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Tuesday, April 19, 2005



Jim: We found out that there was a "Crazy Lady" in the county; we had heard a lot of stories of her calling the Law Officers with stories of lights over our property, before we moved in.


Jim: During this time I felt that something was trying to scare us away. We heard a slamming noise and I went out car to car but didn't see anything. Then I saw the trunk light on the dash of the Cadillac. The trunk was locked; I opened it and saw that the pin switch had been bent over to the side. Something had opened and closed the trunk and bent it when only I had the key. I again filed that as something unusual. Something would continuously come up and beat on the sides of the house twice and run -- you know, just like Halloween. Again I decided it was the real estate man. I went down and talked to the Law Officer again; he requested that I not shoot anything. He was afraid that whatever it was could shoot back harder -- much more undesirably than I could. So it continued progressively for some time after that beating on the walls and running. I would run out and I would see a big hairy thing running. I was tolerating it to a certain degree. One night I didn't -- I went out and one was running beside the corral and I shot it. Barbara came running out and when Harry and Roger came back from town we went tracking to see if we could find what I had shot. It didn't seem to hurt it at all; there was a little flinch -- I'm a good shot so I know I hit it. There was no blood, no traces, no signs. We pursued it onto the property next to us. Then I heard this most unusual sound. It was like a double sound -- it was a whine with almost a beeping noise intermixed. The closest sound I think I could describe to it is the South American primate of some type. Some people said it sounded mechanical; it didn't to me. And we roamed around looking but didn't find anything except we seemed to be led in a certain direction. We didn't find anything; we returned to the house and I notified the Law Officer that I had shot one. He gave me hell and told me I was lucky this time and he didn't want anybody killed.


Jim: They stopped bothering us quite so bad, I think, after that. We came home one night after shopping -- the three boys were alone at home. That same sound was going on to the east and one up by the barn (west) -- like calling back and forth. It was like they had an intelligent pattern of communication. It was broken syllables -- it wasn't like animal sounds. It was like it was their communication. I joked and said, "Well, the least you can do is come down and help us carry the groceries." When we went in the three boys were hidden in the back bedroom, terrified. From what they said, something had been beating on the house continually that night. Well, I have a pretty good temper which I have lost only three or four times in my life. I stormed outside -- I don't remember exactly what I said but most if it can't be repeated. I think I threatened that if we can't have the land, then you won't either -- I'll blow the whole thing away. I meant it too -- I would have destroyed it before I would have moved right then -- I was mad. I went into the house, had some coffee and calmed down. Then, since our septic tank and toilet weren't working, I went outside. While outside, this voice just came out of nowhere and said four words, "Dr. Jim, we accept." I think that was the first time I was really shaken rather than just angering or disorienting me. That was all, just like FM stereo, it came from everywhere. I came in the house and was pretty upset.


Jim: One night "it" destroyed two cars. Barbara had a green Cadillac and a station wagon. One night when we went to leave, the transmissions on both cars were inoperable. We had to have both cars repaired. Again, I assume "they" did it; I've never had two transmissions go out like that on two good cars. I again felt that we were being driven off and I was still trying to believe it was the real estate man. Both cars required total transmissions as all the gears were shot.


Barbara: I wasn't feeling well that night and I went back to lie down in the dark for a while. I had pulled the drape part way on the window creating a triangular area. There were some patches of snow outside and from where I was lying on the bed the triangular area was lit up by a background of snow patches. I lit a cigarette and as the match went out, I realized that the triangular area wasn't lit up anymore. I scrambled down to the foot of the bed and looked out. I could see only a middle section of something that looked like a box. It was black and very shiny. It wasn't lit but looked like it reflected light. There was a rounded shape around it -- it looked like something was carrying it under his arm. It was close to the window -- within about two to three feet. There is a line of trees behind the house and it was between the trees and the house -- the trees are about four or five feet from the house. I ran in to tell everyone what had happened. We ran outside and, as usual, no one could find anything. This has happened more often than not. By the time you tell someone or get your coat on, etc., you couldn't find anything. But we found that if we didn't turn the porch light on, we could get out quickly enough to hear something.


Jim: There were many smaller incidents that were unnerving. A friend of mine from Boston came out but I finally had to tell him to go back. He was becoming paranoid and thought that whatever it was had come to get him; he was going to go out and let them get him because he couldn't stand waiting any longer. We had several friends come out who were harassed one way or the other or terrified; a car door opened and closed when it was locked. I went in and talked to the Law Officer again. If he really felt we were in any danger, I would move the boys. He said that nobody he knew of had been hurt. They had lost horses, a lot of cattle and animals of one kind or another and people had been terrified. The mutilations were going on at a much heavier rate during this period -- this was 1976 -- the mutilations were occurring weekly.


Jim: About that time, the school bus driver, who was watching a large ranch for the owners and had some cattle of his own, moved back to Nebraska after being terrified. His son's yearling was mutilated and the boy evidently saw something that terrified him.

Barbara: His mother came over and asked me if we had seen anything like her son had seen because his father hadn't believed him. He had seen something very large and was really scared. I didn't want to discuss it because of the children but said that we had had some strange occurrences.


Jim: Also, during that period, two airline pilots and the son of one of them came out and wanted to put a landing strip on our land in exchange for my use of their plane. I agreed. About three weeks later, one of them and two others were killed in a crash nearby in clear weather. The plane was found in the daytime, but I don't know if it happened in the day or at night. Others who have inquired deeping into the mutilations, I understand, have disappeared, including the editor of a magazine who was never seen again. I also understand that two National Guard interceptors were up close to here and went down while in pursuit of a UFO at night. All of this was a little unnerving so I decided I was going to stop my own inquiry. I was going to just quietly mind my own business.

To be continued.


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