that have taken place or do you know of anyone that has had cattle mutilated?
Answer: Yes, a man named Manuel Gomez from Dulce has had some of his cattle mutilated. He owns the Gomez Grocery Store, just outside of Dulce.

Q-7: Are you aware of anyone that was abducted from the Dulce area, or of anyone that has disappeared mysteriously?
Answer: No, I have not heard of anyone from up there that was abducted or that disappeared.

Q-8: Can you tell me about the UFO experiences that you've had?
Answer: Yes. The first happened several years ago. While Director of the Detox Center, an employee did not report for work, so I had to work the night shift. Around 4:00 a.m. I was pretty sleepy so I went outside to get some fresh air. While I was standing outside I saw a large circle of green light passing overhead. The UFO passed slowly overhead but it made no noise at all. I know it was not an airplane or a helicopter.

The second happened while I was driving to Chama. It was a bright red light off the left side of the road. It was bright but it didn't blink. It was going at the same speed as my car. I stopped the car, and it also stopped. I started up again and so did it. I stopped again and so did it. I started driving again but this time the light disappeared.

The third happened while a friend and I were driving north on Highway 64 between Gobernador and Dulce. My passenger noticed some strange lights behind my car. They were moving at approximately the same speed as my car. I stopped the car and the lights disappeared.

Q-9: Can you tell me about some of the experiences that have been related to you by others from the Dulce area?
Answer: Yes. My uncle, while out hunting in the Pinon area about two weeks ago, saw two blue objects pass slowly over his head. He thought it was strange because they made no noise whatsoever.

A former employee of the Detox Center told me that while she was driving north towards Dulce on Highway 64 she saw a group of bright lights above the highway in front of her car. She slowed her car down, because she was afraid of hitting the lights but they just disappeared.

Lloyd said another uncle that was hunting saw a strange craft on the ground with three figures walking around it wearing green suits and some sort of helmet. When his uncle turned his head away for a second the craft and the figures were gone; he said they just vanished!

Another acquaintance of Lloyd's was a sheep herder who was herding flocks on the reservation. One night while he was laying in his tent listening to his radio, he saw a strange flying craft with bright lights on it fly over his campsite and land on a hill a short distance away. At the same time his radio stopped playing. He started to get up but heard a voice outside of his tent say, "Do not get up, stay in your tent." He tried to get up anyway but he discovered that he was paralyzed completely and could not move. A short time later the craft rose into the sky and left the area. Then he was able to move and his radio began to play again.

Q-10: Do more of these sightings happen in the day or nighttime?
Answer: Most of them happen at night.

Q-11: Did anything else strange happen while you were in Dulce?
Answer: Yes. One day I saw a dark colored helicopter fly low over me headed towards Archuleta Mesa. What was strange about it was that it did not have any insignia, I.D. numbers or any type of identifying markings.

Q-12: Have you personally seen any strange creatures or anything like that?Answer: No.

Q-13: Anything else that you would like to mention regarding the UFO phenomena?
Answer: No.

As a side note, while I was discussing the UFO sightings with Lloyd, I told him that I had seen some strange things in Kansas while I was a child, in Gila Bend, Arizona when I was in the Armed Services and lately in and around Aztec. A nurse that was in the room had overheard my conversation with Lloyd about Gila Bend and stated that she had also seen a UFO flying along side her car while she and her husband were on their way from California to New Mexico.


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