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Monday, September 25, 2006


It is very rare for a contact or a UFO sighting to come out of Iran. Years ago we had a contact there that wrote articles for my magazine, The Missing Link. Naturally we would send him a copy of the magazine. Well someone over there got hold of it and turned him in for writing about UFOs in the Quran. He was followed and finally caught up with in Turkey. They took him back to Iran and put him in prison for 5 years. His father died over the disgrace to his family. At this time I do not know what has happened to him. I do not want to give his name because it could cause more problems for him. Likewise this young girl. She found a way to tell her story on the internet, otherwise she would have no one to tell. I am leaving the vernacular the way she speaks.

Maybe my story can help others to see their point of standing. I will glad to have your stories too for understanding my questions.

After I have seen huge light in my room while I was sleeping and caused me to wake up. I tried several times to open my eyes but the light was huge and disturbing my sights. Then I noticed I couldn't move at all and I felt all my body, all molecules and atoms are getting separated and rejoined again, but under me was no more mattress or blanket or pillow. Under me was only a metal hard bed.

Then I gathered all my energy to open my eyes and I have seen four people are around me and behind them was a huge light too so I couldn't see their face in the beginning. (There) was one instrument like a dentist instrument hanging above a bed. The wall close to me was metal wall too. Then I noticed the one close to my shoulder right side pulled its hand and grabbed the instrument and point it through my mouth. There I noticed it has only four fingers. God knows how I got scared and I started to pray and asking God let me go because I felt even few minutes after I couldn't be alive.

Then I remember I was in the vasca (capsule?) of water and suddenly I came out of water and I've seen 15 more vasca in the room which inside of each one was a person like me and you brighting inside the water. (?)

Suddenly in this room with low light opened a door a distance around five meters and through this door a person came in with its finger on its lips showing me I must keep in silence.

I was without dress (naked) inside the vasca too. The light behind that alien was huge so I couldn't see its face but I have seen its finger on its lips which he had a very long thin finger. He was showing me with this act I must keep in silence avoid others waking up.

Then I remembered that one of the aliens asked me to drink some medicine and I was refusing. Suddenly I heard a male voice telling me this sentence "You need to drink it."

I've noticed aliens can resize their body, for example can stretch his neck or make longer his arms so what I say is that I think aliens can take a shape or modify their body and adopt all shapes they want.

Then I remember again all my body, molecules, atoms got separate and suddenly I felt huge light is getting low and under me is mattress, not iron metal. Then I gathered all my energy in my eyes and I said to myself ___ try to open your eyes and see who are these people. Then I saw a person in the end of my bed. I could see half of him. He had grey metal color and thin shape with two long hands and a long neck and a big head without hair. Very small lip. Very small nose and two big huge black eyes like a mosquito. When my eyes contacted to its eyes words came over my brain like I understand what is saying. Then he said, yes, you are right, we were but as you see we didn't harm you. We have done some experiment and now I brought you back and I am here to know if you are ok, then I can go back.

Close to him was a slender (sliver?) of light. The light was inside and outside of the slender and in the surface of slender was electricity movements like I could see all futons (?) on the surface moving very fast. Then suddenly the slender moved toward him and second after, he vanished.

The moment he vanished I could jump up from my bed and I ran and turned on all the lights in the house like a mad person. Then I went to saloon (salon?) and in the corner I set on the ground and I cried. All my body was shaking and was 5 am morning. Then I got one paper on the table and I draw its face because never I have seen something like that in my life. I got very sick because I couldn't talk to anybody because I didn't want people think I might be mad or something. I changed the program of my sleep avoiding they come back again so few days after in one afternoon I went to sleep. Before getting sleep I was watching all my room and suddenly I have seen a small ball of light in the corner of my room close to the curtain. Then I have thought well, might be a reflex of the sun. Then less than a second I've seen all curtains are closed and there is not a possibility of the light coming inside. Meanwhile I was thinking and calculating all possibilities of presence of this light ball in my room. Suddenly that ball of light started to move very fast in zigzag way toward my face. Then second before that ball hit my face I moved my head and I stood up and I got a key of the house and I ran away.

I came home midnight and I was very tired so I said to myself whatever will happen I didn't care and I must go and sleep. I didn't even change my dress and the moment I set on my bed I fell asleep. The next day I woke up at seven because was a strange smell in my room. Before I stood up from my bed I found all my mattress and blanket over me is wet. I touched myself I was dry and the smell was coming out from the liquid on my mattress and on my blanket. The smell was stronger than all kind of antibiotic stuffs which we have in medical use or maybe amoniac smell. Whatever (it) was had a very strong chemical smell.

Then I moved my wet blanket and I went to bathroom to control my body and wash myself even though I was dry. I've noticed on my left bra (breast) is a triangle sign like a rash. Very small spots. I had this for five days. I went to hospital for checking my health. I went to gynecologist too because several time I felt I might be pregnant but how? When gynecologist with ultra sound have visited my oval parts she was shocked and I was double shocked because I never had any problem and suddenly they said your eggs are missing. She looked at me and said but what happened to the half of your eggs in left side? Imagine how I felt sad and helpless.

Still now after five years they come and visit me but my unique way not to let them take me is waking me up in the moment I feel their presence.

Few days ago I had a vision of them. Three baby aliens and one adult. They had smile on their face and I felt these three baby aliens are my kids. Very strange feeling.

That was my experience. I hope it solve some dark parts of your experiences too. With best wishes for all abductees.


  • At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This girl sounds very scared. What seems to be happening is beings from another planet / dimension randomly manipulating people. People get abducted 'mentally' in a way. We don't use the bigger part of our brain, and it seems that this 'lack' of use causes us to be defenseless against their 'abductions'. The fact that they are 'stealing' egg cells for reproduction points to either research or a weakness in their own society. If they cannot reproduce without our help, we are 'safe' in a manner of speaking. If it is for research however, is it to create a better alien, or to study us without even having to 'appear' on earth? We limit our own minds, our own way of life, and our own way of thinking. (government, science, technology, society) If we can tell demons and spirits what to do, why not aliens? Because science theories and government laws 'dictate' life, we are still living in the past. We haven't yet found a way to activate the rest of our brain, and opening our minds. These 'aliens' are doing research at our expense, and we are not trying to prepare or examine these attacks.

  • At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, a very courageous girl for getting her story out. I hope she is ok.

    Soon enough we will all learn what these abductions are all about. I have a feeling even though they seem very scary/frightening, these abductions are for reasons that are not so horrible.

    Just think of the lion in africa who gets trapped or shot with a tranqulizer, imagine the fear, or strangeness if it woke up during the treatment it was being given.

    I agree its time to start researching this phenomena seriously. Not just labeling these people as "crazy" or "mentally disturbed". This is real, its time we all wake up and find out whats really going on.

  • At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Any reports comming out of Africa?
    Any reports comming out of the housing projects in major cities of poor Latinos or African Americans? Any native Americans? Just curious, are only white people being abducted?

    Who(as a group in power positions) are they that are distroying life on this planet, instigating wars,inventing torture tools,stealing,killing & sexually abusing children,even eating some human beings(Jefferey Dahmer)

    Who has a long history of treating all people that are not white as less than human.Supporting the conflicts of all peoples around the world.

    Instrumental in producing the biological attacks of SARS, AIDS EBOLI and God only knows what other anti-human war fare is used.

    Behind sanctions on the worlds most innocent, children that are affected by these inhuman acts, while proclaiming that Jesus is their savior or they are choosen people!!!

    Manufacturing distruction and disease on a global scale!Dumping toxic waste all over the world and recently putting some into outer space!

    Mabe someone needs to fix the DNA of the planet's enemies!!!! Or mabe their ancestors(aliens)have come back to find out what happened to the ones they left behind!!!!

  • At 9:02 PM, Anonymous lesley said…

    I don't know if you expect to be taken seriously. Africa is full of cannibals. Jeffrey Dahmer? You name one psychopath and that's supposed to mean something? Are you trying to make an intelligent comment? Do you know what is/has happened in Africa? Do you know of the horrific reports of cannibalism, rape, mutilation?
    You site ONE psychopath as a measure of a race? You are more childish and stupid than insane, I think. The white race invented the modern world. Why stop at one psyco? How about the inventors of electricity? Automobiles? Modern surgery? Physics? The ASPCA?
    Jeffrey Dahmer got a lot of publicity because he's so rare. In Africa, he'd be a dime a dozen. Oh, and by the way, the white man lost 600,000 of his kind during the Civil War fighting a war to free the blacks. Most cultures had slavery and Africa still has it. It was Africans who sold their people into slavery. It is Africans who are raping and mutilating other Africans. Whites were not the only to have slaves but they were the first to free them and make slavery illegal, even to fighting a war to free blacks. No other race has done that for another. Like I said, pathetic and childish.
    The white man has reached for the stars and initiated the leaving of the planet. I gather you'd be happy to remain in the jungle. Please, leave the white man's hell and go to Africa. Nobody's stopping you. LOL.


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