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Tuesday, April 19, 2005



Jim: The photographer asked if he could come out the next weekend and bring a friend, Harry, with him. These two and Steve, who worked for us, were standing in front of a log cabin about 10 o'clock at night when they heard a strange noise coming from the cistern which is southeast from the house and about 60 yards up the slope in the direction of the burned spot. All of a sudden, after listening to this noise, a huge, dark object pushed its way through the barbed wire and came straight at them down the hill. They all came running into the house. I went running out right away to catch whatever it was, and then I thought they were putting me on. We subsequently went back and traced the route and sure enough, there were footprints. I removed some of the hair from the fence, noticing that it just pushed its way through the barbed wire -- it didn't jump the fence but just by force alone spread it and went through.
There were long strands of hair -- I collected the hair and got photographs of the footprints coming to the house. By then I was getting more and more upset about the activities that were building up continuously over a period of time. I sent some of the hairs down to Denver to a biogeneticist for examination. His report later was "no known species." By then I was collecting books and discovered that other people had sent in hair and nothing had ever come of it. And one Law Officer was encouraging me to keep my mouth shut about it because he didn't want a full-scale panic in the county. I told him I wasn't interested in panics -- I was interested in finding out who was mutilating my cattle.


Barbara: It got very heavy after that. The closest you can define it is an emotional attack of some kind. Everyone went into absolute feelings of fear and depression with no stimulant. I have very tractable children; it is amazing how well they get along. But everyone was fighting with everyone. Just a lot of little paranoid incidents, one after the other.

Jim: By this time I was sleeping on the couch in front of the door with the gun and staying awake most of the night to catch whoever it was. I was beginning to suspect that somehow the real estate man was involved in it; that he was trying to make us break the contract so he could resell the land. I was lying on the couch about 2 a.m. There was a humming noise again and I raised up and looked out the window. The disk came out of the north across our property, very slowly, right in front of the front windows and went up the gully past the whole front of the house.

Barbara: I did not see the disk -- what I saw was the glow from the disk -- my bedroom was on the other extreme of the house and I could see a glow over a slight hump. I screamed and Jim came running to tell me what he had seen.


Jim: By then I was getting a little more upset and I went into town. Two of our best friends owned the restaurant and we sat down and we talked to them about it. They then opened up and told us about the property and some of the unusual occurrences. They told us about the people down the road who had just moved into the county and had mentioned an incident just prior to that. Prior to our moving out there, their cousin and nephew were going down the road past our property. A disk allegedly came off of our property, (it wasn't ours at that time) and followed the car. They went down the road, turned the corner, and pulled into their house. They ran inside and while all the people in the house watched, the disk hovered over the car for approximately 45 minutes. Later, she went into town and talked about it. After hearing this, I went back to the Law Officer and apologized; I had to eat crow over the fact that there obviously was something going on. We subsequently patched up the friendship and I think we are so-so friends now.

Barbara: He has been very supportive in coming out to help when we have had problems.

Jim: And he moved out there by us shortly thereafter and told me that he, frankly, was quite scared but that it was his duty. He didn't feel that he could do anything but that if we needed him he would come. This made us feel a little bit better.

To be continued

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