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Sunday, June 05, 2005



I thought it would be interesting to keep track of the predictions made on January 1 on Coast to Coast radio. If you know of any that have been fulfilled please let me know. Regretfully, I did not get #1 - #57. If anyone wrote them down please send them to me and we will put them on the blog.

58 - New York City hit with a terrorist virus.
59 - First half 2005 Nuclear aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf will be destroyed by terrorists
60 - Entering final turning point in human history. Lucifer is Jesus, will be exposed this year.
61 - Major earthquake in Aikido Japan between August and October resulting in a tsunami which will devastate downtown Seattle and Bremerton destroying the space needle.
62 - There will be no election day in Iraq. Then Bush will instigate the draft. WRONG
63 - Red River will flood and turn into the Red Sea.
64 - Ark of the Covenant will be found.
65 - People around globe will know Apostle Paul is the Antichrist.
66 - Anti Communist group in North Korea will unseat leader.
67 - Boat will run aground in Boston harbor creating huge oil spill.
68 - 4th of July a meteor will be exploded and the pieces will reign down on earth and start fires. (On Coast to Coast last night (May 29) the man who made this prediction called in to say they are watching a meteor or asteroid (?) coming in from the southwest. He said just watch, my prediction will come true. We shall see!) *
69 - New Madrid fault in Missouri will have earthquake caused by chain reaction.
70 - Aliens which "are us" are coming back from the future to get what they need to fix them - or us?
71 - New species of cat in South America - intelligent cat will look at his paws and think what he can do with them!
72 - World War in 2005
73 - Destructive volcano will happen in a short time from now.
74 - Three large waves - second one will follow the first and it is worse. The third one will be a distance in time and it will be worse than the first one The worst of the three.
75 - See people lying down because of poisonous gas starting to come up in Yosemite (wonder if they meant Yellowstone?)
76 - 7.0 and higher earthquake in central California within next couple of days or weeks - it is imminent - lots of damage but not many deaths.
77 - January 18 - May 1, one of the most important UFO events on earth on the scale of Roswell will be undeniable truth. This could be the revealing of UFOs in Brazil by the Brazilian Air Force.
78 - Major bridge collapses in the summer in the east.
79 - Professional Psychic said: Mt. Hood will erupt between March - June.
80 - Two volcanoes will erupt in winter of 2005 and take us by surprise. (2 in Alaska - January 30, 2005)
81 - Korea will be bombed and turned into three islands.
82 - 7.5 plus earthquake in the northeast of the US in states with letters P - O - WV will happen in the middle of the summer or early fall.
83 - Mr. Cheney will not complete his four year term.
84 - South America surprises economic world - will create their own currency like the Euro.
85 - More will become known about the Denver airport taking people down under there and keeping them captive.
86 - Space shuttle tanks have been redesigned - causes tank on left side for something to happen. They stop at two seconds. Problem with the tanks.
87 - 500,000 people will be dead by the end of June from disease caused by the tsunami.
88 - Los Angeles hit by earthquake by February 6. Two 7.0 quakes because of rain. (Happened 1-6-05)
89 - Starvation is going on in Korea. They are becoming cannibalistic.
90 - Commercial development of the NW Passage because of the ice melting the shipping lanes so they will be open.
91 - Buy Canadian beef again.
92 - See economy growth on the Mississippi River. Transportation growth will expand greatly.
93 - Cover up will be revealed in government (about 9-11).
94 - Computers all across America will have a huge virus.
95 - Automobile industry depression.
96 - Earthquake 7.1 January 9. Peru to Ecuador and Panama and Columbia in a triangle in the ocean. (There have been earthquakes in Peru and Panama in the last 2 weeks.)
97- Coal mines being attacked in middle of the year by terrorists.
98 - Information will be instantaneous by teleportation through time.
99 - Nanotech clothes will cause an allergic reaction to the wearer. (They are making batteries in clothes to hook your cell phone to!)
100 - Racial wars in Canada and US.
101 - Invasion by Russia and Chinese in the US under guise of the United Nations.
102 - California breaks off at Halloran Summit - floats out and becomes an island. It breaks at mid California.
103 - Planet doomed from a July explosion and many people die. Then the aliens will help us - this year - around Las Vegas on July 13 - earth changes.
104 - All commercial airlines will be safe to travel all year - no crashes.
105 - US may cease to exist as we know it. We are at war with Russia and China right now and don't know it(!!!)
106 - Massive tornadoes in odd places - sky is green and yellow.
107 - Terrorist attack in middle east. Within 30 days after that we will find Bin Laden
108 - Ukraine is going to join NATO.
109 - Art will do a Coast to Coast broadcast from space

* January 26, 2005 - Reuters

PHNOM PENH - A 10 pound meteorite which landed in a former Khmer Rouge zone of northwest Cambodia started fires across rice fields and prayers from villagers who saw it as a divine omen of peace.

"Some farmers are angry with the rock because it caused fires and destroyed several hundred hectares of their paddy fields," said Sok Sareth, police chief of Banteay Meanchey province, around 200 miles northwest of the capital, Phnom Penh.

"But others asked the police to leave it where it landed and put it in a shrine to pray for peace." he told Reuters on Wednesday.

The black lump of celestial rock sent villagers scurrying for cover when it thumped into the ground in the war scarred southeast Asian nation on Monday morning.

"It made a noise like a bomb exploding." Sok Sareth said. "It's a good thing it didn't land in the village or people could have been killed."

Pictures of the meteorite were splashed across newspapers in the capital but the item itself has been carried away by police pending scientific analysis.

Initial investigations by explosives experts still clearing the bombs and mines left behind from Cambodia's years of civil war against Pol Pot's guerrillas have not yielded many results.

"I asked my friend who works as deminer, but he has no idea what the rock is," Sok Sareth said.


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