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Monday, June 06, 2005


Location. Tallaboa Puerto Rico
Date: November 1979
Time: 0900AM

A man jogging along some salt flats near the beach was approaching an area covered with brush and coastal vegetation when suddenly he noticed several strange figures standing next to some small trees. There were about five to six beings, six-foot tall and very thin with large baldheads. Their most outstanding feature was their large slanted luminous eyes and their gray blue skin color. They also had long thin arms with long fine fingers and another peculiar feature was a row of sharp pointed teeth in their mouths.

The beings appeared to be struggling with a dark haired man that appeared to be in a stupor. They were attempting to carry him to the nearby seashore where a shiny metallic domed oval shaped craft hovered low above the ground. The object had multicolored lights and was completely silent.

Suddenly one of the beings noticed the witness and pointed at him. At that moment the witness felt mental communication from the beings that appeared to laugh and make fun of the witness, imitating him by jogging back and forth at very high speed. The witness then heard the being say that he was going to be taken also, but another one of the beings intervened and said that it was not necessary.

At that moment the being that had made fun of the witness suddenly threw something at him resembling a large clear drop of water that felt cold as it hit him square on the chest. The witness then felt numb, but kept running and left the area. (The witness was so terrified that he waited eleven years to tell anyone about the incident. Is unknown what happened to the dark haired man the aliens were attempting to kidnap.)

Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia Ovni # 1


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