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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Pat McGuire's case, in my estimation, should be made into a movie. He would like to have 60 Minutes do a special program on it, or any news program.

By Leneesa Garoutte

"Since 1973 I have had contact with Michael, the
ArchAngel. He has revealed this message to me
and has instructed me to pass it to you. It is a
warning to the world that what was done to
Mexico City is minor compared to what is to be
done to the world if abortion isn’t stopped.
Michael, the Arch-Angel, the War Angel, is
here and the Four Horsemen have been stationed
and are ready.
Pat McGuire
September 23, 1985

Pat McGuire has been my friend for many years. He is like a brother to me and a person I respect very much. Through the years I have observed him going through many disheartening events until today he is a broken man, without hope. If ever there was a person that needed help and compassion from his fellow man, it is Pat.

Perhaps there are some of you who have never heard of Pat McGuire. I met Pat in 1981 at the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference. At the time I did not know that within the next year I would be moving to Wyoming myself. When we moved to Wyoming Pat became a close friend, often spending the night with us at Arlington, Wyoming. We used to laugh and tease and have a great time. When I think of Pat I am reminded of those happy days.

The last time I saw him the laughter was gone and I found it hard to coax a smile out of him. Pat is an Irishman and you all know how they love to laugh. When he laughs the sparks jump right out of his bright blue eyes. He is a great person to be friends with.

In the following paragraphs are articles that have been in national tabloids and the OMNI magazine concerning his case. He also was featured on "That’s Incredible." If I remember correctly all he got out of that was a T-shirt with the show’s name on it and not much more! After that interview Dr. Leo Sprinkle, who hypnotized Pat on the show, found disfavor with the University of Wyoming where he was a professor. They did not want this type of publicity brought to the attention of the scholastic community. It seemed that each time someone interviewed Pat, Leo was brought into it also which heaped more notoriety on the University.
We will give you a short overview of his case and then present some of the visions he has had, plus the messages from "Michael," that Pat was to relay to Israel, and to President Reagan on the abortion issue.

Pat was living on his ranch with his family and eight children. He noticed that some of his cattle were missing. Determined to catch the "cattle rustlers" he sat outside at night with his rifle and watched through the scope. Finally he saw a light in the sky which sent a beam down on his cattle. At that point he was ready to shoot the culprit. (He thought it was a helicopter!) He started to pull the trigger. He was instantly paralyzed from his neck down. A voice in his head said: "You don’t want to do that!" Standing next to him was "Michael."

After that night Pat was contacted repeatedly by Michael who allegedly is the "Arch Angel" Michael and "works" for the "Supreme Being." Michael is described as being approximately 6 feet tall, a small nose, large black eyes, a very small mouth and a large white head. He wears the Star of David on his belt.

Not only Pat has seen Michael, there have been others too. One was a public relations person during Pat’s campaign for governor. She was living on the University of Colorado campus. Pat was instructed by Michael to send a newspaper announcement to Reagan and the Israelis (through their Embassy) to stop abortion. It seems the P.R. person had been very busy and had not done so fast enough to the liking of Michael. One evening she was walking across the campus and all of a sudden in front of her appeared "Michael." He said, "I am Pat McGuire’s Michael." She was too terrified to move. He said "You were supposed to send out the announcement - Why haven’t you done so?" She replied she would do so right away. She went straight to her room and started typing when Michael appeared again at her side making sure she did what he wanted. That was the end for her. She dropped anything to do with the campaign. She told Pat it was too frightening for her.

When Ariel Sharon was the Minister of Defense in Israel, and even before, Pat was picked up and his spirit placed in Ariel Sharon’s body. He was in the 6 Day war in Israel where Sharon hurt his leg. Pat’s leg also was hurt in the same place. (Please don’t ask me how that happened, I do not know the mechanics of such a complicated procedure.) Ariel Sharon’s spirit was kept on the ship until Pat was brought back.

It was during the time he was in Ariel Sharon’s body that he learned how to fix "tank" motors as Sharon was in the Tank Corp. This was to come in handy later. Perhaps it was the whole reason this phenomenon happened.

He was instructed by Michael to drill a well on his ranch. This part of Wyoming is high desert where water is scarce. Most of the moisture is from the heavy snow that falls in the winter. When he went to the bank to borrow funds to drill the well they just laughed at him. The aliens had instructed him to place three rocks where he would dig and at the appropriate time they would bring the water. During the seven years it took to drill the well he was to fly the Israeli flag over the site. The motor to run the well was taken from a surplus tank that Pat purchased. One of his neighbors asked him how he was going to fix the motor if anything went wrong. Pat replied (this was before he was hypnotized) that he didn’t know how he knew but he knew all about tank motors. In Wyoming he had never seen a tank!

Pat was shown a vision of two domed cities on his ranch. The cities were in the future and were covered with a protective bubble. Pat was told that everything under a certain elevation would be covered with water and everything above that elevation would be consumed with fire. The water from the well was for the future.

The following is quoted from a letter received in 1985 from Pat. "The two cities look like the city of Jerusalem. Adobe, domed buildings, etc. The well supplies both cities. There’s enough water to support a population of 125,000 per city. The cities will be built after everything has settled down and it is safe to come away from the area of the caves. The cities don’t have domes, the caves do. If conditions get so bad that even the dome can’t protect the people, they’ll have to pick everyone up. Michael says that no one but God knows when this will take place and that anytime you see a certain date set for Armageddon, or any other main event like that, it is the black side trying to manipulate things in their favor."

Unfortunately, after seven years of hardship digging the well, the water came in. When the water came there was a huge boom on the trailer home. At the time only Pat and the geologist that was working with him were there. When the boom hit the trailer the geologist was scared to death. Pat hit the floor running. He said "the water is here!" It was all right - 8,450 gallons per minute. The aliens had brought an underground river from Canada in 10 minutes.

Pat says the water is for the two cities but just because he was alive in the vision doesn’t mean that he will be alive when the vision is realized. That was the form of the vision if you extrapolated from that certain point. If anything at all changes, things will change in the vision, the time it is realized, the people involved, etc. But the two domed cities will be at that site and they will rely on the water at Pat’s ranch. Everything else is insignificant.

After the water came in Pat borrowed the money to buy sprinklers. These sprinklers were huge moving water wheels that watered his huge acreage. More often than not he would go out in the morning and his sprinkling system had been damaged by someone tampering with it in the night. That first year, through many problems, such as the latter, he took his first crop off the land. It was beyond his wildest expectations.

When he took the crop to the granary they were all full so until they could find a place for it they piled it on the ground. When the inspectors came to purchase it they found all sorts of things had been mixed in with it, like corn, peas, etc. It was no longer worth much. Pat had figured on that money to pay for the sprinklers and put in his next crop.

The money Pat had borrowed at the bank was in a bank account. When he wrote out some large checks to pay for his equipment they bounced! It was then he found out someone had tampered with the bank account. Just another problem to compound everything else that had happened. He didn’t have the money to make the payment on the land so it was confiscated and sold at auction to the Federal Land Bank. It has sat there ever since. Last we heard it was sold to the University of Wyoming.

The caves mentioned above are known to Pat. He was to take supplies there and have them ready. I believe he has done this. He also was to take seven pure men with him and walk to the caves. They are forty miles from his ranch. That was years ago. There was a stipulation as to who he picked. Each one would have to be pure and had nothing to do with anyone that had an abortion. They could not have paid for one, helped anyone to get one, or caused one or had anyone in the family that had one. As far as I know he never found seven pure men to go on this trek.

When Michael instructed Pat to run for governor he didn’t have the foggiest notion on how to proceed. He often joked that he didn’t have any money in his pockets for a campaign but here he was campaigning! Then all of a sudden Michael instructed him to stop; so he did after hardly getting started. When election time came Pat garnered 15% of the vote in Wyoming without even campaigning! He ran for governor twice - each time with the same results.

In the second campaign he had visited the Indians in northern Wyoming and they were all prepared to vote for him. On the day of the election it snowed so hard they couldn’t get out to the polls. So again Pat lost. He felt if the Indians had been able to vote he would have won.
Perhaps many of you do not know that the population of Wyoming (at that time) was only around 450,000 people. There are more antelope in Wyoming than people.

About the time that the ranch was lost his wife Wanda was pregnant with their ninth child. She was very unhappy about that. Michael told Pat that she was to have the child and he was very upset when she miscarried - to the point that he told Pat to divorce her. The baby is buried on the hill above the well with a statue of Jesus and the Virgin Mary watching over it.

Pat had been instructed by Michael to have 12 children. One for every tribe of Israel. So Pat married again to a girl named Lyndale and had more children to please Michael.

By this time life became almost unbearable. Jobs were so scarce that he and his little family almost starved. Some friends were helpful but more often than not people turned their back on Pat. He became the laughing stock of Laramie, Wyoming. His older children started having bad grades and when asked why it was because they didn’t want to go to school because all the kids laughed at them because of their father. Pat’s heart was hurting and no one could heal it no matter how much you wanted to. His oldest son finally moved to Wheatland to live with his grandparents and started getting all "A’s". No one cared in Wheatland who his father was.
Finally his second wife left him too. He says she found someone that life was easier for her to be with. I will have to admit that life was only the hardest you can imagine when they lived in a trailer house out on the land next to his former ranch that belonged to his brother. They lived in this old trailer house without electricity or water with three babies. This was in the winter. I know how "cold" a Wyoming winter can be. I lived through one!

There is much more to Pat’s story which should be written up because it is unique in the annals of UFOlogy. The last time I saw him he was living in a friend’s trailer and working at any job he could find just to keep body and soul together.
Messages from Michael and Pat
April 24, 1984

I would like you to notify and warn each contactee of the problem that they will encounter from the government when they are listed as a threat to national security because of their contact with UFOs. I will personally render all my information and be glad to testify on behalf of said contactee against UFO investigators or UFO groups in legal action to win compensation for any losses incurred because of failure to inform the contactee of the government’s involvement.

February 12, 1985

A letter from Lynn, Pat’s wife. For some reason she was actively seeking information on Selah which is known as Petra today. A very unusual place carved out of a mountain of marble.
"Yes, I realize that Petra is the city that is atop Selah. I don’t have any feeling about Petra, only Selah, and I haven’t found out why. I’m collecting all the information I can on Selah, but since there’s precious little of it, I’m also getting everything I can on Petra also, since its related to Selah. I think it has to do with flat topped rocks or rock fortresses, like Devil’s Tower and Masada, and Petra. Everything is pointing in that direction. I think I know what I’m going to find next, it’s just that I’ve looked and looked and can’t find it. It’ll probably be dropped in my lap when the time is right."

"Have had a lot of government harassment over the past six weeks. Probably because Pat’s redemption period on the ranch is almost up. They’re probably worried that he’ll get it back by some miracle at the last possible moment."

February 22, 1985

A letter that Lynn was sending to as many Congressmen as she could afford:
Dear ___:
This has become a desperate situation that needs your immediate attention.
My husband has had direct contact with alien beings for the past twelve years. These Beings are not going to tolerate the murdering of our un-born any longer. They have stated that there will be tragic, world-wide consequences of an unimaginable magnitude because of our apathy. If we don’t make the correct move soon and stop abortion these Beings will intervene.

You must demand of the CIA and other related intelligence groups the release of All information pertaining to these UFOs. They have withheld this information from the American people so as not to cause alarm, but more importantly because the existence of these Beings threaten our system and they’re jobs. Since the government has denied the existence of these UFOs for the past four decades, it make it nearly impossible for them to make a public statement, at this late date, verifying their existence. Our Government is jeopardizing our lives because of their greed for control.

Ten years ago these Beings took my husband and showed him four different planets. One was still in the dinosaur stage; the second was living the correct way and was thriving; the other two had just been blown apart. He said there were huge chunks flying everywhere. The Being said that these two planets weren’t as bad as we are. He said in our case the word just hasn’t been given yet.

Something must be done now. I would estimate that it will take two years to install two new justices on the Supreme Court. In that time an estimated three million babies will be killed. There is no way to know exactly when the limit to their tolerance will come, but when it does, my husband has been told, the consequences will be irreversible and the world will not be as we know it today.

Please, for the sake of your children and mine, investigate. Use all the means available to you to get at the truth and let the people know of the perilous situation we are in because of our actions. The situation could, theoretically, be turned 180 degrees in our favor, but there just isn’t hardly any time to do it in.

There is a newly published book out now titled, CLEAR INTENT, which will give you a look at the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Lyndale McGuire

February 24, 1985

Michael has said that the reason the Jews were the chosen ones is because on the continent of Atlantis a lot of people were accepting, if not actively supporting ideas such as breeding humans and animals, much in the same way many people accept the idea of abortion today. The reason that the Jews were commanded not to eat pig was that the pig is a remnant of these human-animal crosses, therefore it is an unclean food. There were some people that believed it was wrong and a sin against God. These people were chosen to survive when the rest were left to die as the ocean swallowed up the continent. The Jews and the American Indians were some of these people.
* * *

February 5, 1986

I have been in contact with extra-terrestrial beings, on a regular basis, for the past 13 years. On the morning of February 2, 1986, I received a vision from them, concerning the space shuttle, Challenger.

In the vision, a Libyan terrorist was pushing buttons on a hand-held detonation device, while two Russian advisors looked on. They were standing on the beach of a small island, east of Cape Canaveral, while a Russian sub waited off-shore. I was told, that the Russians were doing this to gain favor with the Arabs.

These Beings said that they were not given the power to intervene, because the US has not changed its policy on abortion, as demanded.
Pat L. McGuire.
* * *

March 1991

I haven’t heard from Michael since August. I haven’t had any contact because Israel hasn’t gotten involved.

You might want to read Jeremiah 50 and Isaiah 13 in the Bible. A friend who is a minister referred me to them. Michael said for me to read Revelations Chapter 9 to understand what the Armageddon would be like.

I have seen Michael up high (in his ship) and feel their energy.

Michael told me about 5 years ago that Cuba-Russia would invade the US through the Everglades in Florida.
Pat McGuire
* * *
An interview between Pat and Nell Zajac follows. The interview was made over the phone on October 22, 1989.

Nell: How do you feel about your contact now?
Pat: Without a contact you don’t have a problem. Problem lies in how to handle it.
Nell: In the past few years has your contact continued? Has it improved your life and have you
learned anything new?
Pat: Hardly in any way. Like I said, I just got contacted the other night. It was three nights
ago. The thing is that when you are contacted, it is a steady on-going dilemma with the
Feds. If they help you (the aliens) they (the Feds) come on to you that much tougher
so it is counteractive. Until this situation improves, and of course if it wasn’t for them
(the Feds) a fellow would still have the ranch. this is an on-going problem with
harassment. I don’t see any future from the standpoint of the contactee because the
minute they diagnose you as one of them your problems will just keep growing and as
you get more active and they get more progressive.
Nell: You are one that has been persecuted more - losing your land - losing everything.
Others have not lost everything. What I am asking is do you feel that your particular
contacts have helped you any or are they leaving it up to you to bumble through life
regardless of where they take you or what they give you. In other words, we feel
that a great deal of the E.T.s, however, good or bad their intentions, are definitely here
to do their thing regardless of what Earth people suffer or do not suffer for it. You
have lost a great deal.
Pat: Uh huh.
Nell: Over the years you have lost everything. Have they attempted to help you or do they
care or it’s simply not their purpose to help you or is it their purpose to teach you or
something? Just exactly what are you getting out of this contact?
Pat: Like I said, if I see a place where it is increased then you see the negative which, you
know, is the Feds, you just see them come back and counter the good that they (the
E.T.s) have tried to help you out with. The thing is, it is just like he (Michael) told
me - they have to have it that way because if the Feds have the people seized that
are doing good for you - they want to get contacted - they’re losing control.
Nell: Yes, I definitely agree with you there, we agree on all those points. So in other
words, you feel your experience is so worthwhile, other than the fact you are
bothered by the federal people, you feel that what you have experienced is worth
it over all these years.
Pat: Well, like what I said, it is counteractive. It goes right back to - the thing is - my
aliens weren’t willing to take the Feds off.-
Nell: Yes, that is what we were thinking. They were not willing to protect you in other words.
Pat: No!
Nell: That’s it. Can you break this contact at any time or not? Do they have such a hold
over you that they can pick you up, do anything they want with you?
Pat: That is my opinion. I think if you did quit the Feds would kill you.
Nell: Oh! You think so?
Pat: Oh, sure. I don’t think there is a doubt in my mind.
Nell: So in other words, your contact, your E.T.s are not of the highest quality people and
they’re not doing you any good, the Feds are not doing you any good and you’re the man
caught in the middle.
Pat: I didn’t say that. I said the Feds are not doing me any good!
Nell: No - true...
Pat: This is what I say.
Nell: Well what about your aliens - your E.T.s?
Pat: Nobody is telling me what they are doing in the background in order to keep me here.
Nell: Well have they suggested taking you somewhere else, and improving your life in any
Pat: Where would you go - where the CIA isn’t?
Nell: Well, to another planet.
Pat: With all my kids left here? I don’t want that!
Nell: Well, that’s true. I didn’t know if you were still in contact with your family.
Pat: Oh, sure.
Nell: So you are just the man caught in the middle. Basically, you are doing what you were
doing two years ago when we saw you, is that it?
Pat: Oh, yeah.
Nell: Just hanging around, doing odd jobs and that’s it.
Pat: Most of the time I am not working.
Nell: That is what I was afraid of. It’s really made you go down hill. You said you had a
contact just three days ago?
Pat: Oh, yeah.
Nell: Did you go anywhere, or can you say it over the phone?
Pat: I had hurt my back 25 - 30 years ago in a car - I hurt my back and they fixed my back.
Nell: Oh, good - that is a positive thing. That was recent?
Pat: Like I said, they tried to get rid of me three times. (Speaking of the Feds) I doubt
they would have tried to get rid of me if I didn’t have the contact.
Nell: Oh... it is still bad news for you all the way around.
Pat: Like I said - I can name any person I have been in contact with that had anything
to start with has lost it.
Nell: Are your particular E.T.s telling you of any imminent catastrophes or danger to the
Earth, or are you able to tell me?
Pat: What they wanted done is being done by them. As far as I am concerned, the
government has been doing what they want and so I see a big back up between the
two, of everything. I see a big improvement about that part. I don’t care about that -
I am sitting here spinning my wheels really. The biggest thing I am trying to do is
there has got to be a... definitely a switch and change or the people that’s contacted
need to be kept undercover because the policy of the Feds is depression and as long
as they never (the contactees) had nothing to start with there were no threats. They
want to watch and see if they don’t come up (monetarily). They are following along
the way the government wants them to. So I feel, in other words, the only way you are
going to get through with it is if you can convince somebody like Leo Sprinkle or some
hypnotist that you are a contactee; that you follow along with an E.T. line or some line
that has something to do (or ain’t contacted at all) with this Earth - you don’t come
into any friction with the Feds. It’s like I said, there aren’t too many that were told
to run for governor and actually did it. When we do stuff like that you are directly
involved with the Feds and you will definitely be at odds.
* * *
I will be speaking about Pat's case at the Ocean Shores UFO Conference on April 23/24,2005.


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